June 28, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.

COUNTDOWN: There still remain 938 days to go in this criminal misadministration’s term in office, and that is, by far, 938 days too long!

Kidnapping is a felony. So is murder. Both are VERY serious crimes, and those who are guilty of them are usually locked up for many years, sometimes doing continual hard labor. Who would have ever imagined we would be cursed with a president who would direct that thousands of innocent immigrant children, some too young to even speak, wowld be deliberately separated from their parents and put into huge detention centers? PLEASE pinch me, and wake me from this unfathomable nightmare! For that is exactly what that overgrown bully, Presi-dunce  Donald Chump is doing, and it is not only criminal. but nauseating too!  

Chump’s disgusting nativist policy of ripping young children from the arms of their parents, then deporting the parents and stealing their children and  locking them up in detention cells all across the country is abominable. This “zero tolerance” policy has been instituted by hateful nativist ideologues like senior presidential advisor Stephen Miller, and is now being run by the unhuman criminal Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, another hateful wild-eyed nativist fanatic.  Their sordid aim is to provide a strong deterrent for would-be illegal border crossers to enter this country unlawfully, but in reality, all they are actually doing is punishing darker-skinned immigrants and severely traumatizing their innocent young children for life. Their actions are un-American and anti-liberty at best, and racist at worst.  With a great amount of anti-immigrant paranoia evident, they don’t care in the least about whether or not these would-be immigrants want to enter this country because they fear for their lives back home – they simply don’t give a shit. All they want is to keep these people OUT as long as they can.

Secretary Azar has told the media his agency is keeping close tabs on exactly where these children’s parents are and is encouraging active and ongoing communication between them. That, of course, is a God-damned blatant LIE, as that bastard has no clue about which specific child belongs to which specific parent – nor does he give a shit, either. It is inconceivable to me that such a hateful, self-absorbed son of a bitch should be getting paid handsomely, on the public payroll, rather than breaking rocks for 10 hours each day in a prison yard somewhere.

The architect of this despicable policy, senior political advisor Stephen Miller,  is an ignorant dullard who obviously hates foreigners. The goof surely has ice rather than blood flowing through his veins, as he has definitely never given a moment’s thought to the victims he is creating with this forced deprivation. Such callousness and utter disregard for the feelings and well-being of these thousands of small children, as well as their parents, must NOT go unpunished! Justice DEMANDS that this bastard pay a very high price for such ignorant lack of concern and absence of compassion. This goof should do DOUBLE the time of the other perpetrators of this heinous action!

Let us not forget his fellow goofball-in-arms: Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This imbecile shares a good part of the blame for instituting this atrocity. How this confused idiot ever got into college, let alone graduated from it (and law school as well), and then was able to become an attorney and actually practice law, is astounding and should rightfully be debated for the next many decades.  Nonetheless, he became a mediocre Senator and then Chump’s AG. He obviously kisses Chump’s ass and shares his hatred of immigrants, or he would never have implemented this wholly bogus policy. He should do hard labor for the maximum allowable time as well!

But, the very longest and most severe punishment of all should go to the man who is directing all of this hatred against immigrants – the Kidnapper- in-chief: Donald Chump himself!  His misadministration is the most corrupt and disingenuous of all time, and his totally unfounded paranoia about immigrants and the supposedly bad effect they have on our country is downright dangerous. This extremely sullen and obviously mentally-disturbed old man is hopelessly out of touch with all but the very wealthy and select foreign dictators, and poses a very real menace to the rest of humanity. Numerous studies have shown that overall numbers of immigrants have been actually decreasing over the past decade, yet this fearmongering jerk is trying to scare us with LIES  about how, if we don’t act now, we will be overrun with “millions” of people attempting to violate our borders, and even waves the threat of violent MS-13 gang members invading us! As such, we must strive to have him removed from office; prosecuted for conspiracy to kidnap and steal small children; abuse of power; crimes against humanity; and for depriving immigrants (ESPECIALLY the defenseless young children!) of their civil liberties;! He must also be CONVICTED; and then sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison at hard labor, with no chance of parole! Justice demands this, and we MUST rise to the call and follow through with this imprisonment  to serve as a warning to any future despot  if we are to truly live up to the motto of the  “land of the free and home of the brave” we so often claim to be! The only thing that would keep Chump from receiving a death sentence for his actions would be that he is allowing these unfortunate people to live – but he is, in effect – murdering their chance to enjoy a relatively emotionally secure life!

We have had a bellyfull of this grandiose blowhard Chump’s insane temper- tantrums, and all it has done is to give us an unneeded, unwanted, and fully avoidable bellyache! He may relish the chaos and confusion he has continually caused, but no other sane individual does!

NOW is the time for all good, progressive-minded people to come to the aid of their republic – get RID of these uncaring Republicans in Congress, ESPECIALLY those who continually enable this destructive liar and fearmongerer, and then IMPEACH and IMPRISON Donald Chump! IT OS A:SO VERY NECESSARY TO ELECT A MORE BALANCED PRESIDENT IN 2020, SO WE CAN END THE INTOLERABLE ANTI-LABOR, PRO-WEALTHY AND PRO-BUSINESS GRIP CON-SERVATIVES NOW ENJOY ON THE ROBERTS’ EXTREME COURT!!! 😦
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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