Aug. 31, 2017  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: GRRRRR! There are 1,242 very long days still left in this godawful administration’s term in office…  

Donald Chump, and especially the deluded, greed-obsessed billionaires who yet like and support him, have begun to lay the foundation for trying to re-elect him in 2020.  They believe first that they must do away with Chump’s opposition in his own party, so they are starting to funnel massive amounts of money  into the coffers of primary opponents of Republican Senators who have expressed doubts about the policies of the President. Last week, it was revealed that that billionaire Robert Mercer had donated a hefty $300,000 to the Senate campaign of Arizona Republican hopeful Kelli Ward. (Readers of this blog may recall that Ms. Ward’s reckless and overly ambitious character flaws were revealed in the July 31, 2017 edition of this blog [“John McCain, Brain Cancer, and Human Decency”], and that the greed of Mercer was covered in the previous March 30, 2017 post [“THE REAL POWER-BROKERS BEHIND DONALD TRUMP!”]).

As I have previously revealed, Mercer and his daughter Rebekah are fabulously wealthy and far-right reactionary in their politics; had originally supported the heartless Ted Cruz in the 2016 GOP primaries; and then latched on to Donald Chump once he had established himself as the front runner. Thanks to these wacko Mercers, the racist and ultra-nationalist Steve Bannon came on board the Trump bandwagon and Kellyanne Con-job became a noted spokesperson for the new President very early on.  

Our corporate-owned, mainstream media tends to refer to Mercer as “reclusive.” The adjectives “secretive”  and “sneaky” are actually more apt, in this blogger’s educated opinion. Just like the equally sneaky and nefarious Koch brothers, these corrupt billionaires have done their very best to buy out as many prospective far-right candidates as they can with huge contributions to their campaigns. They always try to operate out of sight and behind the scenes, letting their money do their talking for them. They have little regard for the average, non-billionaire, 99% MAJORITY of working Americans. They prefer to buy as much power and political, economic, and social influence as they can. The Mercers are NOT residents of Arizona, but they have dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into this Arizona Senate race to hopefully ensure a win for THEIR candidate, and to hell with the residents of Arizona! They will lie, cheat, steal, and spend as much as they can to ensure that their twisted, oligarchical aim succeeds. They obviously do not recognize the historical standard of “one man, one vote.” If they did, they would invest instead only in the candidates of their own state rather than to buy influence for their perverted, reactionary aim in other states!  

Their preferred candidate this time is the notorious, power-hungry Kelli Ward. She is trying, for the second time in a row, to unseat Arizona’s sitting Senator, Jeff Flake. She previously tried, unsuccessfully, to defeat Arizona’s other sitting Republican Senator, John McCain. Immediately upon hearing of Senator McCain’s recent diagnosis of a terminal brain tumor, she publicly urged him to resign and offered herself as the person who should succeed him. When that endeavor fell on deaf ears, she decided to oppose Senator Flake again in the next GOP primary. This scheming, conniving, power-hungry bitch has no scruples at all and is determined to grab Arizona’s Senate seat for herself.  With the aid of the equally unscrupulous Robert Mercer’s money, she may succeed. While I am opposed to Flake’s views on government, and would vastly prefer that a progressive Democrat would win Flake’s seat, I know this will almost certainly not happen in that very red, Republican state. There is a very good reason Ms. Ward has failed thus far to win election as Arizona’s Senator: she is overly ambitious, morally bankrupt, and far too conservative, even for Arizona. I therefore hope she will again fail – this time, miserably. My hope is that this phony, opportunistic, eager-beaver will go down again to defeat, and that the misguided, reactionary Robert Mercer will also fail in his attempt to buy out a Senator.

This is one of a growing number of examples as to why we must GET MONEY OUT OF OUR POLITICS ONCE AND FOR ALL! Billionaires and the wealthy in general must NO LONGER BE ALLOWED to vote with their money and achieve unfair advantage in the process! We have an important mid-term congressional election coming up in November of 2018. We MUST prevail over corrupt, anti-worker and anti-democracy billionaires. To this end, I strongly urge you to join the movement called MOVE TO AMEND, which insists we adopt a Constitutional amendment declaring that Corporations are NOT people and that Money is NOT free speech! Please go to to learn more, join, and contribute.

Please consider becoming a member of the only true, independent, non-commercial and fully viewer-supported media source available today – FREE SPEECH TV. At their website you can live stream many of their great programs and see what you’ve been missing if you’ve only been watching our stale, corporate-owned, biased television networks. You’ll appreciate FREE SPEECH TV’s investigative journalism and fabulous documentaries. Please consider phoning in a pledge of support for them TOLL FREE at 1-877-378-8669 – ANY amount will be greatly appreciated – and you’ll be doing your part to ensure the continued existence of freedom of expression in Trump’s authoritarian America, and beyond. PLEASE consider becoming a member of the only network dedicated to amplifying the voices of those who are often marginalized or ignored altogether by corporate America. Kindly do so NOW – TODAY, and thank you so very much! 🙂
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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