Mar. 13, 2017  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P..  


Happy start of the new week, readers! Our master podcaster BURR DEMING, who usually posts here on Mondays, is regrettably sidelined this week by the flu, and I wish him a speedy and total recovery.

In place of his usual podcast, though, I wanted to alert you to a very real threat that is being posed by sordid Libertatian types who receive their nefarious funding from the billionaire Koch brothers. I have long deservedly blasted the Koch brothers for their self-centered approach to economics and for their sneaky attempts to buy-off legislators in all branches of government and for their opposition to workers’ rights – namely labor unions. These scoundrels hold 2 major meetings each year and only invite a select crowd of other billionaires plus legislators they hope to gain influence over. The Kochs are highly secretive about all of this and prefer to remain out of the limelight. That’s why they prefer to have others step forward to present what they have actually dreamed up. At these meetings, business-friendly draft bills are drawn up for eventual distribution to sympathetic legislators, who will then often submit them later as bills to be passed by their respective legislatures. Thanks to huge amounts of cash dumped into the electoral cycle in 2016 by these snraky Kochs and their allies, Republicans now hold numerical majorities in 33 legislatures, ONLY ONE SHY OF THE TWO-THIRDS REQUIRED TO BEGIN A CONVENTION ON CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS THAT WOULD FOREVER CHANGE AND DESTROY OUR GOVERNMENT!  

In this blogger’s opinion, it represents a blatant interference in our democratic process and amounts to subversion of our democratic principles, and we must begin an effort to STOP THIS AT ONCE! 

These Koch brothers, and their like-minded billionaire allies, are attempting to subvert our government by legally (but unethically) changing the Constitution in such a way as to basically dismantle ALL of the necessary regulations and federal agencies which have been carefully set up ftom the Teddy Roosevelt era up to the present – in effect negating or eliminating a vital part of all progressive legislation passed from 1901 onward!  Unfortunately, their followers include such prominent politicians as Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and numerous other right-wing fanatics. You may not know or perhaps are unfamiliar with these Kochs, but they are for real, I can assure you!  

If you click on this link below, you will be transported to the craftily set up site called Convention Of States (

Here, you will see a well laid-out, (but very WRONG and self-serving)  analysis of what the Libertarian Kochs believe to be examples of “overreach” by our federal government, and their “solutions” on how best to overcome and/or overturn these supposed problems. The foremost problem, although NOT addressed in these analyses and proposed solutions, is that their adoption and implementation would allow business owners and major corporate interests to run hog-wild over everyone, unimpeded in any form by anybody. It would allow them to:

1). Eliminate labor unions – the only vehicle working people still have to give them leverage to gain higher wages and better working conditions on the job.
2). Eliminate the minimum wage, workmen compensation, and overtime pay – possibly even paid vacations.
3). Eliminate worker and product safety regulations.
4).  Eliminate all federally-set pollution control standards.
5). Eliminate any and all regulations on Wall Street banks and insurance companies.
6). Destroy any leverage consumers may have to ensure the products they buy, use, or eat are thoroughly safe, and provide them with a reasonable recourse should they suffer injury or death due to negligence or defect in manufacture.
7). Undo much if not all of the civil rights legislation that was passed after decades of bloodshed and violence perpetrated against minorities in this country! 

By looking at the site I’ve described above, you’ll see that these naive but dangerous Libertarian Republicans are calling for what they term as an Article V Convention, or Amendments Convention which we must FIGHT WITH EVERY OUNCE OF OUR ENERGY! These billionaires claim that the federal government is driving us toward an era of “soft tyranny” where it will turn us into a nation of a bunch of “mild …animals, of which the government is the shepherd.” They also claim, as they have been doing fruitlessly since 1935, that we are in debt over our heads due to future Social Security payments and other safety net programs. Of course, these same billionaires see absolutely nothing wrong with crony capitalism or huge tax breaks for the wealthy, and, to a man, oppose raising the spending cap for Social Security on incomes above the current $125,000 or so. Let’s think about this for a moment, folks – if billionaires had to pay Social Security on ALL of their income rather than only rhe first $125,000, that program could be expanded and sytrmgthened rather than being in danger of running out of money in a few decades. How the hell much money do these billionaires NEED, anyway, and why should they be granted an exemption of ANY kind?

These schemers also rant against regulation, citing a far-right American Enterprise Institute claim that, since 1949, “federal regulations have lowered the real GDP growth by 2% and made America 72% poorer.” LOL! We’re supposed to believe THAT malarkey, when CON-servative Republicans and the wealthy have teamed up with supply side (“trickle down”) economics for the past 35 years to funnel a GIANT amount of national income and wealth  into the hands of a scant few? Any sane person will recognize that regulations aren’t the culprit for causing our record wealth disparity – the wealthy themselves, and their bought-out politiicians are! While they rant and rave about the supposed evils of government regulation, they turn a completely blind eye to predatory capitalists and crony capitalism – instances where government regulation is HIGHLY justified!

These billionaire con-artists also love to claim that the federal government is stealing power from the states with their policies. They claim that Washington does not properly respect “these truly independent republican governments”. This blogger believes that, as a NATION first and foremost, NATIONAL policies must be set and that states, while having an input through their Congresspersons,  must NOT interfere with or block that process! These billionaires are simply using the states rights argument as a way to enable themselves to escape any and all outside interference whatsoever. Well, billionaires, you can’t always get (or buy) what you want! After all, regulations first came into being as a way of protecting the public from the very resal excesses of the wealthy and their corporations! They didn’t arise out of thin air: they were justifiably CAUSED to curb the power and influence of the monied class. As Franklin D. Roosevelt so wisely put it as he was battling the Great Depression, “Government by Organized Money is Just as Dangerous as Government by Organized Mob!” There is an incredible amount of truth in that statement. Roosevelt was combatting the forces of reaction back then, just as WE should battle today’s forces of reaction – the Koch brothers and their billionaire Libertarian allies! For, these very misguided men have this naive belief that markets are self-correcting and that free market economics will mysteriously solve all problems. We have seen over and over again how foolish that viewpoint is, and we must reject it completely! Markets are NOT self correcting or even free – they are instead dominated and controlled by the wealthy, and MUST be regulated by strong outside forces (e.g. labor unions and government agencies) to ensure that the public interest will be protected. That, my friends, is why it is so VITALLY important that we start electing more progressives and remove huge numbers of reactionary, CON-servative Republicans from elective office IMMEDIATELY – we CANNOT allow Republicans the ability to hold this dastardly “convention of states” that their billionaire lords are pushing for! This means, NOW, in 2018, and in 2020 and beyond, we must defeat them at the ballot box in each state, Congress, and the Presidency!

The time has come for us to stand up, to resist, and to shout out and have our voices be counted, and let these billionaires like Donald Trump AND the Koch brothers know in no uncertain terms: we will NOT be hoodwinked or bullied into submission by them, and that WE – not THEY – will prevail! So give ’em hell, people!!!
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I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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