Sept. 10, 2015  By Jack Jodell. 

RANDY NEWMAN“I’m different and I don’t care who knows it – 
Somethin’ about me
Not the same.
I’m different and that’s how it goes
Ain’t gonna play no boss man’s game!
– Randy Newman – 

These lyrics, from Randy Newman’s 1983 album Trouble In Paradise, perfectly sum up my attitude toward capitalism, (which I will derisively refer to as CRAPitalism) .  We in this corporate-controlled, wholly indifferent, and billionaire-dominated plutocracy called the United States  have been literally brainwashed into believing that this very exploitative economic system is the best and most desirable that has ever existed, and is indeed the only system. I say that is a LIE. WOLFF

Thanks to a most interesting speech given by the brilliant Professor of Economics Richard Wolff, and  LINK TV, where I saw his excellent and
revealing lecture, this blogger knows we no longer have to accept this crapitalist lie. For crapitalism has fueled numerous wars based on greed as well as far too many economic upheavals which have led to billions of dollars of unnecessary and preventable losses in the stock market over a great many years. It was the excesses of crapitalists which caused the  Great Depression of 1929 as well as the Great Recession of 2008. Both of these disasters unjustifiably wiped out the finances of millions of people. Both were due to reckless, unregulated speculation by greedy lots who should have known better. It has been the malignant nature of this greedy economic system which has fueled the outsourcing of millions of good-paying American jobs to dirt cheap, foreign slave-wage labor markets over the past three decades. This was done so that only a very few at the very top of the economic ladder could greatly prosper. These 1%-ers have done this wildly, Downturn chartwhile all of those below them in the 99% MAJORITY uncaring reaganhave stagnated or lost an unjustifiable amount of economic ground. Thanks to the severely misguided presidential administrations of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s and George W. Bush in the 2000s, the influence of labor unions as an effective bargaining tool for America’s workers has all but disappeared. That, coupled with the preponderance of ridiculous “free trade” economics treaties like NAFTA, NO TPPCAFTA, and the newly-proposed disaster called the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP( heavily pushed by the Tea Party-infested, reactionary Republicans and bought-out corporatidt Democrats), has all but ensured constant and growing economic pain for an increasing number of the 99% MAJORITY for a long time to come. Speaking of CORP FLAGbought-out corporatist Congresspersons, let us never forget the perverted and harmful role crapitalism has played in the destruction of our system of government. It has corrupted not only Congress, but also the Supreme Court as well, causing it to become an EXTREME Court, with a very activist and definite, pro-corporate, anti-labor agenda. Its preposterous 2010 Citizens United ruling has opened the floodgates for a complete corporate buyout of our government. This is inexcusable any way you look at it.

This proves how the insanely malignant, profit-driven and profit-obsessed  economic system we’ve all been brainwashed into believing is the best and only viable  system to follow is absolute folly.  There are much better avenues for us to pursue, and we should certainly start thinking about them…  

CO-OPSAn important alternative to crapitalism is WORKER-OWNED COOPERATIVES. These are cooperatives wholly owned and self-managed by their workers. Profits earned at these ventures are split among the workers and also put back into the cooperative. Morale and production tend to run quite high at most of these businesses, as you may surmise. Due to the censorship we face in this country because of our woefully inadequate corporate-owned mainstream media, little if any mention is ever made of these marvelous institutions. Yet they DO exist here, but are much more prevalent throughout the rest of the world.  Some of the bigger and more MONDRAGONfamous ones outside the U.S. include Spain’s Mondragon, which employs more than 74.000 workers in the Basque region and has been profitably active since 1956, Another one is the EGGED ISRAEL COOPbiggest transit bus company in Israel, Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society, Ltd., boasting more than 6,200 members, and India’s Indian Coffee House, a loose-knit society of worker-run coops which runs an astounding 400 restaurant locations within that country. Below is a list of worker coops which are active in the U.S.:

     The very existence of these coops proves that economic democracy can actually exist and thrive in this capitalist bastion. Rather than trying to add to the wealth of already far-too-wealthy billionaires who care nothing about those who actually build their wealth, these coops are run by those who work them and exploitation is eliminated.  I would encourage as many as possible to buy from these groups and to keep them in business, in defiance of the multinational corporate capitalist pigs who are trying to economically strangle all of us in the 99% MAJORITY!  So BYE-BYE, CRAPITALISM! You offer no loyalty to your communities or country, or anyone or anything except to procure profit at any cost. You have outlived your usefulness, and, to US at least, you are no longer relevant!
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I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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