March 5, 2016  By Jack Jodell.

ELEANOR!Greetings, my fellow anti-establishment, progressive-bent readers! Not too long ago, I discovered a fascinating young woman who is definitely on top of her game politically, economically, socially,  artistically, and culturally. So today I would like to introduce you to this brilliant and multitalented young activist, who is named ELEANOR GOLDFIELD.   I first became aware of Eleanor by watching her weekly half-hour show on FREE SPEECH TV called ACT OUT! Aside from her obvious external beauty, I was attracted by her incredible passion, great intellect, relevance, and often quirky irreverence- if you see some of her shows on You Tube, I think you’ll understand my point perfectly.  Within a minute or two of my first video encounter with her, I knew this was no stereotypical “dumb blonde” type (as we all know, such stereotypes are based largely on fiction anyway) – for here was a most remarkable and very savvy  young woman who had a great deal to say and one who should be listened to universally. I knew right then that I must feature her at some point in this biog. 

Eleanor singingAfter doing a bit of research, I found that Eleanor has been a long time activist and is also the lead singer in the L.A.-based rock group ROOFTOP REVOLUTIONARIES.  The group has released several albums which can be found on iTunes and at Amazon.com. True to form, hers is an awesomely strong and powerful voice. Set to a hard rEleanor onstageock/heavy metal musical background, she bellows out one political protest song after another with an energy unequaled by most of today’s musicians. She told me she was originally a classically trained opera singer, but upon hearing one of her brother’s Guns ‘n’ Roses albums, she fell in love with it and decided to pursue rock instead of opera. She is also a prolific wordsmith and even features a segment of her own unique stream-of-consciousness prose at the start of each of her TV programs. In fact, she will soon be releasing a book of her own poetry, and this blogger will be among the first in line to buy!
FLASH! Hear us interview Eleanor LIVE on our weekly Sunday online BlogTalk radio program “HERE BE MONSTERS THE SUNDAY SHOW” on Sunday, March 13 from 6 – 7 PM Eastern time. Call in to participate at (213) 816-0357 , or click on this link to hear an archive of fabulous past shows: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/here-be-monsters
ELEANOR ACT OUT!Additionally, Eleanor has involved herself in visual arts as well as video. She writes and paints, and often uses colorful backdrops done by local street artists  as a set on her show. When you watch her, it is easy to see that this woman is AWARE, and attributes her awareness to having been brought up by enlightened parents and having lived in several locations here in the U.S. as well as for a time in Sweden. For she was born to a Swedish ELEANOR!mother, who is a graphic artist and illustrator, and an American father, who is a southern historian and also an author, with much of his work having been widely acclaimed in the intellectual community. Both parents were very politically aware. “I wasn’t allowed to watch TV when I was a kid,” Eleanor told me, “but I was allowed to watch the news, which to be fair, was a little less corporatized and propagandized back then. Talk of current events around the dinner table was common. We would have family book clubs where everyone would share what they were reading – which as a 12 year old might have been rather politically lacking, but I was exposed to the books my parents were reading, which were mostly either historical 
non-fiction, historical fiction or based on some controversial topic…the fact that I was raised in the deep south as well as a socialist country threw a lot of kindling on that socio-political fire, for sure.” Thus, Eleanor acquired a wealth of practical, worldly, and even street-smart knowledge from a rather early age. This parental guidance undoubtedly helped to shape her into the staunch, injustice-fighting, reality-based activist she is today. 

Eleanor in actionEleanor recalls how she attended one of her first anti-war rallies (against the Iraq War) at the age of 16, and that “I remember feeling like I belonged with those people, belonged in the arena – of  dissent and adversarial pushback.” She states that “mom would make signs for us and we’d go out protesting together. I passed out peace stickers at school and made anti-war pronouncements…” Later on, in college, Eleanor relates that “I was the head  of SB Cal PIRG (my freshman year) where we focused a lot of energy on the solar homes bill in California, as well as coastal cleanup and protection.”  

EThe lovely Eleanorleanor is also a voracious reader in addition to being  a constant critical thinker. It helps to fuel her drive and passion, and inspires her in a number of ways. She developed a love for philosophy as well as poetry and political works early on, and her taste in literature is diverse and quite admirable. She has read authors and philosophers like Jorge Luis Borges,  Voltaire, Nietzsche, Lermontov, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, as well as  Naomi Klein. She has even read a number of Arabic poets. Says she,  “Arabic is so effortlessly poetic due in no small part to the fact that the language is very much based on the Qur’an, which is really just one long poem. I really noticed this in one of the most recent books that I read – Diaries of an Unfinished Revolution – where 8 activists from 8 Arabic countries share their first hand accounts of the uprisings in their respective countries. The way they weave poetic musings and imagery into the simplest of sentences and descriptions is beautiful – and for me, as a poet, incredibly inspiring.”

Eleanor to the pointI was very impressed with Eleanor’s great breadth and depth of knowledge on a wide array of subjects, and noted her quick grasp of topics too. I asked if she had ever taken an IQ test. Her reply evidenced her quick wit and tremendous  sense of humor. I laughed uproariously when she answered, “Ha, nope, I have not. I took a Rorschach test once and didn’t see any vaginas or moths so I’m not sure what that means but there you have it.” I am still chuckling at that hilarious reply…

I asked Eleanor what it was that inspired her to make her own TV show. She indicated that she had previously done some acting, modeling, and video NO NUKES ELEANORwork, and was no stranger to being in front of cameras. She mentioned she was familiar with a lot of the technical stuff from having been exposed to it with her band. Regarding the show specsfically, she said, “when I began thinking about how I wanted to evolve my activism, I found that there was a gap in how alternative media shed light on the real issues facing our country and our world. Alt media does a fantastic job of uncovering the propagandized slime from the eyes of viewers, of offering up the truth, un-redacted, un-edited, raw and nasty. And this is great – it’s necessary but fuck, it’s depressing. Not only that, it’s infuriating. People need to know that there’s an outlet for that anger and frustration. There are movements being built that are combating the issue that you care occupy-logoabout most. My job is to share that information with people – to get them engaged, to show them the creative sides of activism, the power of the people. I pitched that story to Occupy.com, for whom I was writing as a freelance writer at the time. They loved the idea and here we are now.”

eleanor on screen episode 11I also asked Eleanor what advice she would give to teens, young adults, middle-aged people, and even the elderly. She provided this wise reply: “Remember that local politics are far more important and relevant to your day-to-day than national politics – so let go of the presidential race for a day or two. And please please PLEASE remember that we are on the same side. Those of us fighting for freedom and justice in any movement – are in the same movement. Choose your issue and let that be your main focus. But always stand up as an ally for others. Because the fight against fracking is the fight against money in politics is the feminist movement is black lives matter is education reform and healthcare. These are all issues stemming from the same systemic sickness and corruption. Don’t waste important time and energy on in-fighting. Find a spot in every movement and ask that others do the same for-you.” She also added, “I am a firm believer in activism starting from a simple awareness of the world around you. Once you see what’s happening, really see it, I don’t think any non-sociopathic person can remain silent and apathetic.” Then she also said,”be yourself because everyone else is taken. ..(and) fight for your right to be you, for your right to have a future, and more selflessly, fight for the rights of all to have justice, freedom and all the iterations of these two tenets. Fight because you know, deep down – that until we are all free, none of us are free.”

This amazing young woman has chosen to battle apathy, injustice, and ignorance through art. In doing so, she serves as a role model for ALL of us to follow! Please tune in to our online radio interview with her on Sunday, March 13 from 6 – 7 PM Eastern, by calling (213) 816-0357. You can also see many examples of her work by going to http://www.Artkillingapathy.com, where you’ll find poems, blog entries, reports from the front lines, and a video archive of her spoken word intros from the show. Visit http://www.rooftoprevolutionaries.com for more info on her band, and even hear some band selections by going to http://www.soundcloud.com/rooftoprevolutionaries-1.

Eleanor poster
ELEANOR Role Model

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I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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