Dec. 22, 2016  By Jack Jodell, American Dissident.    

Season’s greetings to all of you! I wish this post were more festive and upbeat, but these are dark times growing even darker for we progressives…

During one of this election’s presidential debates, Democratic candidate putin-rHillary Clinton castigasmug trumpted Republican Donald Trump for praising Russian president Vladimir Putin while criticizing our own president as being weak and ineffectual. She referred to Trump as being “Putin’s puppet”, whereupon he immediately shot back in his immature, spoiled 10 year old brat  style, “you’re the puppet!” Ms. Clinton was being incredibly insightful and prescient, for she could see that the woefully inexperienced and inadequate Trump would be no match when pitted against the wily ex-KGB man Putin.

Wothin the past week or so, numerous credible intelligence sources, both foreign and domestic, have revealed how Putin played an active role in selecting which Russian-hacked items should be leaked to the American media to help sabotage Clinton’s campaign for the purpose of giving Trump a distinct advantage. Of course, this advantage then became a completely unforseen election victory for Trump and a crushing and unexpected loss for Clinton and the Democratic Party. Not since German efforts to pit Mexico against the United States during World War I has such a blatant behind-the-scenes attack been perpetrated against this country. This also marks the first time a foreign leader has been actively implicated in a nefarious attempt to  influence the result of one of our national elections. It was a vicious cyber attack, plain and simple.

hateful ytumpTrump’s immediate reaction to the allegations against Putin was completely predictable. He quickly labeled them “ridiculous” and attempted to suggest they were just sour grapes exhortations put forth by the Democrats and the Clinton camp. This is the typical response one sees in lying children when they or their friends are accused of wrongdoing: deny, and then try to shift the blame. But one very important fact must not be overlooked here: during the campaign, it was Trump himself who encouraged the Russians to hack into Clinton’s emails so as to discredit her. In my estimation, that is tantamount to treason and is wholly unacceptable for a candidate or an officeholder to engage in. Period. It is also highly indicative of Trump’s sociopathic, uncaring makeup. This man is simply unfit for the presidency!

putin-lsmug trump..It is natural for Putin and Trump to feel a sort of kinship. Both are massive liars lacking in solid moral conviction and both are bullies who do not hesitate to strike out against their enemies, real or imagined. By choosing billionaire oil magnate Rex Tillerson as his pick for Secretary of State, Trump has delighted Putin. For Tillerson will almost certainly negate sanctions against Russia which had been put in place by the Obama administration as a reaction to Russia’s overt meddling in the Syrian civil war, and this will help launch a lucrative $500 million deal between Russia and Tillerson’s Exxon Mobil. Putin and Tillerson will be successfully playing an inexperienced Trump like a fiddle, much as Trump has successfully played a profit-hungry, ratings-obsessed American corporate-owned mainstream media.  This is corruption at the highest possible level. This blogger does NOT recognize Trump as the legitimate President of the United States. Rather, Trump is Putin’s puppet, and I will oppose him nearly every step of the way, until he is defeated, retired, or finally removed from office. Neither Trump nor his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence will get any respect or adulation from me, for neither are legitimate in my book! I will never knowingly purchase anything from any enterprise owned by Trump, nor will I EVER stay at one of his hotels! I will boycott this spoiled sociopathic infantile billionaire in all ways possible. I will actively resist his agenda as much as I can, and will even engage in civil disobedience to do so if necessary… 

I am not so ill-informed as to believe that Putin’s effort caused Clinton’s defeat and Trump’s victory all by itself. It certainly played an important part, though. I am well aware that FBI Director James Comey’s ill-advised and baseless pre-election comments about Clinton’s emails also played a part, as did the Clinton campaign’s neglect of recognizing the very real job fears felt among workers in the industrial heartland, as well as the sordid and unfortunately successful k-kobachattempts by GOP operative Kris Kobach – as well as many other efforts instigated or supported by the GOP itself – to disenfranchise as many minority voters as possible in a great many states. This “interstate cross-check” was deliberate, and shoddily executed at best, as well as being anti-democracy in its very nature. In this blogger’s opinion, that paranoid overly-partisan Kobach and all others who engaged in this type of activity should spend a very long time in prison, at hard labor, for this highly offensive and wholly unnjustifiable action! Then, of course, there was also the profit-driven corporate-owned mainstream media, which dominates the country’s absorbtion of “news” – by devoting the overwhelming majority of its coverage to Trump, and severely neglecting, ignoring, or underreporting on issues and the activities of both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, they did this country and even the world a horrible and unforgivable disservice! All of these deplorable factors played a large part in Trump’s victory – and all are indefensible!

I applaud Congress for their attempt to begin an investigation of Putin’s interference in our election, and I encourage them to prosecute amy amd all guilty parties to the fullest extent of the law. This attempt to circumvent our democracy must NOT be allowed to stand unchallenged!
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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3 Responses to PUTIN’S PUPPET!

  1. jerrycritter says:

    I agree. We need a full investigation into how Russia influenced our election including what did Trump know and when did he know it. And how did he participate.

    It would also be interesting to investigate how the US has tried to influence other countries elections in the past, but I expect that is too much to hope for.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thanks, Jerry. I think we both know we may never know the full extent of that, especially considering how sparse true investigative journalism has become these days. As activists, all we can do is keep demanding and pressuring.

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