Nov. 3, 2016  By Jack Jodell.


“The needs of the many FAR outweigh the wants of the few! Live long and prosper!”
– Star Trek’s Mr. Spock – 

Today’s post is directed at, and dedicated to, millennials, students, workers in dead-end jobs with stagnant wages, union members, intellectuals, craftspersons, new parents and new homeowners, retirees worried about the future, immigrants, minorities, and anyone who looks at our political and economic systems with disgust and disbelief. You may or may not realize it, but you are all united into one big American family – that of the exploited 99% MAJORITY of citizens who aren’t fabulously wealthy and cannot simply skate through life without much financial concern. Unlike those at the very uppermost fringes of the economic scale, WE are concerned about the future of this planet, not merely with preserving our wealth. WE are concerned about how our children and descendants will fare; whether their resources and opportunities will be as plentiful as ours were for us; whether our air, soil, rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans will be handed down more pure than they are today; whether we will be able to eradicate or at least greatly reduce the huge gaps in income we see currently; whether we will leave them a much safer, healthier, more peaceful and nonviolent world; and whether we will be leaving them a more and fairer democratic system – economically AND politically –  or chained in servitude to a very small and uncaring group of much wealthier-than-need-be 1% minority of elites.  

We may get discouraged at times and feel overwhelmed by forces we feel we simply can’t seem to control. That is understandable, but we cannot fall prey to such weakness!  For we in this country have been given a democratic system of government by our very wise and visionary forefathers. It is a constitutionsystem of laws which we must always strive to both sustain and improve upon.  This system is bound together by our Constitution, and, perhaps equal to or maybe even more important, a Bill of Rights which have enabled us to amend that Constitution to reflect unforseen events or changing circumstances through the years. Rather than making the Constitution be a restrictive and confining document, these amendments have enabled us to ensure that it will be as ever-breathing and growing as its citizenry; always relevant and able to be changed if and when necessary.  

With this Constitution, our Founding Fathers  also gave us three equal yet distinct branches of government, each with particular and separate powers. The Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court, which deterfmines if laws passed are constitutional; the Executive Branch consists of the President, who can appoint judges and various cabinet ministers and signs bills into law, and the Vice President, who succeeds the President in the event of the President’s death, and who also presides over the Senate;  the Legislative Branch (otherwise known as Congress), comprised of a Senate with 2 members for each state, and a House of Representatives, with 438 members split among the states based upon population. The Senate has the power to pass treaties drawn up with other nations and to approve various presidential appointments of judges or cabinet members. House members are representatives of various districts within each state, and, for the most part, these districts are drawn up by each state’s legislature (which is also comprised of elected individuals). In recent years, there has been a tendency among these state legislatures to become very partisan – most of them being composed of or very favorable to Republicans. Because corporations have chosen to dump millions of dollars into campaign ads favoring conservative, pro-wealthy and pro-corporate Republicans, Republicans have been winning control of a disproportionately large number of the state legislatures. As a result, there has been a marked inctrease in gerrymandering, which is the practice of drawing up districts in such a way that the district will heavily favor the election of one party over the other. This has effectively led to a very negative situation whereby legislators can basically choose their constituents rather than the constituents choosing their legislators.  This situation has become so dangerous, in fact, that it shows exactly why YOUR vote really DOES matter!

Consider this: in the 2014  congressional elections in Pennsylvania, Democrats cast 44% of the votes but only obtained 5 of 18 seats. In North Carolina, Democrats cast  over 40% of the votes but only got 3 of 13 seats! The results were similar across a large part of the country and resulted in a larger than normal and larger than deserved Republican House majority. This, friends, is directly attributable to gerrymandering. Republican totals would have been smaller, except that corporations poured millions of dollars into congressional campaigns of Republican office seekers all up and down the ticket. Meanwhile, in numerous states like Florida, Kansas, and North no repubsCarolina, there has been a coordinated Republican efforts to remove voters’ names from eligibility! The overwhelming majority of those who have lost the right to vote have been typically Democratic voters, namely students, minoritiesm and thre poor. Now how can this corporate Republican intrusion into our elections be overcome? It won’t be easy, but it CAN and SHOULD be done – by US! Keep in mind: these corporatists are RUTHLESS, and will lie, cheat and steal to win at all costs – they MUST be overcome!

YOU are the key: YOUR vote is necessary to fix this bad imbalance! The ONLY way to cure this mess is to remove these corporate-friendly, bought-out Republicans and to replace them with progressive Democrats, in the mold of Bernie Sanders! Furthermore, we cannot allow Donald Trump to become don't elect gopPresident and appoint more conservative Supreme Court justices! That’s why YOUR vote for Hillary Clinton for President is not only vitally needed, but it is CRUCIAL if we are to start reversing this Republican trend of obstructing legislation and aiding the corporate billionaires who need NO further help at all!  After all, many of these billionaires are profiting immensely off student debt, and who have weakened labor unions to the point where they are nearly useless in getting average workers  a meaningful wage hike any more. Your vote is also the ONLY way we’ll ever reduce the growing wealth disparity in our country, whereby the uppermost wealthiest billionaires keep all the income gains for themselves and leave everyone else with mere crumbs! These billionaires don’t care one bit about your struggles with money – these Republicans have voted against increases in the minimum wage repeatedly, plus their self-centered candidate Donald Trump sees no good reason for ANY mimimum wage at all! They don’t care in the least about dsmaging our environment, as they continue to pollute and profit while doing so. Their ability to keep doing this must be ended!

Remember, everybody – WE are the MAJORITY – NOT the 1% – and it is time for us to be listened to and for OUR wants and needs to be addressed! Use your most powerful voice – the ballot box – and be heard by VOTING on Nov. 8! Show up at the polls and make it count! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. Michael Hew says:

    I’m frankly never optimistic about elections. I doubted Obama would ever get elected right up until they called the race for him. This election has gone on for so long, with so much “noise” that I am fed up with the entire process. Of course I will vote next Tuesday along with the 55% of Americans who will bother to take to time to exercise their most important right. I just wish we could adopt the Canadian/British version of the election cycle. Two months seems about the right amount of time to be able to figure out who you’re voting for. I mean 85-90% of the people already knew who they are voting for regardless of who’s at the top of the ticket. It seems ridiculous to spend 18 months to impress 15% of the electorate.
    Anyway, after next Tuesday we will have the President we deserve. That’s about as much passion as I can muster at this point. I can’t convince anyone, I can’t change anyone’s mind. All I can say is that I’ll do my part and the end result will be what it will be.
    As always Jack, great job. You keep fighting the good fight, my friend.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thanks, Michael – it’s always great hearing from you! I agree wholeheartedly that our election cycle is FAR too long and must be shortened! We need look no further than the short-sighted and greedy profiteers who see elections merely as one more revenue source. Our media can be squarely blamed for profiteering as well as sensationalizing the trivial just to gain viewers. They are extremely guilty of oversimplifying, under and mis-reporting, and dumbing-down the electorate. How else can the rise of Donald Chump be explained? It is synptomatic of a very sick and materially-obsessed society. I guess our mission will be lifelong, in the never-ending fight for truth, justice, and a newer, much better American way. Keep the faith, my brother – we WILL overcome! All the best to you, and let’s keep pushing forward!

  2. The Val Olson Company says:

    Good post, Jack. I know people who are too discouraged to vote. This will encourage them.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thanks, Val. They MUST vote! As the saying goes, “The only way for evil to prevail is for good people to sit by and do nothing!” Not voting in an election is definitely not an option!

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