May 3, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: Just 993 days to go in this misadministration’s term in office…

Unless we are subjected to a suprise postponement or cancellation, Presi-dense Donald Chump will soon meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for what should prove to be a historic summit. Kim has already set history by being the first North Korean head of state to meet with South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in and to actually cross over into South Korea to begin talks on signing a true peace treaty between those nations, which have technically been at war with each other since June, 1950. This would mark the end of the Korean War and would be a remarkable achievement.  Naturally, the ever-vain Chump has already tried to grab all the credit for this happening for himself. In fairness, his efforts toward moving North Korea toward this feat should not be overlooked – perhaps his threats of bringing “fire and fury” against them may have played a part – but he is not the sole one deserving of credit.  

Ever since the Stalinist Russia-supported North Koreans began their surprise military invasion of South Korea in the summer of 1950, numerous American presidents and military figures have opposed North Korea’s effort to forcibly reunite both Koreas under one communist government. The invasion had barely begun when Democratic president Harry S Truman sent American and United Nations’ military troops there to combat the aggression. Under Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower, this military response was continued until an armistice ended the fighting three years later. It has remained in place ever since.

Following the death of Stalin, North Korea was still supported economically by the Soviet Union (Russia) and this aid continued until the end pf the Cold War in the early 1990s. It stayed under the firm control of its Stalinist-era dictator Kim Il Sung until his death in 1994. Then, with no more reliable economic aid from the now-defunct Soviet Union, the country plunged into an economic crisis. For a time, it even looked like the government would collapse, and rumors began to circulate that both halves of the country might reunite under South Korean control.

But these hopes were soon dashed, as North Korea turned inward, basically shutting itself off from nearly all the rest of the world. It brutally repressed all internal opposition, and, with no trace his coming in, began to starve its own people, save for a v very few pampered government officials. It also began to develop its own nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile programs. U.S. President Bill Clinton toyed with the idea of bombing North Korea’s nuclear facility, but decided against it after he was advised that it could most likely lead to a very bloody and costly war. So instead, the Clinton administration negotiated what was called an Agreed Framework, an effort to limit the North Korean nuclear program. In 1998, South Korean president Kim Dae-jung began the Sunshine Policy to help improve relations with its northern neighbor. North Korea’s economy remained tremendously poor, rigidly state-controlled, and the country kept on its extremely isolationist path.

Then came the administration of President George W. Bush in 2001, and, months later, the terrorist attacks of 9/11. W, egged on by the increasingly paranoiac DICK Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, disregarded that policy and began to refer to North Korea as a country belonging to a rogue group he labeled the “axis of evil.”  

Then North Korea grew more reclusive and started to work even harder on developing its nukes. In 2006, now under the firm leadership of Kim Jong Il, it announced its first successful nuclear test. The next year, South Korea officially abandoned its Sunshine Policy. By now, the North Korean “People’s Army” had grown to twice the size of its southern counterpart and had the power to destroy the nearby South Korean capitol of Seoul with both missiles and artillery. Thankfully, the U.S. military had kept its forces there since the 1953 armistice had been signed and would conduct annual military exercises with the South Korean military.

The paranoid North Korean government angrily referred to the joint U.S.-South Korean exercises as being acts of aggression. Beyond that, between 1997 and 2006, it accused other governments of having declared war against it a whopping and preposterous 200 times! Meanwhile, the North Koreans were utilizing spy submarines to gather information on the South and also on the nearby nation of Japan – in fact, the Japanese Coast Guard even sank one of those subs off its coast in 2001! Brief naval skirmishes have flared up between North and South Korea as well over the years. As recently as 2010, a North Korean torpedo sank a South Korean naval ship in the Yellow Sea and also fired artillery shells at a South Korean-owned island, whereupon the South fired back.

In 2011, upon the death of his father, the present “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un came to power. The grandson of Kim Il Sung, he became the youngest head of state in the world and immediately set about to consolidate his own control.  He had both his uncle and his brother killed, alleging they were involved in a plot to overthrow him. He took over the running of North Korea’s numerous penal colonies, which contain more than 130,000 political prisoners and have been called by expert observers as being worse than Nazi concentration camps in World War II. He has overseen a great many murders and incidences of sexual violence, including beatings, torture, and  rape. Prisoners were forcibly worked to death in mines, falling to either starvation or exhaustion while being worked for 20 hour shifts. He reintensified nuclear missile testing, and led to Barack Obama calling for an increase in cyber and technological watfare against him to slow down, if not destroy, his nuclear program.

After Donald Chump became U.S. president inn 2017, Kim claimed to have launched an intercontinental ballistic missile which would be capable of hitting spots within the U.S. This led to Chump disparagingly referring to him as “little rocket man” and rumors of an impending U.S. pre-emptive military strike began to circulate. Kim put out subtle reminders that the North was now a nuclear power, but Chump renewed his belittling and ridiculing of him, saying that if North Korea ever threatened the United States, it would be swiftly destroyed in a rain of fire and fury unlike the world has ever seen. The world tensed up as this banter accelerated into early 2018.

Seoul, the capitol of South Korea, was awarded the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, and North Korea decided to send a delegation there to compete. The South, likewise, in March sent a political delegation to meet with the North’s Kim Jong Un in the northern capitol of Pyongyang. This was done at the urging of South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who had won election by promising to begin new relations with the North. In fact, he renewed the old Sunshine Policy. From there, the South Korean delegation journeyed to Washington, where Chump made the fateful decision to crash one of their meetings. At this meeting, Chump impulsively declared he would like to meet with Kim Jong Un, and the word spread like wildfire. Eventually, presidential envoy and later Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with the North Korean leader to begin talks which would lead to a summit between Chump and the North Korean. They are still negotiating as to exactly where this summit will be held. That is where we stand now.

Of course, the woefully immatute, spoiled-brat Chump immediately tweeted out nonsense like the Korean War will soon end, and that the credit for this belongs mainly to him, which is pure rubbish. There is also speculation that he, Kim Jong Un, and Moon Jae-in will all be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this thawing, but that talk, too, is premature and basically rubbish at this time. It is far too early to tell how this will all turn out. It would behoove all concerned for Chump to keep his big fat flapping mouth SHUT for once – NOT engage in bullying of any kind, and simply let events fall into their own place by themselves for once at this crucial time. But instead, it looks more like Chump will continue yo call out publicly for the North to destroy its nuclear stockpile, and jay doesn’t seem to be too probable. Numerous presidents, countries, and international groups have levied sanctions against North Korea since 2006, so for Chump to even infer that he is the one most responsible for this current thaw is not only typically rash and reckless on his part, but irresponsible as well…

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  1. jerrycritter says:

    What do you want to bet that the result of the meeting will be Kim Jong Un telling Trump to ”Fuck Off!”

    • jackjodell53 says:

      NOTHING that could happen in this asinine misasministration could surprise me; after all, SOMEBODY’S got to tell this to Chump!

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