Jan. 22, 2018  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.

COUNTDOWN: A total of 1,094  days are still left in this extremely greedy and very misguided administration’s term in office…

Podcaster extraordinaire Burr Deming is taking this week off. His podcast will resume next Monday.

Just before the holidays, without a single Democratic Party vote, the reactionary CON-servative Republicans passed a tax scam bill they said was for the benefit of the middle class. Those of us who are sane and are living in the real world know this was another Republican LIE, as the overwhelming majority of tax savings will go to the wealthy and the corporations they own and profit from already.

In a recent post, I urged all of us progressives to begin a boycott of the products produced by one of the billionaire donors who have contributed heavily to CON-servative Republican political campaigns over many years, namely, the infamous Koch brothers. In this post, I am urging you to boycott products made by another of these billionaire donors: the sneaky, reclusive Mercer family. Daughter Rebekah Mercer, sometimes referred to as Bekah, owns and operates a successful line of edibles called Ruby et Violette. These seem to be cookies, pastries, and chocolates that are sold both online and at a retail location. Since Bekah spends so lavishly supporting anti-worker, far-right candidates and CON-servative figures like Presi-dunce Donald Chump. and before him Steve Bannon, as well as having heavily funded the propagandistic Breitbart News, it is fitting and proper that we avoid her products and stores like the plague! After all, it was her very misguided influence that netted us the very mouthy and objectionable Kellyanne Con-job as well as the hateful Bannon, and her large donation helped win Chump his spot in the Oval Office. Her father, Robert Mercer, is a co-founder and CEO of a large hedge-fund conglomerate called  Renaissance Technologies. Its funds are known as the Medallion Fund, the Institutional Equities Fund, and
Institutional Diversified Alpha. Should you own any of these, PLEASE 
consider dumping them asap – we can simply no longer afford or justify aiding and abetting these very regressive people!.

Last, but certainly not least, is a wealthy and very misguided and deluded old man by the name of Sheldon Adelson. This very sorry old fart dumped $25 MILLION into Donald Chump’s campaign coffers in 2016! He did this under the very mistaken assumption that, since Chump had been a CEO, he understood business and could transform that background into good government policy. Oddly enough, this 84 year old originally grew up in a poor immigrant family. To his credit, he worked hard and prospered over the decades. Like so many who have become wealthy over time, though, his viewpoint has become corrupted by that wealth. He began a bitter feud with the labor unions which had become established in his Sands’ Las Vegas
Corporation casinos, and quickly became virulently anti-worker and shifted his allegiance to the reactionary, CON-servative Republicans. Rather than sharing his wealth, he has chosen instead to fight unions and keep all his money to himself – unless, of course, he chooses to donate extreme amounts of it to reactionary, CON-servative Republican causes, Because he has so greedily turned his back on working people, I am asking all of you to boycott his casinos, both in Las Vegas, as well as in Singapore, and Macao, should you ever be overseas and run into one of them. All they will ever do is suck money out of you and funnel it into the hands of short-sighted, greed and power-obsessed reactionary, CON-servative Republicans!

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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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