Sept. 8, 2016  By Jack Jodell.  

FSTV STAFFFSTVHello, everyone. The third quarter fundraising drive for FREE SPEECH TV has just begun, and I want to stress just how vitally important this network is to us and why it is our duty as progressives to keep it on the air! As you can see from the staff photo above, this fabulous independent media outlet is completely staffed by only a few very intelligent and dedicated individuals – many of whom are millennials or near-millennials. Whereas most corporate-owned media networks typically have at least this many employees working on just one of their shows and only assigned to one task,  FREE SPEECH TV runs efficiently lean, with each of these persons wearing several different hats and doing a tremendous job at each task! Unlike the corporate media, NOBODY at FSTV draws a multimillion dollar salary, so you can be assured that your contribution will go directly to providing excellent programming, NOT to line some overpaid executive’s pockets!

FREE SPEECH TV can be seen on channel 9415 DISH Network, channel 348 on DIRECTV, channel 122 on Burlington Telecom, channel 96 on Ashland Home Net, and FSTV in the ROKU Channel store. Even if it is not available in your viewing area, you can still watch this great network on your computer by visiting their website at They stream live many of their shows. 

Now why is it that I like this network so much and promote it and the end of each and every post I make here? Simple: FREE SPEECH TV brings me news and covers topics that commercially-owned media either ignores, underreports, or constantly MISreports! Rather than featuring corporate shills posing as industry “experts” from right-wing, billionaire-financed groups like the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, or other similar organizations, FSTV presents PAPREAL news and REAL facts from the likes of  ‘America’s Lawyer” Mike AMYPapantonio, award-winning investigative journalist Amy Goodman, author and in-depth analyst Thom Hartmann, and fiery young activists like Eleanor Goldfield, and so very many more. I have learned so THOMincredibly much from watching the ELEANOR ACT OUT!shows on this network: how fracking damages our environment and contaminates our drinking water; the dangers joining the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would pose to our wages and overall economic freedom and country’s  STOP TPP
sovereignty; how greedy and seedy billionaires like the Koch brothers are undermining our democracy  by
donating millions to campaigns and setting up pro-ALEC Logocorporate, anti-government and anti-labor groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to advise legislators and even write bills for them to submit to be thenextsystemproject_CMYK_200voted into law; plus, thanks to The Next System Project, fabulously innovative NEW and alternative ways to get around the stifling, corrupt, and thoroughly rigged and unfair corporatist system which is strangling all but the very wealthy today, along with a whole lot MORE outstandingly useful and relevant information which can and will help us all eventually overcome  the needless futility we are all facing in the pathetically inept system we are seemingly trapped in now.  

Consider FREE SPEECH TV  to be your alternative to TV networks owned and dominated by billionaires, corporations, and governments. Whereas corporate-owned media aims to constantly please and never offend its shareholders, FSTV’s ONLY shareholders are US – its viewers and supporters! This amazing and vibrant network is now more than 20 years old, is  completely viewer-supported and receives NO funding whatsoever from commercial interests! That is why it can operate and grow by NEVER showing commercials and can report accurately without first having to defer to anyone’s approval. It is such pleasure to watch one of their awesome shows and not have it be interrupted every 7 or 8 minutes by a 3 or 4 minute string of annoying  and intelligence-insulting advertisements: in fact, the only things which may interrupt their programming are an occasional public service announcement or short informative and educational piece, and those are few and far between. WHAT A RELIEF! While you can go to their website and actually stream a number of their shows live, here for your convenience is a listing of what they offer each weekday:

BILL PRESSTHE BILL PRESS SHOW – savvy and experienced commentator Bill Press brings us the latest political and economic news from his spot in Washington, D,C., usually with guest reporters, political figures, and/or authors he will interview. This is an excellent way to start your viewing day!  

amy goodman lDEMOCRACY NOW! Veteran investigative reporter Amy Goodman presents news stories from around the world and, together with either co-hosts Juan Gonzalez or Nermeen Shaikh, interviews in-depth figures of interest that are often all too ignored on corporate-owned, mainstream media. A good example would be the brilliant progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald, plus Noam Chomsky and even Naomi Klein! Ms. Goodman has traveled the globe, has been arrested several  times in numerous countries while in pursuit of a story, and has seen it all. Her show is highly recommended by this blogger!

STEPHANIE MILLERTHE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW is a riot, and often pokes fun at some of the ridiculous stances and statements made by various political figures. With the help of brilliant contributor “Rocky Mountain Mike” who supplies her with hilarious parodies of current pols using variations on former hit songs to do so, I have had many thigh-slapping and hearty laughs while enjoying this show. It is often like a fun-filled, frat house party, and is not to be missed!

THOMTHE THOM HARTMANN PROGRAM and  THE BIG PICTURE WITH THOM HARTMANN are very informative shows which are guaranteed to enlighten you.The first runs in the early afternoon hours eastern time, and it features Thom presenting many fascinating political, economic, and legal facts plus a large number of viewer call-ins to discuss or comment on virtually anything. The latter show runs from 10-11 PM Eastern, and features more vital info presented by Thom and often includes a discussion / debate with other panel members, some of them conservatives. Many times he will have a segment called “Conversations with Great Minds” wherein he will discuss current relevant topics with noted intellectuals or authors.

LAURA FLANDERS LTHE LAURA FLANDERS SHOW is hosted by this English progressive,  and she, like Amy Goodman, features probing interviews with guests and discusses topics seldom found on commercial TV. She comes from a family packed with journalists. While she has been living in this country for a long time, it is still interesting to note the English perspectives and form she occasionally displays on the show.

FRANCE 14FRANCE 24 is a fantastic global news channel, broadcasting in English from the heart of Paris. It covers round-the-clock international news, weather, and sports in an unbiased and impartial way, without the hype and spectacle we have grown so accustomed to from our pathetic U.S. corporate-owned media. It is very interesting to see how events in the U.S. are covered by them, plus we see great amounts of real news from other countries which is completely omitted here!

FARRON COUSINSPAPRING OF FIRE with “America’s Lawyer” Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins, features a fascinating glimpse into the legal and illegal goings-on within our government and business community.  Together, they focus on government corruption and corporate malfeasance, and have included guests like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

elon-james-whiteBRAND NEW on FSTV is TWiB Prime,  a news show hosted by This Week in Blackness founder Elon James White. He proves that Black Lives DO Matter by featuring the latest in news, race, politics and pop-culture. This award winning and critically acclaimed TWiB Prime offers real talk on all levels. Evolving from talk radio, as many FSTV shows have, it was previously known as Blacking It Up & TWiB! Radio.

david pakmanTHE DAVID PAKMAN SHOW offers a wide variety of contemporary topics for discussion, often taking a controversial approach on subjects such as organized religion, politics, films, books, the economy, and our culture in general.  These are presented from a millennial’s perspective, and his interviews with ideological opponents are often quite engaging.  

eleanor on screen episode 11These are mainly the daily offerings. On weekends, shows like ACT OUT!
feature activist Eleanor Goldfield interviewing fabulous progressive journalists like Chris Hedges and highlight representatives from progressive movements like Move to Amend to tell us about what they are attempting to accomplish. She begins each program with a spectacular MEET FARMERinsightful bit of self-written prose; while MEET THE FARMER gives us a glimpse into innovative but seldom discussed techniques that are being practiced by farmers to market their products in a sustainable way; and BIONEERS treats us to visionaries like activist Tom TOM HAYDENHayden and others delivering alternate methods  of promoting practical, realistic, and                                                                                                      innovative solutions to environmental and bio-cultural GAY USAchallenges across the world. Let’s not forget GAY USA, hosted by Andy Hum and Ann Northrup, which covers news and events pertinent to the LGBTQ community, or MEET THE RENEGADES with host Ross Ashcroft, which spotlights the world’s most MEET RENEGADEScompelling entrepreneurs, educators, and thinkers. He has these guests speak freely about the issues shaping  our lives by talking about their work and the influence it has on the shift to a new social, political, and business system which is evolving.

But alas, we definitely can’t omit the outstanding documentaries which are run quite often on this remarkable network! Such greats as PAY2 PLAY, which examines the way money (bribery) is corrupting our government; PLUTOCRACY,which gives us the story of how the wealthy elite have used their economic and political power to subjugate those below them and create economic instability for their own benefit all throughout our history. It portrays the sacrifices of all who have struggled to win the freedoms we enjoy today, and reminds us of the importance of speaking truth to power and pushing for equality for all; AFTER THE END, which relates the suffering different people go through after experiencing the sudden loss of somebody close to them – it’s a a hope-filled example which invites us to observe grief in a powerful and honest way; MONEY AND LIFE, which educates us about how and why currency came about, and how its use has changed and been corrupted over the years , plus new alternatives that are arising on how to combat this change; WATER WARS, which shows how water will become increasingly more valuable as pollution limits its availability, as well as how its possession is already being used in a gluttonous and harmful way, plus many, MANY more!  

I strongly urge you, as progressives and open-minded thinkers, to become a member and contributor NOW to this great treasure trove known as FREE SPEECH TV!  NO amount is too small – ALL contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE – and you will be doing your part to assure the continuation of this great American treasure! Call 1-877-378-8669  to pledge whatever amount you can afford – NO amount is too small! You can even arrange to  contribute a small, set amount each month, or one bulk amount all at once! It;s completely up to you.  You can even donate directly on their secure website. The donation you make may even qualify you for great premiums like DVDs, books, caps, sturdy tote bags, t shirts, and more!

FSTV blueThink about it: sitting around complaining about the state of today;s media, government, poorly informed electorate, or business climate accomplishes NOTHING! Only by taking concrete, definite ACTION will we obtain solid, measurable results! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD PROGRESSIVES TO COME TO THE AID OF A QUALITY NEWS SOURCE – PLEASE donate generously TODAY to FREE SPEECH TV, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS, too!
1-877-378-8669 or Thank you!!! 🙂
BE WITH US LIVE nearly every Sunday from 6 – 7 PM Eastern Time on BlogTalkRadio’s HERE-BE-MONSTERS THE SUNDAY SHOW. My co-hosts GWEN BARRY of ROUNDTREE7 Blog, WAYNE JOHNSON of MINDS AND TIMES OF F. WAYME JOHNSON, and I discuss a wide range of political, social, and economic topics in an open forum, often with additional guest activists and other persons of interest. Past guests have included ELEANOR GOLDFIELD of FREE SPPECH TV’s ACT OUT!; activist CHERRI FOYTLIN of Bridge the Gulf Project; DANIELLE GUILDAY of The THOM HARTMANN PROGRAM; DENNIS TRAINOR of Acronym TV; comedian LEE CAMP of RT America’s Redacted Tonight, “The Progressive Professor” Dr. RONALD FEINMAN, and many more! Call in to participate at (213) 816-0357 , or click on this link to hear an archive of past shows:

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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