Mar. 1, 2016  By Jack Jodell.

Pundits have reported that the Republican-controlled Senate will refuse to confirm, or even meet with and interview, any nominee President Obama will Constipated turtle McConnellname for the Supreme Court vacancy caused by Antonin Scalia’s death.  Led by that cowardly constipated turtle Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, they are threatening to ignore any confirmation by the so-called “lame duck” President because this is an election year and his last year in office.  This is an outrageous claim and one that has been echoed by every single Republican Senator and supported by nearly every single Republican presidential contender.

smug trumpMcConnell, Donald CHUMP (“Delay delay DELAY”), Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, plus most of the rest of these like-minded morons have all taken the attitude that it is somehow improper for  a President to put forth a nominee for the Supreme Court  while in his last year in office or in an election year. These arrogant and grandstanding Republicans, each of whom claims to hold the Constitution near and dear to his heart, completely ignore the FACT that the Constitution states very clearly that it is the President’s DUTY to name a person to fill such a vacancy when it occurs. Furthermore, there is no mention whatsoever that a President in the last year of his or her term must defer the nomination to the next President. By that insane rationale, a lame-duck President should also defer from declaring a state of emergency in times of national disaster. Utterly preposterous! Beyond that, past precedent completely shreds this ridiculous supposition by that scheming McConnell. According to Amy Howe, an attorney who was editor of SCOTUS Blog, several Presidents over the past 100+ years have nominated a Justice in an election year  (William Howard Taft in 1912, Woodrow Wilson -TWICE – in 1916, Herbert Hoover in 1932, FDR in 1940, Dwight Eisenhower in 1956, LBJ in 1968, and Ronald Reagan in 1988). It should be noted that McConnell himself even voted to approve Reagan’s nominee in 1988 – what a sanctimonious hypocrite! This  all proves how completely wrong and ludicrous this Republican position is! 

What it all really amounts yo, of course, is yet one more in a seemingly endless attempt to obstruct and prevent this President and/or his party from accomplishing anything. “Delay delay DELAY” has become the new normal for this now pathetically reactionary party. Both hyperbole and blatant hypocrisy rule party of noin today’s Tea Party-infested, reactionary Republican Party. It is now rife with self-serving, grandstanding blowhards who just want to say “NO!” to all government initiatives. They want as little involvement as possible by the government in the affairs of the nation, even as our infrastructure is rapidly crumbling, poverty is rising, and the once-vaunted middle class is rapidly disappearing. This horrible party tries to disenfranchise likely opposition voters, and often shows utter SMUG SNYDERcontempt for the will of the people. Take Michigan governor Rick Snyder, for example.  This far-right ideologue was elected in an off-year election, and, under the guise of fiscal responsibility, set up a virtual dictatorship in that state by ignoring the rightfully-elected mayors and city councils of select, cash-strapped cities and then appointing an all-powerful “Emergency Manager” (answerable only to HIM) to run the city as he saw fit. The end result in the city of Flint was the switching of city water supplies from a safe source to a cheaper, polluted source. This arrogant and careless action caused toxic lead poisoning for many of the citizens, especially young children, and has even caused some deaths! This is malevolent anti-democracy in action, and it must come to a screeching halt before this country disintegrates altogether.

Consider this: Tea Party-infested Republicans claim to be fiscally responsible, yet their stalling and inaction literally costs this country more than an astounding $100 MILLION each year! Congressional salaries start at $174,500 per member per year x 538 members, with certain members like the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader receiving slightly more. That alone accounts for nearly $94 MILLION. Are they earning these 6 figure salaries? Hardly – not when one considers they work on average of only 3 days per week, take long weeks off each session, have unlimited free mailing privileges, and also employ various ARROGANT ISSAfailure ryanstaff members all at taxpayer expense. When blowhards like Darrell Issa repeatedly run foolish investigations which yield nothing, and when House Speaker Paul Ryan repeatedly schedules anti-Affordable Care Act repeal votes, ARROGANT CEUZand when Senator Ted Cruz successfully shuts down the federal government just to get attention, and numerous other GOP Senators constantly stonewall and filibuster to present passage of progressive legislation, are these respectable and responsible actions designed to improve the lives of their fellow citizens?  NO WAY! These actions  eat up Congressional time and waste many HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in taxpayer dollars. Is this fiscally responsible? The answer is obvious: it is an arrogant, disrespectful farce! What is the solution here?

Let’s put it in a vernacular easy to understand. Would you support a football team whose quarterback sits on the field after breaking huddle instead of passing or handing off the ball? Would you support a baseball team whose star outfielder / home run hitter only showed up to play when he felt like it? corporate republicansdon't elect gopWould you, as a business owner,  keep an employee who would only show up 3 days a week and would also spend long hours away from the office blowing money on the expense account you are paying for? You know damn well you wouldn’t support any of these things, and that is exactly why every one of these stalling, obstructionist, government-hating Tea Party-infested Republicans should be FIRED in this November’s elections! Unless and until we can replace these low life so-called conservative Republicans with sensible, intelligent PROGRESSIVES who will be committed to economic fairness and the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure, the sorry and unproductive stalemate we have seen in Washington for far too long will continue.  This nation can no longer afford to stand still. It must definitely begin to move FORWARD or risk being stranded and forgotten on the scrap heap of history.

I say, give ME, and other like-minded progressives, the power to enact legislation as well as the $174,500 annual salary these waste-of-time Congresspersons are now getting for doing nothing! Hell, we’d even work a SANDERSfull 5 day work week for HALF that salary and we would surely get the job of providing what this country needs immediately in record time! I guarantee you – we would smoke their asses in the first 100 days and enact long overdue and sorely needed legislation! That is why I strongly support Bernie Sanders’ call for a revolution in government – the only sensible path for us to follow is to remove all of this Tea Party, anti-progress sludge from our government (both local AND national) – and replace it with forward-looking progressives. The ball is in your court now, voters – act responsibly, intelligently, and fairly when you vote this fall – throw these worthless, time and money wasting Republicans out of office once and for all!
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I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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