MEET THE 2016 REPUBLICAN CLOWNS! (Part Two of a Series)

Apr. 23, 2015  By Jack Jodell.    

The Republican Party, infested as it currently is with extremists, reactionaries, and government-hating Tea Party kooks, is starting to fill its clown car to the White House  with wackos, much as it did in 2012.  In this post, I resume an intermittent series which will feature the declared and / or desiring wannabe candidates who will be making a bid for the presidency in 2016. I will focus today on the Plagiarizer-in-Chief, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who recently declared his candidacy.  

Senators Call For Passage Of Military Justice Improvement ActThis Rand Paul is a real piece of work.  A wily opportunist, he claims to be a Libertarian and a conservative, but he is actually all over the place both poltically and ideologically. Like many others before him, he is trying to be all things to a great many people. He loves to grasp onto low-hsnging fruit and run with it. That’s why he latched onto his father, former long time Texas Representative Ron Paul’s popularity with youth to move to Kentucky (a perennial red state) to run for, and win, a Senate seat. Now he has announced his desire to become our next President, and this blogger can’t imagine that ever happening. Why? Because Rand Paul is a massive fraud!

lying paulConsider this:  Paul claims to be a board-certified Opthalmologist, and loves to be referred to as “Dr. Paul.” But his “certification” comes from a board which he, himself, incorporated and heads! He has NOT been certified by any organization recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties for at least 5 years!  I  learned of this from old articles I saw in The Week and when he was first running for the Senate. His first response, when asked by reporters for a clarification, was an indignant “What does this have to do with our election?” What a preposterous and futile attempt to dodge a legitimate question! Later, he released an equally preposterous claim that he had indeed been certified by the main medical board until 2005, when he let that certification lapse as a way of protesting the board’s decision to require doctors to get re-certified every 10 years. What a load of bull, and it shows how little value he places on the legitimate certification of doctors in the first place! Of course, what else could we expect from such an avowed Libertarian? To those misguided and self-centered people, certification is just another form of unwanted regulation, and no consideration is ever given to the protection of the public – to hell with them (especially if they try to interfere with his personal freedom)! Sounds pretty fishy to me, but after all, he is a Libertarian, and those types always have to have things their way. Because of this, and too many other inconsistencies over the years, MY Board will also certify Rand Paul – not as an Opthalmologist, but as a Certified Pathological Liar

r paul rA stark example of Paul’s self-centered craziness occurred several years ago, when MSNBC TV’s talk show host Rachel Maddow asked this Libertarian if he supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Paul lied (as he often does) and said he did, but numerous videotapes have shown his opposition to it, exposing his lie. He has said he is against the federal government “interfering” with a private business owner’s “right” to deny service or accomodations to anybody (i.e. discrimination by race, gender, or any other criteria is perfetly ok with Paul, but nobody can ever tell a private business owner how to conduct his business). Utterly ludicrous.  

liar paul

Earlier in this post, I referred to Rand Paul as the “Plagiarizer-in- Chief.”    The name fits perfectly, as Paul has repeatedly (and accurately) been accused  of lifting (stealing) the words of others (often word for word!)  for use in his speeches and even for articles he has released in print. Victims of his thefts have been wide and varied, ranging from Wikipedia to the Associated Press to even movie scripts! Naturally, as a selfish freedom-loving Libertarian he must feel completely justified in taking the words and thoughts of others and using them as if they were his own, but in this blogger’s view, these are examples of egregious laziness and carelessness on his part. Do YOU want a lazy and careless thief for your President? I certainly don’t! His recently-launched campaign website included the faces of many of his purported supporters, but, as David Pakman reported from a Buzzfeed story on his FREE SPEECH TV show, the photos were taken from a German firm’s list of stock face photos – meaning that many of those shown on the Paul site had probably never ever heard of Rand Paul! What a clumsy, deceitful buffoon!  

Rand Paul’s contempt for the press (and especially female reporters) is almost legendary. He has lectured reporters on how they should report and has dodged huge mumbers of their legitimately asked questions over the past few years. This is a very undesirable tactic which reminds me of Dick Nixon, DICK Cheney, George W. Bush, and / or Donald Rumsfeld at their very worst!  His condescension and arrogance are abundant and are definitely not wacko paulappropriate for the presidency. His vagueness and underlying dishonesty reveal him to be a great pretender, willing to do almost anything to achieve his goals. He claims to be a social liberal yet opposes civil rights. He claims to care about the poor, but through his opposition to the minimum wage, Social Security, and Medicare – ALL programs which help the poor – he is espousing a reactionary course which would throw this country back to the Gilded Age of the 1890s rather than provide for a secure 21st century future. But, as gifted writer Burr Deming pointed out in his brilliant podcast  “A Young Mother Killed by the Libertarian Ideal!” (featured here on Apr. 16), this pre-regulation Gilded Age must NEVER reappear in this country, for it could carry with it deadly and fully avoidable consequences! It proves that Paul’s Libertarian folly of “letting the market take care of it” is both dangerous and foolhardy! Time and events have proven repeatedly that relying on “the market” is a crazy idea – for “the market” can be manipulated to serve the interests of the wealthy and powerful. Not only that, but the reason regulations came into being in the first place was to prevent further excesses and abuses being generated by that same “market”! As for Rand Paul’s impossible-to-achieve assertion that he would dismantle the NSA and end government spying on the citizens on his first day in office – that is utter nonsense and strong evidence that this guy is not only disingenuous and deceptive, but WACKO as well!  The ONLY thing that can end the NSA’s overreach is something we must work tirelessly to achieve – a MASSIVE influx of new progressive voices throughout our entire government to replace the old, bought-out, government-hating and Tea Party-infested reactionary Republicans and corporatist Democrats who are holding us back!

eddie haskellThis charlatan Rand Paul definitely belongs in the Republican clown car – but he does NOT belong anywhere NEAR the White House! Hmmm…he does seem to resemble another charlatan of long ago, doesn’t he? Same type of smarmy character, only that past look-alike was far more likable!
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I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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2 Responses to MEET THE 2016 REPUBLICAN CLOWNS! (Part Two of a Series)

  1. The Val Olson Company says:

    Hi Jack – Great article. The Ayn Randers are an amazing lot – hey, who needs roads? Let them dig their own! Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to Spring Fling. Turned out to be bad timing. Hope you had a good time and saw a lot of the “gang”. xoxo V

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Hi Val, my ol’ high school bud! The “Fling” was fun and we had a relatively good turnout. As for these “Ayn Randers” – good point. They are living in an alternate universe full of paranoia and bigotry. Until they come to their senses are are stripped of all political power, our government and economy will never function properly. That’s why we must be relentless in our efforts to neutralize them and reverse the damage they have done.

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