Mar. 11, 2015  By Jack Jodell,  

“The only antidote to organized money is organized people!”
– Amy Goodman –

FS TVWhile watching bought elections FREE SPEECH TV recently, I saw an excellent new documentary entitled PAY 2 PLAY. It decried political corruption, especially that arising from the attempts by corporations and billionaires to buy off politicians and even whole elections using the staggering power of corporate money.  At the end of the film, FREE SPEECH TV ran a very interesting short segment featuring comments from the production’s director and producer, plus various activists who had appeared in the film. One notable axtivist was Ben Cohen, the co-founder of the popular ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s. He spoke of a brilliant new organization he was promoting called The Stamp Stampede  (http://www.stampstampede.org) which is selling rubber stamps where one can stamp one or both sides of dollar bills with relevant slogans like “STAMP MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!”, “NOT TO BE USED  FOR BRIBING POLITICIANS!”, “CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE!”, and “THE SYSTEM IS NOT BROKEN – IT’S FIXED!” I laughed like hell at the ingenuity of this, and then I immediately went to the stampstamoede.org website, where I ordered a stamp AND a T Shirt. I found this to be a clever and totally LEGAL  way to spread  the word to potentially millions about how necessary it is that we get the money out of politics!  koch brosConsider this: the very corrupt and sneaky Libertarian, reactionary Republican Koch Brothers, whose numerous polluting companies operating as KOCH INDUSTRIES have been fined many times for millions of dollars by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have committed to a record $889 MILLION in spending to elect a President and a Congressional majority in 2916 who will help them elmlnate the EPA altogether and allow them to pollute and profit without question wherever and whenever they damn well please! ARE WE. THE MAJORITY 99%, GOING TO ALLOW THESE ELITIST MINORITY 1%-ERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO RUN ROUGHSHOD OVER US WITHOUT PUTTING UP A FIGHT?  DEFINITELY NOT! I urge you to buy a stamp and start stamping one dollar bills too! Also,  go to move to amend.org as well (www.movetoamend.org), to learn about other ways we can prevent these arrogant billionaire bullies from forcing us to accept the polluted country and a bought-up government they want, but WE’LL  HATE! 

FS TVSo what sparked this post today? Simply that it is again fundraising time for the nation’s only fully viewer-supported, non-commercial television network, known as FREE SPEECH TV. FS TVThis incredible institution serves as a political and economic watchdog, warning us of the causes of global recession, war, unemployment, environmental pollution, poverty, and climate change, while discussing and examining in depth topics that are rarely covered on the mainstream, corporate-owned and controlled media outlets (like civil rights, the growing militarism and racism inside many police departments, gun control, the failure of Reaganomics, the impending danger if we give President Obama the fast track to approve the  horrible Trans Pacific Partmership, and ongoing Wall Street crimes and excesses, to name but a few). This great network is available on DIRECTV ch. 348, DISH NETWORK ch. 9415, BURLINGTON TELECOM ch. 122,  ASHLAND HOME NET ch. 96, plus ROKU and a number of other select cable companies. By going directly to their website at  https://www.freespeech.org/ , you can actually live stream it, or amy gdmnwatch fabulous full-length episodes of DEMOCRACY NOW!, with 5he award-winning Amy Goodman; the Bill Press Show, which The Nation magazine has called the most thomimportant morning news and commentary program in the country; the Thom Hartmann Program, featuring the incredible Mr. Hartmann, a potful of daily call-in listeners and viewers, plus periodic visits from such progressive icons as Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Rep. Bob Ney; Ring of Fire, with “America’s Lawyer” Mike Papantonio; Open Line News with Davey D, featuring items of interest concerning the African-American and Hispanic communities, originating from Oakland;  Uprising with Sonali Kohatkar, an Indian-born progressive now doing great investigative journalism from Los Angeles; The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, wherein he debates current events with a number of different conservatives and also often features a long segment called “Conversations with Great Minds”; and The David Pakman Show, featuring the nation’s youngest political broadcast commentator: and hilarious discussions every weekday morning on the Stephanie Miller Show (note that her latest “Happy Hour” podcasts have shot to the top of both Amazon.com’s and iTunes’ Comedy charts), plus so MUCH more!  I strongly urge you to look at FREE SPEECH TV as soon as you can – I guarantee you will warren 2become as addicted to it as I have, and with good reason! I mean, where else on television can you see brilliant and inspiring hour-long, uninterrupted addresses by the fabulous, fair-minded champion of the middle class,  Elizabeth Warren, or in-depth interviews with such progressive heavyweights as jones rnaomi kleinNoam Chomsky, Joe Madison, Naomi Klein, Van Jones, Bernie Sanders, or Nick Hanauer?  What other media source gives you insights and useful information about the dangers of ALEC, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), fracking, or the Keystone XL Pipeline? Believe me, folks – this is television for the 99%, and is definitely worth our support!  

FS TVFS TVSo PLEASE call their toll-free donation line at 1-877-378-8669, amd make a donation TODAY! Ask the operator who answers about the various premiums you can get by contributing – from caps to t-shirts to sweatshirts tojaclets to barbecue aprons to  scarves to CDs to DVDs to books, mugs, and MUCH more! If uou prefer, uou may even spread your contribution out over 12 months rather than giving a large amount all at once!

FREE SPEECH TV is a precious national treasure we cannot afford to lose – so PLEASE contribute a tax-deductible donation NOW – TODAY! Thank you – you’ll be GLAD you did!   🙂                                                

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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