Jan. 5, 2017  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident, N.M.P.     


udayqusayWe all remember the notorious sociopathic bully and dictator Saddam Hussein, who ruled Iraq with an iron fist under a reign of terror from 1979 until  the U.S. military invaded that country and deposed him in 2003. Saddam, like many authoritarian figures, was intolerant of any opposition and brutally tortured and murdered all whom he felt could be a threat. Thin-skinned and insecure, as most bullies are, he trusted almost nobody and put his sons Uday and Qusay  into positions of influence as a form of comfortable insulation against possible threats from outside. Uday, the elder of the two, was an extravagant ne’er-do-well who fell out of his father’s favor. He was guilty of many violent excesses, especially when he was head of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, where he brutalized the athletes and also kidnapped and raped a number of women. Qusay became his father’s heir apparent in 2000, and was guilty of murdering many Shiites and desecrating their land. Neither of these sons were worth a tinker’s damn – neither were particularly qualified to lead anything –   and, had they not been related to the Iraqi dictator, would have surely led very unremarkable lives. They were merely mediocre, privileged sons who were undeserving of the power which had been placed in them.

We see a disturbing similarity between Iraq’s dictator and our own president-elect, who will be taking office in only a few short days. Like Saddam, Donald Trump is also a sociopathic bully and is intolerant of criticism. He, too, is ivankajaredtrying to insulate himself from outside forces by surrounding himself with his daughter, Ivanka, her husband, Jared, and, rather than trusting the Secret Service for protection as other presidents always have, he prefers to use his own personal security detail, unqualified as they may all be. There are hints that Ivanka may serve as the official First Lady, while Trump’s wife Melania will stay behind with 10 year old son Baron in New York city, at Trump Tower. Ivanka has already been introduced to the visiting Japanese head of state, while husband Jared was instrumental behind the scenes in advising Trump as well as vetting many of his cabinet picks. Kushner is a dabbler in real estate, newspaper publishing, and building conciliation among the various Trump factions. It should be noted that Kushner’s father, himself a real estate magnate, was tried by then federal prosecutor Chris Christie, who nailed him for tax evasion and witness tampering. The elder Kushner went to jail, as he should have. As the apple seldom falls too far from the tree, this blogger wonders when sordid facts about Jared’s business dealings and finances will emerge…

Regardless, the very fact that Trump is trying to position this young yuppie puppy somewhere high up in the White House hierarchy raises some disturbing questions. For, should Kushner actually serve in the Trump administration, it would violate the government’s Nepotism law, which states  “a public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance, or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement, in or to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative of the public official.” The same would hold true for Ivanka, if she were to be used by Trump to solidify foreign business deals or the like. We can bet that the ever-scheming
conniver-in-chief Trump will split hairs every which way to find a means for his daughter and her husband to actively work with and for him in the White
House. The manoeuvering the Trump camp will engage in over the next few smugtrumpweeks and months should prove interesting. No matter how it all plays out, we can be assured that somehow Trump will profit from the government and will spend an incredible amount to fulfill his desires – and we, the unfortunate taxpayers – will pay heavily for it! We must keep our eyes on this wily S.O.B., or he will steal the federal government blind!  

Uday, Qusay, Ivanka, and Jared – each in his or her own way have, or will, benefit from a close association with their respective leaders. While the first two were murderous abusers of the positions given them, the latter two are Thumbs-down-iconnowhere near that brutal, but are still opportunistically taking advantage of their situation just the same. Their methodologies may indeed vary, but the end result of their presences will have been clear – they and their relatives have, and will, prosper – but at the common people’s expense! This will be crony capitalism up close – and to the extreme!
Millions of people have begun to realize how frightfully biased and incomplete our corporate-owned mainstream media has become, and are seeking an 
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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