Aug. 3, 2017  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: I  am disgusted to say that there are yet 1,270 long days left in this worst-of-all-time administration’s very sorry term in office…

This blogger has been justifiably advocating a huge about-face in the once great, once progressive Democratic Party for a very long time. Yes, before both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders deservedly rose to prominence, I was advocating a return to the principles and stances which had originally propelled the party to strong majority status: a dedication to shoring up the economically disadvantaged, the elderly, labor union members (and all the exploited who work without the benefits of belonging to a labor union), plus the physically and mentally-challenged. For THIS is the TRUE majority of this country – and their needs have sadly been neglected by BOTH major parties since the Reagan era of slamming government began way back in 1981.

That completely misguided fool Ronald Reagan declared “Government is not the solution; Government is the problem.” How utterly absurd: it completely ignores the very needed and very beneficial role government has played in this country ever since the dark Great Depression days of the 1930s. It completely overlooks the immense benefits nearly  all classes of people have enjoyed in this country since the programs of the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the New Frontier, and the Great Society were put in place by progressive Democratic congressional majorities and successive progressive Democratic Presidents over the years! For example, how would a large American middle class – at one point, the envy of the world – ever have developed without the rise and legalization of labor unions to bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions for workers? How would the country ever have prospered so greatly – with only very short-lived economic setbacks or downturns – without needed federal regulations being put on speculators in the banking and insurance industries? These were, of course, enacted by bold, progressive Democratic majorities in Congress. How would millions have been enabled to purchase their own homes or further their education without fabulous government programs like the GI Bill? Indeed, how would this country ever have attained greater social and economic fairness had the Civil Rights Act or the Voting Rights Act never been passed by overwhelming liberal (progressive) Democratic congressional majorities and then signed into law by a liberal (progressive) Democratic President? And what if these same progressive majorities had been unable to pass such greatly beneficial legislation as Medicare and Medicaid?

THAT, my friends, is why I have been advocating the return of Democrats to the resumption and expansion of great Democratic programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and to the passage and implementation of a brand-new program: UNIVERSAL, SINGLE-PAYER HEALTH CARE!

With the election and subsequent re-election of Bill Clinton to the presidency  in 1992 and 1996, Democrats veered dangerously off course and abandoned most of what had been their main constituent base for decades: labor. While Reagan and all succeeding Republican Presidents slammed and have almost eradicated once-strong labor unions, Bill Clinton inadvertently aided these Republicans by neglecting labor and began courting Wall Street banks and other monied elitist groups. He shifted the Democratic Party noticeably rightward and even unforgivingly signed a repeal of the Glass-Steagall bill. In doing so, he unwittingly planted the seeds of the horrible Great Recession of 2008, which was also aided by the conservative Republican administration of George W. Bush, who followed him into office. Clinton’s and Bush’s push toward deregulation of key industries indirectly led to the rise of wacko Libertarians like the secretive and very corrupt Mercer family and the Koch brothers, which have spent many MILLIONS of dollars, sneakily, behind-the-scenes, to corrupt our politics through the buying-out of a great many Congresspersons and Senators. Clinton’s apparent opportunism may have even aided in the defeat of his wife, Hillary Clinton, in the presidential election of 2016. The end result of that, of course, was the installation of a very ignorant billionaire – Donald Chump – as President. Only time will tell what a debacle his presidency will be. The sad fact is that, had Bill Clinton never turned the Democratic Party rightward and in some ways led it to become  Republican-Lite, the election of Chump would have been nearly impossible.

Now the Democrats are a minority and are on the outside looking in. Thry have an uphill battle to restore their majority status, especially considerung how the reactionary, CON-servative Republicans have successfully jury-rigged the electoral system against Democrats, using gerrymandering and nefarious voter supression tactics. The fact that Chump was elected by stealing traditionally Democratic themes of preserving and protecting Medicare and Social Security should give many on the left food for thought. As Chump immediately turned away from those he had courted during the campaign and stocked his cabinet chock- full of billionaires and Wall Street bankers, plus his implementing of pro-wealth policies, it would seem he would be extremely vulnerable in both the 2018 and 2020 elections. But it is all dependent on what type of campaign the Democrats run. Their simple cry of “we’re not Donald Trump” is just too meaningless and will NEVER get the job done….

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schoomer recently launched a new Democratic  theme: “A BETTER DEAL.” My thought is that it should have been named “The REAL Deal“,  “The BEST Deal”, or The TRUE DEAL!” The current monicker seems far too wimpy. What is needed are BOLD moves, like the adoption of Single-Payer; enabling Medicare to bargain for lower prescription prices; the immediate elimination of Student Debt – freeing students from a lifetime of paying profiteering banks who have preyed upon them like vultures; the immediate condemnation and cessation of police violence, particularly awhen directed at the Black, Hispanic, and Asian communities; the immediate passage of a $22 per hour minimum wage (according to  a study done by ecinimist  John Schmitt at the Center for  Economic Policy and Research). THIS is the figure that will restore a wage earner to 1968 standards based upon inflation rates and the great amount of productivity gains we have seen since then. See how far both parties have allowed living standards to fall while they have been repeatedly granting unneeded and very  lucrative tax breaks to billionaires? Actually, had the minimum wage kept pace with the earnings of the top !%, that figure would be now a whopping $22.62 per hour! If few people complain about the vast gains made by the !% over the years, why should an increase to $22 per hour for our worst-paid workers create such a fuss? WHERE IS ECONOMIC JUSTICE HERE? Lastly, the Democrats should divest theselves of the pro-corporate, elitist, and anti-worker elements of the party which havd turned it into Rwpublican-Lite perennial LOSERS! 

Only by campaigning and pushing hard for these types of planks will the Democratic Party EVER hope to regain its majority status! And only by adopting these planks will this lost party ever be able to awake and re-energize the millions of forlorn Democratic voters who choose to stay home and NOT vote!
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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