Mar. 23, 2017.  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.  

COUNTDOWN: As of today, only 1,033 more days remain in this horrid administration’s term in office…

I’ve noticed that former CEO of Exxon Mobil and now, unfortunately, our new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is every bit as secretive and scornful of our free press as the man who appointed him.  BOTH of these fools have deliberately forgotten how important a free, even adversarial press is to a functioning democracy, and that a free press was the ONLY industry – NOT oil, and NOT real estate  – which was mentioned in our very Constitution! Yet both Donald Chump and Rex Tillerson have decided to bypass the press altogether, in defiance of WE, the taxpayers, who are paying their salaries!  

Tillerson has chosen to exclude the normal press in favor of a far-right Republican operative for his first foreign trip to Asia. In Chump’s case,  being the spoiled little brat he has always been, he prefers a press corps of literal yes men, who will report favorably on everything he does. That way, he can lie at will without ever having to be called to account for his lies and remain completely unchallenged in his world of self-deception. But in Tillerson’s case, this man has chosen to deliberately exclude veteran members of the press corps who usually accompany a Secretary of State on foreign travels in favor of his handpicked far-right Republican operative Erin McPike of Independent Journal Review, who comes from that small conservative outlet and who has NO experience in covering or reporting upon foreign affairs or the State Department. The arrogant Tillerson has simply stated, “I’m not a big media press access person. I personally don’t need it. I understand it’s important to get the message of what we’re doing out, but I also think there’s only a purpose in getting the message out when there’s something to be done. And so we have a lot of work to do, and when we’re ready to talk about what we’re trying to do, I will be available to talk to people. But doing daily availability, I don’t have this appetite or hunger to be that, have a lot of things, have a lot of quotes in the paper or be more visible with the media. I view that the relationship that I want to have with the media, is the media is very important to help me communicate not just to the American people, but to others in the world that are listening. And when I have something important and useful to say, I know where everybody is and I know how to go out there and say it. But if I don’t, because we’re still formulating and we’re still deciding what we’re going to do, there is not going to be a lot to say.” Well, sorry, you conceited jerk, this is NOT about what you have an appetite for the desire to do when you feel like it. As a taxpayer-supported public servant, itt is your DUTY to inform the press as to what you’re doing, whether you want to or not! Our free press doesn’t exist to be your personal means of spreading favorable propaganda whenever it suits you! At this point, it is not clear as to whether he was force-fed this nonsense by the press-hating President or came up with it on his own: it is still deplorable and must be nipped in the bid immediately! Who the hell do these guys think they are, anyway?

Tillerson and Chump may think they are unexcelled “deal makers”, but international diplomacy is far removed from the average business “deal”. For Tillerson to first go to South Korea, start rattling his saber against the despotic North Korean regime, intimate the possibility of a pre-emptive strike against it, and then to go on to China (the main player in Asia) reflects an ignoransce and arrogance unsurpassed in American diplomacy. For, like it or not, North Korea falls within China’s sphere of influence – not ours. Chump himself is skating on thin ice by insulting our biggest trading partner, and the one who supplies his daughter with clothing for her line and he with ties and the like for his clothing line sold at Macy’s. This pair of hardcore, reckless, and pushy former CEOs need to be brought to their senses before they create an international incident which could potentially cost many thousands of American lives! Why is it that both Chump and Tillerson, who have negotiated in the past with dictators, fear the American free press so much? It seems to defy logic, unless they are up to no good and want to hide the truth. Both of these clowns are loose cannon bullies who need to be kept under check. Is this the best we can expect from the worst administration in our entire history? Let us hope not – we should not have to pay one red cent for such ignorance and incompetence!
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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