Jan. 15, 2015  By Jack Jodell.

“It is ironic that the United States should have been founded by intellectuals, for throughout most of our political history, the intellectual has been, for the most part either an outsider, a servant, or a scapegoat.”
– Richard Hofstadter – 


DON't TREADThumbs-down-iconWell, I am not surprised. Congress has officially become once more controlled by the Tea Party-infested, reactionary Republicans, and it wasted little time in proving where its true allegiance stands. Regrettably, that allegiance is NOT toward the American people, but rather to its corporate masters. On the very first day, House Teapublicans defied what had been tradition 11 previous times by refusing to free enough funds from the Social Security general fund to ensure that those receiving Social Security Disability payments would not be shorted. While this only affects 10 million recipients, this heartless move by these uncaring Republicans will now mean that disability benefits will now be CUT by a whopping 20%!  It doesn’t matter to those cold-hearted Teapublicans that these disability funds have already been paid for by the taxpayers who paid into them through payroll taxes and are therefore an EARNED benefit and not just another entitlement. No, these worthy recipients are viewed by the Tea Partiers as worthless, undeserving, lazy leeches, sucking at the teat of the federal government. At the same time, these Teapublicans are preparing to pass a bill authorizing the construction of the horrible Keystone XL pipeline, and are lying to the public with their claim that 42,000 new jobs will be created by this pipeline. Those of us in the know have known for a long time that the real number of permanent, good-paying jobs created will be only 35 to 50 at most.

Thumbs-down-iconRepublicans know they can no longer sell the failed economic policies of Ronald Reagan known as “trickle down economics” any longer, as the public has grown wise to the fact that no monies ever really trickled down and that the only beneficiaries of this policy have been the wealthiest 1% minority. So now they’ve adopted the code phrase of  Dynamic Scoring. These buffoons can call it whatever they like, but in reality, all it will be is hateful reaganrepackaged Reaganomics. It will cut taxes further on the undeserving wealthy and will keep wages and benefits stagnant, at best, for everybody else. It will do absolutely nothing to level the economic playing field and will instead allow the rich’s income to keep rising exponentially. Along with this nonsense, they are continuing to weaken the federal government by pressing for even greater deregulation, especially as regards speculation on Wall Street. They will be effictively robbing the poor and the majority 99% to pay the uppermost 1% even greater riches. So much for economic democracy in this so-called land of the free. ..

We liberals and progressives, especially those of us who didn’t vote last November, have only ourselves to blame. We now face the natural end-result of this godawful Tea Party victory. It is a crime that our failure will now lead directly to the creation of so many new victims. The ONLY solution is for us to show up at the polls in November, 2016, and vote OUT these scoundrels for good! But 2016 is a looooonnnnnggggg way off, and there is unfathomable damage which these climate change-deniers and pro-corporate, knuckle dragging stooges will invariably do.  

bernieHarry Truman had his “do nothing” Congress which he railed against in 1948. He was successful in restoring its progressive slant back then. Today, we  face a backward-looking Congress which we, too, must rail against and defeat solidly in 1016. They are determined to make the government become so weak as to make it warren 2virtually powerless. They want to end all of its regulation of business and wish to impose their own backward-looking social patterns on this nation. We cannot allow this to happen, and we must fight them every step of the way! That means replacing as many of these reactionary Teapublicans as possible with Progressive, populist-oriented candidates at all levels of government, and do so as quickly and thoroughly as possible! Are you with me on this, people? Then get off your dead asses and GET ACTIVE! Join Move to, and work to get corporate money OUT of politics! Kick some Wall Street ass and elect only Progressives to Congress from now on! Make Reaganomics a thing of the past forever, and reverse our record wealth disparity for good! GET THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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