May 17, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: There are still 979 days left in this spoiled brat’s, and liar-in-chief’s deluded misadministration, and day 0 can’t possibly come quickly enough!

“Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched!:”
– A 
wise old axiom –

The paranoid and delusional Presi-dunce Donald Chump, undoubtedly at the urging of far-right warmongers like his neocon National Security Advisor John Bolton, and his new reactionary  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, pulled the U.S. out of the  Iran nuclear arrangement on May 8. It was a typical wannabe tough-guy move by this cowardly Chump, and it once more exhibited his sickening urge to always be controversial and headline-grabbing. Yet, like in the majority of his self-serving actions, it was frought with lies and accomplished very little of benefit for our country or the world at large.

Chump’s unilateral action was, as usual, poorly thought out and based on his personal misconcetion of what is actually happening. Whereas Iran has basically followed the agreement, Chump claimed it had violated it. Though European leaders like the UK’s Teresa May, Feance’s Emmanuel Macron and Gwemany’s Angela Merkel all pleaded with Chump to stay a part of the agreement, the stubborn son of a bitch didn’t listen and instead pulled us out of it! This is becoming so sickly familiar with Chump, who will, 9 times out of 10, follow his own misguided hunches rather than listen to the expert and seasoned advice of anybody else! Chump’s decision to renew strict economic sanctions against Iran will have a gigantic impact on Iran’s domestic and international policy. Iran, which has significant influence throughput the Middle East, could very well renew its nuclear program and could therefore fuel a disastrous nuclear arms race in that region – which is the very LAST thing the Middle East needs! Right as Chump was publicly declaring his ill-advised decision, Pompeo was about to land in North Korea to begin laying solid groundwork for the upcoming June 12 summit between Chump and Kim Jong Un. It obviously never occured to Chump that his rash action may have unexpectedly negative consequences for our country. As of this writing, it has just been revealed that North Korea has abruptly canceled its pre-Chump summit with South Korea in protest over joint U.S. – South Korea military exercises. While Pompeo did return to the U.S. with three U.S. detainees the North Koreans had been holding, even that joyous event was tarnished by the way Chump had to propagandize it by making sure TV cameras and reporters were there on the tarmac at 2 in the morning to cover his supposed “accomplishment.” It became a cheap, floodlit, theatrical, meaningless spectacle in the middle of the night just so Chump could grab a headline, and that was not only typical for him, but utterly disgusting! It is still far too early to tell, but other nations may now be unwilling to constructively work with the U.S. on negotiations since, under Chump, we have broken this international treaty and they may justifiably believe that dealing with an unstable and unreliable U.S. may no longer be in their best interests. Should Kim Jong Un also cancel his June 12 summit wurh Chump, it will prove that Chump has been massively outmaneuvered by North Korea; is certainly in waaayyy over his head; and should definitely NOT be awarded ANY kind of peace prize whatsoever! The very fact that Chump was spouting off about deserving a Nobel Prize publicly was not only premature, but is strong proof that he is an idiot who is nowhere near ready for prime time when it comes to conducting foreign policy – the goof is a major embarrassment rather than a skilled negotiator! 

To their credit, both France’s Emmanuel Macron and Iran’s Hassan Rouhani have decided to keep the agreement in force, albeit NOT with the U.S. participating. The rest of the European Union, thankfully, 
followed their example. Internationally, there were few nations who declared outright support for Chump’s position.

Warmongering Bibi Netanyahu of Israel voiced support for Chump and then menacingly called up his artillery, to begin shelling the Damascus plain in Syria from the Israeli-held  Golan Heights. Iran unleashed shells, too, and her bitter enemy, Saudi Arabia, expressed its support for Chump – but little acclaim was heard from anybody else. In fact, very few people beyond Chump’s minuscule support group of misfits carrying an antisocial and anti-government  grudge support Chump on this or any of his other reckless, self-aggrandizing actions. These are not the actions of parties deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize!

Especially when one considers the thoughtless and criminal way Chump chose to move our Embassy in Israel away from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, inflaming Arabs and Palestinians alike. The blood of dozens of Palestinians who rose up in anger and protest against this move, and that of the thousands who were also seriously injured by the Israeli troops who fired on them, is dripping from Chump’s hands! I watched with utter disgust and revulsion as Chump’s pampered and spoiled daughter Ivanka and her wimpy husband Jared Kushner sipped cocktails, and stood in rapt attention at the Embsassy’s dedication ceremony in Jerusalem. BOTH of these oblivious brats displayed a completely ignorant, unknowing, and uncaring “let them eat cake” attitude toward the Palestinians who were justifiably rioting at the very same time in the nearby Gaza Strip.

Such ignorant apathy and sheer obliviousness to human suffering CANNOT go on unpunished much longer! Chump and his entire extended family are unforgivingly CLUELESS and WILL suffer for this!

Regretably, Chump has  yet again blown it! His impulsive action toward Iran and the Palestinians has needlessly sent nervous ripples throughout our allies, and has very thoughtlessly ceded peaceful leadership away from our country to others. It may even lead to the cancellation of a much sought-after summit with North Korea, and has recklessly fueled a rise in oil and gasoline prices. This could very well sabotage the wonderful economic gains that began in the early days of President Obama’s first term and have continued ever since – all so that some blowhard bigmouth billionaire who craves an ongoing spotlight can get his childish need for constant attention filled…  

Our world does NOT need destructive megalomaniacs like Donald Chump! That is precisely why this derelict renegade presi-DUNCE needs to be REMOVED from office as quickly as possible!  Contrary to Chump’s insane hunches, the United Statres is NOT an aithoritarian regime which Chump can run however he damn well sees fit!!! 

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I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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