Apr. 12, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: A torturous 1,014 days are still left in this most odious misadministration’s term in office…  

“Nobody likes a crying rich man.”
– Leo Daly –

Forget Richard Nixon’s Watergate; forget Warren Harding’s Teapot Dome scandal; forget Andrew Jackson’s refusal to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States;  forget how mediocre Democrat James Buchanan’s collusion with southern Democrats led to passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act (which nullified the Missori Compromise of 1820 and helped lead to the Civil War); and forget one-termer Andrew Johnson, who stubbornly stood in the way of enacting Reconstruction policies following that war, and was subsequently impeached and nearly removed from office – this current Donald Chump regime of government run by, of, and for billionaires leads the pack as the most corrupt presidency in this nation’s entire history! ALL of these morons listed below were appointed by Presi-dense Donald Chump, and each has enjoyed his blessing.

Below is a partial list of some of these profiteering lamebrains – and, rest assured, in this chaotic atmosphere, there will no doubt soon be even more! (This doesn’t even include presidential attorney Michael Cohen, whose residence and offices were just raided by FBI agents recently).

One of Presi-dense Donald Chump’s Cabinet members, Environmental Protection Agency czar Scott Pruitt, is the latest example of the nearly universal arrogance and corruption which has run rampant throughout Chump’s misadministration, and we are still far from the midway point of it!  This Pruitt clown has not only undone a great many regulations which were enacted to protect our rivers and atmosphere from excess pollution by the oil and gas industry, but this paranoid fool also blew a large amount of taxpayer money on an elaborate and unneeded soundproofed office shield so he could wheel and deal with others without being heard. So much for transparency – he also approved huge salaries for two of the persons he brought with him from Oklahoma to serve as his staffers, and then had the balls to LIE about it all in a Fox “News” interview he conducted with Ed Henry!  Worse yet, this self-centered cheapskate even rented an apartment from an oil industry lobbyist at the ridiculously low rate of only $50 per night (payable only when he actually stayed there), and even claimed that it was rented at “market rate”! This aloof, vain, arrogant, and paranoid  jerk has even requested a bulletproof car and sirens to accompany it so he can  travel to the airport or to certain restaurants within the Capitol! His claims of threats against his life remain unsubstantiated, naturally. Finally, just like several others, he, too, flew all over the place first class or on expensive taxpayer-funded military jets so he could avoid any contact with irate taxpayers on commercial coach flights. Who the hell does this pompous ass think he IS, anyway?

Ben Carson, former brain surgeon and failed presidential candidate who sucked up to Chump almost immediately, was rewarded with the post of  Secretary of Health and Human Services, whereupon he promptly spent $31,000 on office furnishings  and then claimed he was unaware of the expenditure. Sure, pal! 😦

Press Secretary Sarah Huckster Slanders LIES repeatedly to always protect her boss Chump. She is condescending and arrogant toward the White House Press Corps, whom she obviously despises and can’t wait to escape from after  her press briefings. This pouty and overly mouthy little creep is a constant irritant to all who seek the truth from this misadministration, and the fact that she is a minister’s daughter who repeatedly lies makes her all the more contemptible!

Next we have greedy and spoiled son-in-law Jared Kushner, who, under the guise of trying to pursue Mideast peace, flew all over that region in a vain attempt to secure funding for the overpriced 666 Fifth Avenue building in New York he rashly bought ptrviously.  Chump may as well have hired a dogcatcher to give him advice, for all the useful advice he never got from this smug little ass-kisser!

Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was forced to resign for having wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on private airline flights instead of traveling by car – some of the flights as short as the distance between Washington D.C. and Philadelphia!  

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also thought one of the perks of his job was that he could fly using expensive military jets at taxpayer expense  instead of going by commercial airlines. So he and his new bride chartered a military jet to speed them to their European honeymoon – a disgusting oversight by an official who should know far better!

Betsy DeVos, the billionaire heiress of the Amway fortune  who never attended even one single day in a public school, was appointed Secretary of Education by Chump, and now oversees all of the nation’s public schools. She herself opted to send her children  to private schools, and has called traditional public schools a “dead end.” This moron also applauded Chump’s withdrawal last year from the Paris Climate Accords. Responding to the issue of increasing gun violence and mass shootings in our schools following the recent horrific Parkland murders, this far-right idiot said,“It’s not the role of the federal government to step in and dictate whether firearms in the classroom are the right choice for any one specific shooter.” So whose decision is it, then – that of the shooter himself? Get real, DeVos – national standards MUST be set to prevent any more of these occurrences, and the sooner the better!

Donald Chump, Jr., the pampered and spoiled son of the presi-dunceweaseled his way out of answering questions related to the Russia probe by claiming that the meeting he had with Russian officials in Trump Tower prior to the 2016 election was only about adopting Russian orphans. This scumbag completely omitted mentioning the actual story of why the meeting was held – because the Russians were promising to deliver some “dirt” on then-opponent Hillary Clinton which could be used to discredit her in the upcoming election. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Chump, Jr. proved by lying just like his daddy does.

Ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort, is now under indictment for multiple counts of  money laundering, tax evasion, and possible collusion with the Russian government during the 2016 election. This multimillionaire made millions of dollars working on behalf of a pro-Russian group in Ukraine prior to becoming involved with the Chump presidential campaign, but somehow mysteriously pissed it all away, as he was in debt to these Russians quite heavily. His associate Rick Gates lied to federal investigators, and Manafort was placed under house arrest to prevent his possible fleeing overseas. He also failed to properly register as a foreign agent while being paid handsomely  under the employ of the pro-Russian Ukrainians, too. 

Mike Flynn, convicted former National Security Advisor, together with his son, took over $15 million in bribe money from the Turkish government so they could have better access to Chump. In this current “anything goes” system we now  have under the autocratic Chump regime,  Flynn flourished and lied to FBI investigators. This jerk also shouted to the crowd during the GOP convention in the 2016 election cycle that Chump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, should be jaiied! Thankfully, it will be HE going to jail soon!

Last, but certainly not least, is Secretary of the Interior, whom I call “stinky” Ryan Zinke. Last year, this charlatan spent $53,000 on helicopter rides over national monuments – one of which was used to rush him back to the Capitol so he would not be late for a horseback riding session with Vice President Mike Pence!

The snide and ever miserable-looking  Chump loves to bellyache about non-existant “witchhunts” and accuse reporters who don’t report glowingly in his favor as being distributors of “fake news.” I will gladly take in the accounts given by accurate and knowlegeable journalists like Ashley Parker of the Washington Post, Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press, Susan Page of USA Today, and Natasha Bertrand of The Atlantic, among others, well before I will believe ANY of those liars within Chiump’s inner circle! 

The people closest to Chump who are mentioned throughout this piece – scoundrels every one of them – are mostly opportunistic profit-seekers who view our government as a giant money trough from which they can draw from as they see fit. There is no sense among any of them of selflessly serving the country. They should learn from the excellent example being set every day by Special Prosecuter Robert Mueller, a rare Republican with strong integrity and a sense of ethics, but they never will. They are instead drawn to the corrupt nature of this sorry misadministration like moths to a flame, and that is why this, the most corrupt administration in our nation’s entire history, must END as soon as possible!!!!!!!!  😦 😦

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I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. jerrycritter says:

    Rather than draining the swamp, Trump has set the standard for swampiness…and he continues to increase the swampiness every time someone resigns or is fired, and he hires/appoints someone else.

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