Apr. 6, 2017  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: As of today, only 1,419 more days remain in this horrid adminstration’s term in office…

We saw strong evidence in the recent failure of the American Health Care Act’s failure to pass, though sponsored by Republicans, supported by a Republican President, and conceived in a Republican-controlled Congress, of just how weak, powerless, and impotent a President Donald Trump really is.  Let’s face facts here, people – this bigmouthed bully is all talk and no action. I have long referred to this charlatan as the liar-in-chief, and that has been correct. I really feel sorry for the millions of blue collar, “rust belt” voters who mistakenly cast their ballots for this phony: his promises, and your wishes and dreams, will NOT be realized!

There is a very mistaken notion that  Donald Chump is supposedly a great negotiator whose strength lies in his ability to create good business “deals.” LOL! LOL! LOL! If you have believed this, you are a gullible person who has fallen for his and his followers’ lies and propaganda. Strong Presidents, and good effective leaders alike, all share in the ability to cajole members of Congress into voting for what they want. They cause individual congresspersons to cower in fear unless they go along with the wishes of their President.  

NOBODY is afraid of liar-in-chief Donald Chump. NOBODY cowers in fear before him. They, joined by a  vast and growing number of voters, are coming to see him for what he really is: a blowhard bully with a big flapping mouth which spews harmless hot air who can no longer be trusted or should be followed.

For Trump, a longtime celebrity on an artificial, completely made-up form of commercial television called Reality TV (in which little, if anything, is actually realistic) lives in an isolated world of self-delusion. When he should be devoting himself to state business or even sleeping, he obsessively immerses himself in tweeting lies and petty nonsense about his political rivals or enemies. He has been accustomed to having his own way and getting what he has wanted all of his adult life. Now, finally, in his 70th year, he is slowly but surely learning what the rest of us learned long ago as children: the ONLY way to get something you want is to be civil, respectful, and understanding of those around you. How much of this he will actually learn and assimilate remains to be seen, but he got a damn good lesson to learn from by not getting his precious repeal of Obamacare bill passed!

It was a stunning loss, actually. No previous President had ever been dealt such a setback on the very first major piece of legislation he had supported. This self-endorsed “deal maker” had failed miserably in his attempt to convince leaders in his own party to vote for this bill. This was not only Chump’s failure, but House Speaker Paul RUIN’s (Ryan’s) as well. BOTH of these far-right fools  are so out-of-touch with everyday, working Americans that it will be a miracle if they ever get anything accomplished again!  

The lies both of these scoundrels laid on us in recent weeks has been astounding. RUIN told us this new health care bill would provide “access” to health care for everybody. In reality, though, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report showing that an estimated 24 MILLION people would eventually lose coverage! Meanwhile, in between taxpayer-funded golfing trips to Florida,  Chump continued to promise us that everybody will have coverage and that health care will be more affordable. Like most of what Chump states publicly, that, too, was pure boastful speculative bullshit.

The Republicans have had almost 8 long years to come up with a plan to replace Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which they have hated since the day it was first passed.  They promised voters an immediate repeal. It was obvious to see what a lie that stance was, too, for they missed a golden opportunity to pass such a repeal. Thanks to congressional Republican infighting, they failed. The nefarious billionaire Koch brothers, who funded the formation and election of extreme, reactionary Republicans who now comprise the so-called Freedom Caucus, were strongly opposed to any plan offered by the federl government, as they hate government involvement in anything. They pushed for RUIN to put a ton of exclusionary stuff in the bill, which then led both Democrats (to-a-person) and the few remaining moderate Republicans to oppose it . At town halls all over the country, Republican representatives and senators were justly  besieged with complaints about passing such a costly and discriminatory bill. So this weird alliance between left and right  effectively killed any chance of passage.  Should there ever be any hope of passing meaningful legislation in the future, this band of ex-Tea Party, libertarian, far-right and government-hating Freedom Caucus derelicts MUST be removed from office starting in 2018! They, and Donald Chump two years later, must be soundly defeated! We progressives need to begin a push for the adoption of a universal, single payer health care system, and put an end to the power and influence of big pharma and greedy health insurance companies which are ripping us off blind! We need to banish this current group of lying, far-right, CON-servative Republicans from office forever, and 2018 will be a superb starting point! FOCUS! ORGANIZE! UNITE! ACT! RESIST! WIN!!!
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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