Oct. 6, 2016  By Jack Jodell.    

HILLARY RecntI have been deservedly lambasting Donald Trump for a great many months now, but until this moment, I have not yet come out with specific reasons to elect Hillary Clinton for President. Today, I will begin a several part intermittent installment as to why I believe the election of Hillary Clinton is our only realistic option. We have seen in the recent presidential debate how unsuited for the presidency Donald Trump is, and from several other relatively recent posts that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is, wittingly or unwittingly, serving as a shill for devious, underhanded, government-hating billionaire scoundrels like the Koch brothers, which also makes him unsuitable for the presidency.

SANDERSThanks in large part to the great progressive push by Sen. Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters over the past year, the Democratic Party has adopted its most progressive platform  in well over a generation, and Hillary Clinton is running on that very platform. By checking her website, you will see that she has committed herself to a great many progressive policy planks. Below, taken directly from her campaign website, are examples of what I am describing. The italics are mine.

As president, Hillary has a five-point plan to meet these challenges:

  1. A 100-days jobs plan: Break through Washington gridlock to make the boldest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II. Hillary will fight to pass a plan in her first 100 days in office to invest in infrastructure, manufacturing, research and technology, clean energy, and small businesses. She will strengthen trade enforcement, and she’ll say no to trade deals like TPP that don’t meet a high enough bar of creating good-paying jobs. And she will make the U.S. the clean energy superpower of the world—with half a billion solar panels installed by the end of her first term and enough clean, renewable energy to power every home in America within 10 years of her taking office.
  2. Make debt free college available to all Americans. Hillary will make college debt-free, and she’ll provide relief for Americans with existing debt by allowing them to refinance their student loans.
  3. Rewrite the rules so that more companies share profits with employees—and fewer ship profits and jobs overseas. Hillary will reward companies that share profits and invest in their workers, and she will raise the minimum wage to a living wage. She will crack down on companies that shift profits overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes, and she’ll make companies that export jobs give back the tax breaks they’ve received in America. She will defend existing Wall Street reform and push for new measures to strengthen it.
  4. Make certain that corporations, the wealthy, and Wall Street pay their fair share. Hillary will pay for her economic priorities and avoid adding to the national debt by ensuring the wealthiest Americans and the biggest corporations pay their fair share. For example, she’ll fight for the Buffett Rule, close the carried interest loophole, and impose a new surcharge on multi-millionaires and billionaires.
  5. Enact policies that meet the challenges families face in the 21st-century economy. Hillary will make it possible for parents to succeed at work and at home by updating outdated laws so they match how families work today. She will fight for equal pay and guarantee paid leave, two changes that are long overdue. And she will provide relief from the rising costs of necessities like child care and housing, while taking steps to provide Americans with greater retirement and health care security.By looking at the table below, you’ll see the definite advantage in voting for Hillary and against Trump! policy-table-trump-hrc-062116Bernie Sanders himself has said, :”This is NOT the time for a protest vote!” That is why I urge all millennials and undecided voters to vote for Hillary  Clinton rather than wasting your vote on a candidate like Jill Stein or that horrible Gary Johnson! Johnson has even admitted, in so many words, that he is not suitable for the presidency, and confirmed this in various recent interviews which displayed his appalling lack of knowledge of world affairs! Firthermore, to ensure passage of much of the vitally-needed progressive platform, I am strongly urging ALL voters to throw out every existing obstructionist reactionary Tea Party Republican from the House and Senate, and replace these people with forward-thinking progressives and Democrats! I will continue with more solid reasons to vote for Hillary in my next solo post on Oct. 13.
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I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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