July 8, 2015  By Jack Jodell.  

It seems that I am almost always reading. The internet is definitely the free speechworld’s greatest library, and it is no further away than our fingertips! Either that, or I’m watching FREE SPEECH TV to get the latest progressive, in-depth and commercial-free input on  the news stories from around the globe, many of which are completely  ignored or merely quickly glossed over by our pathetic corporate-owned mainstream news media. Sometimes, in my quietest moments, I like to just think and ponder over all I have seen, heard, and read. It is then that I am plagued with deep, burning questions, some of which I share below. For example:

1). If we are truly “the land of the free”, why then do we have more people in prison per capita than ANY other nation in the world?  

2). We like to say we are firm believers in democracy, but why do we prop up and support brutally oppressive and repressive dictatorships throughout the world?  

3).  Why, if we claim to believe in “free enterprise”, do we constantly try to deny workers the chance to obtain higher wages and better working conditions by handcuffing and even eliminating their labor unions? WHY, Scott Walker? WHY, Koch Brothers? WHY, Tea Party-infested reactionary Republican Party? 

4). Why do we continually give massive tax breaks to wealthy individuals, and gigantic subsidies to huge multinational corporations who don’t really need them and often do not even reinvest them here anyway?  

5). Why do we practice a double standard when it comes to gender? For example, why do we castigate women and call them sluts or whores when they engage in acts of sexual freedom, and prefer them to be virgins when they first marry, yet often overlook the same behavior by men, mostly dismissing it as “boys will be boys” behavior and expecting them to be sexually “experienced” by the time they marry? And why do we deliberately pay women less than men for doing the very same job? Is this fair, sensible, or just?

6). What is it that causes us to imprison poor people who steal from the rich out of necessity, but allow rich people in corporations or government to steal indiscriminately from the poor and the general public, and leave these rich people not only free and untouched, but often reward them with huge salaries and bonuses?  

7). Why did we punish top Nazi and Imperial Japanese officials with the death penalty or long prison sentences , each of whom engaged in war crimes like starting unjust wars, forcibly relocating prisoners, committing murder, or torturing people in death camps or by waterboarding? If punishing those officials was just (and it most certainly WAS), why then have we not yet punished our own perpetrators of unjust war and mass extermination in Iraq? WHY have DICK Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, Condoleeza Rice, John Yoo, and all other involved members of the Bush administration  not been gathered up, tried, and sentenced for engaging in these very same war crimes? Why is it seemingly ok for the United States to engage in this activity, yet prohibited for anyone else? Where is justice here?

8).What causes us to fire incompetent employees but reward incompetent CEOs with millions of dollars in “golden parachutes”?

9). Since we claim to be a “Christian nation” and a “melting pot”, how can we justifiably hate and persecute so many others, from Muslims to Arabs to Jews, to Catholics to Hispanics to Asians, to gays to blacks to the poor, and on and on and on? Are we hypocrites, stupid, ignorant, or all three?  

10). If humans toting guns sometimes mass murder others, and if all people having a gun would supposedly protect innocents from being murdered by guns, doesn’t it make sense that if NOBODY had a gun then NOBODY would ever get murdered by someone using a gun?  

11). Why are we making debt slaves out of our college students? WHY have college costs risen so astronomically over the past 25 years – far above the rate of inflation? Doesn’t it seem greedy, immoral, and unjust to saddle our young students for decades with unsustainable debt, especially considering that a college diploma is no longer a guarantee of immediate, high-paying employment?  

12). When will society finally fully realize that Reaganomics is an abysmal failure; that there is bo such thing as trickle-down economics; that the wealthy have been stealing from those below them by funneling nearly all the increased profit due to expanded worker production steadily upward for the past 25 years (while simultaneously keeping their workers’ wages nearly flat); and that the capitalist system has grown increasingly short-sighted, corrupt,  and greedy, and therefore must soon be destroyed altogether and replaced with something much better?  

13). If this is truly a nation of law, why then do so many police brazenly defy that law by bullying and murdering so many black and brown citizens? Why are they so trigger happy and often shoot first while asking questions later?

14). If the United States actually believes in peace and freedom (as it says it does), then why do we send our military all across the globe to wage war and interfere with the internal affairs of other nations? And why have we become the predominant arms merchant of the world, spreading war, death, and misery rather than peace, life, and relief?

15). When will we fully realize that we are no longer a democracy based on the sacred principle of one person – one vote, and have slipped into a very corrupt and cruel plutocracy, based upon one dollar – one vote? Furthermore, what will it take for us to rise up in anger and determination to restore the democracy we once had?  

16). When are we going to get over 9/11? Not only did we criminally overreact to those horrible attacks by launching a wholly unnecessary, bloody, and costly war in Iraq, but we passed a lot of terrible laws like the Patriot Act which were dubious at best. Also, we gave up our liberty to set up an unhealthy,  malignant, and wholly paranoid  National Security Agency to spy on every phone call and email in the entire world. Have we collectively lost our minds? After all, caution and vigilance are good, but paranoia and overreaction are NOT good, so when will we return to sanity and end this unconstitutional activity?  

17). When will our wealthiest citizens stop being so greedy? What makes them connive to park so much of their profit in overseas tax dodges? Why don’t they simply man-up and pay their taxes as they should, thereby enabling our infrastructure to be modernized and to keep us from becoming a third world country? HOW MUCH DO THEY REALLY NEED?

18). WHEN will we STOP polluting our air, land, and waterways and start treating these precious resources properly? And WHEN will we recognize that climate change is MAN-MADE, REAL, and could very well create a mass extinction  soon unless we start IMMEDIATELY reversing the causes NOW?

These are the questions that gnaw at me each and every day. Do they ever bother you, too? If not, WHY not?



About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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