Jan. 25, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N,M.P.

COUNTDOWN: There are now 1,091 days still remaining in this blowhard, spoiled brat Presi-dunce’s term in office…  

“Negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with Jell-o”
– Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) –

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!”
–  GOD ( in the Ten Commandments) –     

Happy Thursday  everyone! We expect honesty from our public servants, but very rarely receive it. While both major American political parties have told lies in our history, the now reactionary CON-servative Republican Party, with Presi-dunce Donald Chump at its helm, is on pace to set a most unenviable record, both for its frequency as well as for the severity of blatant falsehoods told.

According to the Washington Post, Chump has told more than 2,000 lies during the first year of his term, and he adds to that figure many times each day. From his earliest lie about having the most spectators ever at his inauguration onward, it has been a nonstop torrent of fa;sehoods.  The New York Times has also been keeping a running tally of this continual lying. Not only Chump, but his sons, daughter, son-in-law, chief of staff, and also his  infernal press secretary seemingly lie at will, constantly, too. This appears to be the most condescending and dishonest group to have ever been associated with the presidency, and that is NOT good for our country in the least! 

Parents, preachers, teachers, and employers all instruct us NOT to lie from our earliest conscious moments onward. Yet prominent Republican politicians as well as their key staff members seem to live on lies. Take Chump’s chief of staff, John F. Kelly. As a respected and retired ex-general, he should have known much better than to lie about congresswoman Frederica Wilson, saying that she had “listened in” on a phone call Chump had made to notify a fallen soldier’s wife of his death overseas, saying in a press briefing last October that the congresswoman “had a history of politicizing what should be sacred moments” when she related Chump’s very sorry and botched  attempt to tell the woman. In reality, the victim’s wife put the call on speaker phone while driving, and her friend, congresswoman Wilson, just happened to ne with her in that car! Kelly, as a gold star father himself, should have kept his own mouth firmly shut rather than have politicized the incident himself! He then went on to say that, in 2015, the congresswoman had taken credit for getting funds for a new FBI field office, when this was simply NEVER the case. We are still awaiting his apology for both of those lies! The latest mistake this guy has made has been toally misguided, together with the notorious and heartless anti-immigration presidential advisor Stephen Miller, a still wet-behind-the-ears bitterly-partisan and mistaken Chump stooge.

The preposterous Chump-caused government shutdown was another of seemingly unending Chump-surrogate lies deliberately fed to the media. Press secretry Sarah Huckster Slanders led the charge almost immediately with her bull about it being the “Schumer shutdown”, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had to pipe in right away with his nonsense about it being a “Democrat shutdown” (sic), when in fact it was the first shutdown to ever occur with ONE party (Republican) in control of ALL branches of government! As a minister’s daughter, Slanders should reacquaint herself with the Eighth Commandment before carelessly lying and shooting her mouth off as she does so often!

All throughout this putrid Chump administration, LIES predominate. Director for the Offuxe of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney joined in on the untrue blame the Democrats theme very quickly too, even though it is HIS office which is in charge of the shutdown and he himself strongly supported the last shutdown in 2013, during Barack Obama’s second term in office.

The now reactionary CON-servative Republican Party has been awash in lies for years. Recently, they told us that a massive tax scam giveaway bill they passed which cut taxes immensely for the rich was actually a tax cut for everybody, and now they have launched an online ad saying that Democrats will be complicit in murders committed by “illegal aliens.” Vice President Mike Pence, another blatant far-right ideologue who should know better, recently addressed a group of soldiers telling them that the Democratic-led shutdown will cost them their paychecks, but that he and the President would not let that happen. This, of course, was another blatant lie: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D, MO) had tried in vain to pass a measure guaranteeing that all military would continue to receive payment through the shutdown, but Senate Majority Leader McConnell shot that down. That made a liar out of Pence, too, and not for the first time.

It has just been revealed that far-right Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, plus Fox “News”, are alleging that a so-called deep state  “Secret Society” at the top levels of the FBI is plotting a coup against Chump, his family, and their business interests. Like most of the trash peddled by that network, this allegation was offered without any supporting evidence to back it up. It is very curious to note that it came on the heels of an announcement that Chump will be called to testify soon, under oath, before Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Fox has long served as a major propaganda organ for the far right, and this smacks of a paranoid, last-ditch attempt to throw up a smokescreen of confusion for the Presi-dunce to create public doubt against the efforts of the FBI as well as Mueller. 

The problem with Chump and his allies is not only their continual lying, but their constant flip-flopping. That’s why I’m inclined to agree with both Sen. Svhumer and the FBI and reject this latest effort to obfuscate.

These no-good lying Republicans are wasting our time AND our money. Chump’s constant lying has made us appear to be unreliable on the world stage. In an era when stability in relationships is sorely needed, trust in the United States is absolutely essential, and that is why it is becoming apparent to many that the Republican Party must be BOOTED out of office this November, and a restoration to sanity, truthfulness, and reliability MUST be resztored!

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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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