May 5, 2016  By Jack Jodell.

Ever since conservatives gained complete control of the originally LIBERAL nasty reaganRepublican Party (with the election of Ronald Reagan as President in 1980), this now-reactionary party has shifted further and further to the right. This unfortunate circumstance has caused it to deservedly fall into disfavor with a majority of Americans, and has caused it to lose an increasing number of presidential elections, especially in the popular vote, as it will undoubtedly do again this year. It has managed to gain control of Congress only with the aid of dubious tactics like gerrymandering and massive voter disenfranchisement efforts. With many (most?) voters, this wretched, Tea Party-infested Republican Party of today has fallen off the political table. It has descended into rabid extremism and, in many cases, utter delusion. At least now, the narcissistic Ted Cruz has dropped out of the presidential race, but it still leaves one other bombastic narcissist, Donald Trump, as the probable presidential nominee this year, and that is hardly any improvement!

This new post (the first of  several) will demonstrate how utterly unreasonable and outright crazy today’s Republican party has become.

Beginning now, I am listing in this series the party platform of a different extremist party, whose identity I will reveal to you at the end of the series. Much of it is similar to the Republican Party of today – on occasion, you may even agree with a few of its aspects. But you will be shocked – guaranteed – when you finally learn whose platform this really is, and then you will realize just how extremist and off the charts it (as well as the modern GOP) is! Here it is:

1. Freedom And Responsibility
Members of [this Party] do not necessarily advocate or condone any of the practices our policies it would make legal. Our exclusion of moral approval and disapproval is deliberate: People’s rights must be recognized; the wisdom of any course of peaceful action is a matter for the action individual(s) to decide. Personal responsibility is discouraged by society routinely denying people the opportunity to exercise it. [Our] policies will create a society where people are free to make and learn from their own decisions.

2. Crime
The continuing increase in violent crime threatens the lives, happiness, and belongings of Americans. At the same time, governmental violations of rights undermine the people’s sense of justice with regard to crime. Impartial and consistent law enforcement protecting individual rights, and repeal of victimless crime laws, which themselves breed crimes with victims, are the appropriate ways to suppress crime.

3. Victimless Crimes
Because only action which infringe the rights of others can properly be termed crimes, we favor the repeal of all federal, state, and local laws creating “crimes” without victims. In particular, we advocate:

a. The repeal of all laws prohibiting the production, sale, possession, or use of drugs, and of all medical prescription requirements for the purchase of vitamins, drugs and similar substances;
b. The repeal of all laws regarding consensual sexual relations, including prostitution and solicitation, and the cessation of state oppression and harassment of homosexual men and women, that they, at least, be accorded their full rights as individuals;
c. The repeal of all laws interfering with the right to commit suicide as infringements of the ultimate right of an individual to his or her own life; and
e. The use of executive pardon to free all those presently incarcerated for the commission of these “crimes”.
4. Safeguards For The Criminally Accused
Until such time as persons are proved guilty of crimes, they should be accorded full respect for their individual rights. We are thus opposed to reduction of present safeguards of the rights of the criminally accused.

Specifically, we are opposed to preventive detention, so-called “no-knock laws”, and all other measures which threaten individual rights.

We advocate the repeal of all laws establishing any category of crimes applicable to minors for which adults would not be similarly answerable, and an end to the practice in many states of jailing children accused of no crime.

We support full restitution for all loss suffered by persons arrested, indicted, tried, imprisoned, or otherwise injured in the course of criminal proceedings against them which do not result in their conviction. When they are responsible, government police employees or agents should be liable for this restitution.

We call for a reform of the judicial system allowing criminal defendants and civil parties to a court action a reasonable number of preparatory challenges to proposed judges, similar to their right under the present system to challenge a proposed juror.

5. Justice For The Individual
The present system of criminal law is based on punishment with little concern for the victim. We support restitution for the victim to the fullest degree possible at the expense of the criminal or wrongdoer.

We accordingly oppose all “no-fault” insurance laws which deprive the victim of the right to recover damages from those responsible in case of injury. We also support the right of the victim to pardon the criminal or wrongdoer, barring threats to the victim for this purpose.

6. Sovereign Immunity
We favor an immediate end to the doctrine of “Sovereign Immunity” which implies that the State can do no wrong and holds that the State, contrary to the tradition of redress of grievances, may not be sued without its permission or held accountable for its action under civil law.

7. Government And “Mental Health”
We oppose the involuntary commitment of any person to a mental institution. To incarcerate an individual not convicted of any crime, but merely asserted to be a incompetent, is a violation of the individual’s rights. We further advocate:

a. The repeal of all laws permitting involuntary psychiatric treatment of any person, including children, and those incarcerate in prisons or mental institutions;
b. An immediate end to the spending of tax money for any program of psychiatric or psychological research or treatment;
c. An end to all involuntary treatments of prisoners by such means as psycho-surgery, drug therapy, and aversion therapy;
d. An end to tax-supported “mental health” propaganda campaigns and community “mental health” centers and programs; and community “mental health” centers and programs; and
e. An end to criminal defenses based on “insanity” or “diminished capacity” which absolve the guilty of their responsibility.
8. Freedom of Speech And The Press
Events have demonstrated that the already precarious First Amendment rights of the broadcast industry are becoming still more precarious. Regulation of broadcasting including the “fairness doctrine” and “equal-time” provisions, cannot be tolerated. We support legislation to repeal the Federal Communications Act, and to provide for private ownership of broadcasting rights, thus giving broadcasting First Amendment parity with other communications media. The removal of these regulations and privileges would open the way for greater diversity in the broadcast media. We deplore any efforts to impose thought control on the media by the use of anti-trust laws and other government action in the name of stopping “bias”. We specifically oppose such government efforts to control broadcast content as banning advertising for cigarettes and sugar-coated breakfast foods or regulating depiction of sex or violence.
9. Freedom of Religion
We defend the rights of individuals to engage in (or abstain from) any religious activities which do not violate the rights of others. In order to defend religious freedom, we advocate a strict separation of church and state. We oppose government actions which either aid or attack any religion. We oppose taxation of church property for the same reason that we oppose all taxation.
10. The Right to Property
There is no conflict between property rights and human rights. Indeed, property rights are the rights of humans with respect to property and, as such, are entitled to the same respect and protection as all other human rights.

We further hold that the owners of property have the full right to control, use, dispose of, or in any manner enjoy their property without interference, until and unless the exercise of their control infringes the valid rights of others. We specifically condemn current government efforts to regulate or ban the use of property in the name of aesthetic values, riskiness, moral standards, cost-benefit estimates, or the promotion or restriction of economic growth.

We demand an end to the taxation of private owned real property, which actually makes the State the owner of all lands and forces individuals to rent their homes and places of business from the State.

Where property, including land, has been taken from its rightful owners by government or private action in violation of individual rights, we favor restitution to the rightful owners.
don't elect gopthumbs downThere is even more to follow. Come back next Thursday for another installment of this series – you will be alarmed at how extreme the GOP has gotten and how far this once-great Republican Party has fallen sine Ronald Reagan became President!


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  1. jerrycritter says:

    Sensible republicans have no power within the Republican Party. In fact, sensible republicans now call themselves Clinton supporters.

  2. jackjodell53 says:

    Good point, Jerry – the current existing batch are completely wacko!

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