Feb. 16, 2017  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.       

The countdown has officially begun: as of today’s date, there are only 1,068 days remaining in the term of this current abominable presidency, and I, among many millions, cannot wait for the next President to take office!  While nearly all politicians stretch the truth for their own benefit, the Trump administration has implemented the lie as a tool of policy. From top to bottom throughout this wretched administration – from Kellyanne Con-job to Steve Bannon to Sean Spicer to Trump himself, we are constantly being con-job-the-lyiarexposed to one lie after another as these scoundrels begin implementing their pro-billionaire, anti everyone else agenda. Con-job’s mythical “Bowling Green Massacre” is a perfect example, but is far from the only one.  These blabbermouths can’t even agree on the same lie and there appears to be a lot of in-fighting among themselves. Con-job says that National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has the “full confidence” of Trump, and then Press Secretary Sean Spicer casts doubt on that and, hours later,  Flynn abruptly resigns over his many previous contacts with Russia prior to Trump even taking office, for having lied to the press, to Trump, and to Vice President Mike Pence about not having discussed sanctions with the Russians (when FBI transcripts proved otherwise), and possible conflicts of interest regarding his ties to Russian oil and Russian Intelligence! Reports say that Flynn may have even misrepresented himself to Trump! This group of massive pathological liars will conjure up nearly anything to justify the insanity of what they are doing. Trump himself lies so often it is becoming nearly impossible to keep track of each lie he tells. He tells complete falsehoods and at other times distorts the truth to fit his particular argument at a particular time. Even 12th Annual Celebration Of Dreams GalaTrump’s abominable smug choice to become  Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder (scheduled to be reviewed today by Congress) tells one whopper after another regarding his opposition to the minimum wage, and how employees offered an $80,000 per year management position at one of his Carl’s Jr. or Hardees drive-ins turned it down , saying it would stop them from receiving welfare benefits from the government.  What a load of bullshit! First of all,Puzder does NOT pay his drive-in managers $80,000 a year, and no one being paid one of his meager, no-benefits salaries would EVER refuse $80,000 per year – they would gladly take the job and forever  forgo government benefits – who the hell is this liar trying to kid?  Let us not forget Trump’s newly designated 31 year old chief millerpolitical advisor, the still wet-behind-the-ears white supremacist Stephen Miller, who wrote large parts of Trump’s Muslim Ban and his inaugural address. This robotical spoon-fed moron has intimated that Trump’s policies regarding national security issues are not to be questioned by anyone, least of all pur free press or the judicial branch. This idiot blurted out Sunday on Fox “News”, ” “We do not have judicial supremacy in this country,” What asteroid did this goof just fall off of?hateful ytump

It has been noted that Trump, who dislikes reading, for years kept copies of speeches given by Adikf Hitler by his bedside, and would often pore over them before hitler-on-lyingretiring. He certainly must be aware of the Hitlerian boast that the bigger the lie and the more often it is told, the more it will be believed. Judging from the frequency by which Trump lies, he must be trying to get the entire world to memorize and remember his lies for all time. All of his closest aides echo his lies, from Kellyanne Con-job all the way down. There may be in-fighting among this group, but they all seem to agree to just lie, lie, LIE!

PINOCCHIO TRUMP LIt is becoming unquestionably apparent that this administration is adopting the LIE as an official policy tool and is undermining this nation’s reliability and trustworthiness in the process. It is a very unstable foundation upon which to build a country. Republicans, to no one’s surprise, are launching a campaign to defend this Puzder. After all, they love billionaires like him and are trying to make him even more wealthy, influential, and powerful than he already is.

corporate republicans

That is one more in a growing, long line of reasons this wretched, for-the-rich-only-and-to-hell-with-everyone-else party must be thrown out of office permanently beginning in 2018 and continuing ever forward! There is  no cohesiveness in a party or its administration who thrives on lying the way these scoundrels do. Trump is thus far running this country exactly the way one would expect a man who had numerous bankruptcies to do so, with total chaos and instability as prominent hallmarks.  This is NO WAY TO LEAD A COUNTRY!        
Many knowledgable people have begun to realize how frightfully inaccurate and incomplete our corporate-owned mainstream media has become, and are seeking an uncorrrupted, independent alternative. I encourage all of you to fs-bluelook into FREE SPEECH TV at, where you’ll see quality investigative reporting and real news the way it used to be! Check out their website to see what you’ve been missing.Please consider becoming a member, as I have, and ensure that this precious national resource does not disappear under Donald Trump’s authoritarian and pro-corporate assault. FREE SPEECH TV is completely viewer-supported and non-commercial, and receives NO funding whatsoever from corporations or the government! Check it out and join the growing millions who are beginning to see the true light in alternative media! Help us to amplify onderexposed voices and JOIN us TODAY! 🙂
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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