Feb. 23, 2017  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.

THE COUNTDOWN: As of today, only 1,061 days remain in this administration’s term in office.

I saw a few days back how Liar-In-Chief Donald Trump was defending his administration’s first weeks in office before a group of reporters he had assembled in the White House.  Chump said, “This administration has been running like a fine-tuned machine.”

It is a miracle that the assemblage didn’t burst into uprarious laughter at such absolute bullshit!

trumps-lying-press-confIt is impossible to tell if Trump was attempting to rally his supporters (who blindly and ignorantly follow him in stupefied reverence anywhere), but to those who are sane, this was one more in a continual set of unfounded LIES this woefully unqualified imposter tells many times each day. It is rapidly becoming an insult to every sane person’s intelligence, and this blogger has come to the conclusion that the delusional Trump is thoroughly mentally unhinged and should be institutionalized as soon as possible!  All throughout his campaign, he talked about how the U.S. should have “taken” Iraq’s oil, yet, over the last few days, his newly sworn-in Defense Secretary visited Iraq and stated plainly that we will NOT be helping ourselves to free Iraqi oil! Likewise, Chump has also intimated that we may possibly withdraw deom NATO, yet Vice President Pence is over in Europe reassuring our allies that we support NATO!  These are hardly examples of an administration operating likde a “fine-tuned machine!”

The Chump was also complaining about not having his cabinet appointees all approved yet. Incredible how the same little spoiled brat who has advocated “extreme vetting” for refugees wanting to enter this country can express Pinocchio Trump Rindignation that Congress is taking longer than he’d like to approve each nominee. Of course, Trump conveniently overlooks the fact that two of his nominees, Mike Flynn and Andrew Puzder, proved themselves to be unfit for the positions each had hoped to gain: Flynn, because he lied to the press and to Vice President Mike Pence about not having discussed sanctions with Russian intelligence officers prior to the inauguration, and Puzder, who had beaten his wife and also failed to pay taxes on an undocumented immigrant he had employed for years to do domestic chores on his home. Could it be more true that Chump has had very poor picks for his cabinet nominees and that it has affected how they have not secured their posts?

acosta-bleccchChump’s latest nominee, Alex Acosta, is nowhere near as hostile to Labor as was billionaire fast food owner Puzder, but he is every bit as extreme in other areas, namely voter suppression. In his native Ohio, his efforts in the 2004 election were very beneficial (using voter caging)  in knocking more than 25,000 African-Americans (presumably Democratic-leaning voters) off of approved voting rolls. What in the hell is Chump thinking to submit such low-lifes as cabitnet appointees?

Chump is also fond of telling another whopper: how he supposedly inherited “a mess” from his predecessor, Barack Obama. I guess if one considers the stock market setting new highs, housing starts solid, and unemployment down “a mess”, and the fact that he has already had to fire his National Security Advisor for being untrustworthy, and that his nominee for Secretary of Labor having to withdraw his name for having not paid taxes on an undocumented worker he had employed as a housekeeper, plus the fact that he has had to fire numerous lower level persons like Deputy Secretaries for not being loyal enough to him as examples of NOT presiding over “a mess” this LIE would make sense. At a weekend “rally” he held down in Orlando, FL, Chump once again blamed “the failing New York Times” and other prominent members of the media for spreading “fake news” about him and his FOX LIES!administration,  while praising Fox “News”, without a doubt a major supplier of distorted and phony news for the past 2 decades. Well, Chump, those of us living in the real world are growing really tired of you always having to scapegoat someone else for YOUR ineptness and failures! The real fact is that, for once, the media is actually standing up and questioning Trump – something he has never encountered before, having been surrounded by weak, compliant “yes men” his entire previous life. And for Chump to refer to the press as an “enemy of the people” shows exactly how thin-skinned this bozo really is. After all, our Founding Fathers had the wisdom and common sense to put a free press right into the Constitution, and Chump has displayed very little of that common sense or wisdom his entire adult life! Meanwhile,Chump’s s sons have been over in Dubai, opening a new Trump-named luxury golf course, while Daddy Chump is galavanting across the country (using Air Force One, at taxpayer expense) holding rallies aimed at gaining him a second term in 2020 – what kind of malarkey is this? Chump, for your information – you ignorant, spoiled little baby – that is called campaigning, and rather than being paid for by taxpayers, YOUR campaign is supposed to split the costs evenly! Needless to say, we taxpayers will not wait for reimbursement – we know it will never come! So who, may I ask, is the REAL enemy of the people?

So, Donald boy, stop being so thin-skinned and constantly lying about thumbs downeverything. I and MILLIONS of others will be working incessantly to get you removed from office long before election day 2020 happens – you are incompetent; a complete waste of taxpayer money; and an utter disgrace to the presidency! Beyond even that, we will be working very hard to starve your businesses as best we can to hit you where it will hurt the most – in your pocketbook! Ny next post will encourage people on how best to boycott your businesses!
mcmaster-and-chumpDonald Trump has apparently FINALLY made a pragmatic, qualified, sensible pick for his inner circle: On Monday, he named four star general H. R. McMaster to be his new National Security Advisor, While not perfect, this is an infinitely BETTER pick than the lying Mike Flynn! Let us hope that this pick will be the start of Chump finally getting a grip on reality and that he will cease appointing only extremist far-right ideologues to be part of his inner circle!
Many knowledgable people have begun to realize how frightfully inaccurate and incomplete our corporate-owned mainstream media has become, and are seeking an uncorrrupted, independent alternative. I encourage all of you to look into FREE SPEECH TV at http://www.freespeech.org/, where you’ll see quality FSTV blueinvestigative reporting and real news the way it used to be! Check out their website to see what you’ve been missing. Please consider becoming a member, as I have, and ensure that this precious national resource does not disappear under Donald Trump’s authoritarian and pro-corporate assault. FREE SPEECH TV is completely viewer-supported and non-commercial, and receives NO funding whatsoever from corporations or the government! Check it out and join the growing millions who are beginning to see the true light in alternative media! Help us to amplify onderexposed voices and JOIN us TODAY! 🙂
BE WITH US LIVE nearly every Sunday from 6 – 7 PM Eastern Time on BlogTalkRadio’s HERE-BE-MONSTERS THE SUNDAY SHOW. My co-hosts GWEN BARRY of ROUNDTREE7 Blog, WAYNE JOHNSON of MINDS AND TIMES OF F. WAYME JOHNSON, and I discuss a wide range of political, social, and economic topics in an open forum, often with additional guest activists and other persons of interest. Past guests have included ELEANOR GOLDFIELD of FREE SPPECH TV’s ACT OUT!; activist CHERRI FOYTLIN of Bridge the Gulf Project; DANIELLE GUILDAY of The THOM HARTMANN PROGRAM; comedian LEE CAMP of RT America’s Redacted Tonight, “The Progressive Professor” Dr. RONALD FEINMAN, and many more! Call in to participate at (213) 816-0357 , or click on this link to hear an archive of past shows: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/here-be-monsters

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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