Oct. 29. 2014  By Jack Jodell.

 “The lesser of two evils is ALWAYS vastly preferable to a  full term of the greater of two evils!  Make sure to VOTE!!!”
– Jack Jodell –  

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, proclaim their neutrality.”
– Dante –  

“Democracy is NOT a spectator sport – it requires action. Tag – you’re it!”
– Thom Hartmann – 

Those three phrases (especially the top and lower ones)  say it all. We will bring on a terrible,  completely preventable fate if we disgustedly sit home next Tuesday and fail to vote. Though we as progressives have a lot to feel downhearted about, all is NOT necessarily doom and gloom, and it is up to each of US to get up off the mat and roar forward swinging!

Remember 2010? That was the terrible year the reactionary Tea Party emerged victorious and captured control of not only the Republican Party, but the U.S. House of Representatives and many statehouses and governorships as well. Their infestation has resulted in needless government shutdowns, the senseless filibuster of nearly every single bill presented to the Senate, and untold instances of deliberate obstruction. It has prevented the passage of a long-overdue and very needed raise in the minimum wage; delayed indefinitely the confirmation of hundreds of  needed presidential appointments (including even the Surgeon General!);  and has also prevented the creation of new high-paying jobs which would rebuild and repair the nation’s rapidly decaying roads, bridges, schools, and electrical grid. 2010 was also the year that a reactionary 5-4 majority on our Extreme Court made it possible for a handful of self-centered, anti-worker libertarian billionaires to buy out the federal government and push their agenda, rather than OURS, through Congress. Yes, that dastardly court’s  insane Citizens United ruling forbade all restrictions on the amounts wealthy individuals or corporations can contribute to political campaigns. It declared that money is free speech and must not be restricted in any way, even though you, I, and any reasonably intelligent 4 year old toddler knows full well that money is definitely NOT free speech!  

Tired of nonstop lying political TV and radio ads? All of you who failed to vote AGAINST the Tea Party infested reactionary Republicans and corporatist, sold-out Democrats have only yourselves to blame! For it is YOU, through your inaction,  who enabled the richest 1% minority to game our political system in its own favor and turn it against US, the 99% MAJORITY!

Tired of a do-nothing Congress whose members only work a 3 day week, take junkets overseas at taxpayer expense, have lengthy adjournments, get paid nearly $175,000 a year to accomplish nothing, and fail to pass many badly-needed bills? It is YOU who don’t vote who are enabling such shenanigans! Tired of worthless witch hunts and congressional hearings which seem to drone on endlessly and accomplish nothing except to freely spend taxpayer dollars? Those of you who don’t vote have really nothing to complain about – after all, YOU haven’t been doing YOUR job by voting, so why should you expect your Representatives or Senators to do theirs?

THINK about it, people:
Do you want to abolish Medicare and Medicaid?
Then don’t vote; let the backward-looking libertarian Republicans gain control of the Senate and your wish will come true.
Do you want the STATE to dictate what you can and can’t do with YOUR body?
Then don’t vote: let the backward-looking Republicans gain control of the Senate this year, and the Presidency in 2016, and your wish will come true.
Do you want us to become involved in yet another very long, very costly, and very bloody war in the Middle East, perhaps this time with Iran?
Then don’t vote this year, and let more paranoid, bloodthirsty, and pro-war neocon far-right Republicans come to power, and spend us to oblivion with gigantic  new military / industrial complex purchases, which will actually make us weaker rather than stronger due to the severe drain they will place on funds needed to repair and modernize our deteriorating infrastructure. Also, you’ll be guaranteeing that we will be on a continual war footing for at least the next generation or two.
Do you want the minimum wage to be abolished, and do you favor the rich being able to set YOUR wages at about $4 per hour?
Then don’t vote: allow the backward-looking, pro-rich libertarian Republicans and bought-out, corporatist Democrats to abolish labor unions and have the so-called “free market” establish your rate of pay.
Do you favor greater tax subsidies for wealthy, multinational corporations and even larger tax cuts for the rich?
Then don’t vote, and allow the backward-looking, libertarian Republicans and sold-out, corporatist Democrats  the chance to pass worthless legislation like this!
Do you want to allow fracking to pollute our air, water, and damage our cropland?
Then don’t vote, and cause the backward-looking, libertarian Republicans and their Koch Brothers-financed billionaire allies to completely buy out our Federal Government and dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, along with many other important government regulatory watchdogs designed to protect us. This way, you can ensure that your children’s children (if they survive), will be certain to grow up in a world loaded with dirty, filthy, contaminated water,  sooty, unbreathable air, and filled with respiratory distress, food poisoning, and cancers.
Do you want a world frought with man-made droughts, record tornadoes and hurricanes, flash foods. and crop failures?
Then don’t vote, and permit the backward-looking, science-hating, climate change-denying  libertarian Republicans to gain total control of our government. They will show you their jaundiced world of profit at all costs – but it will be a world filled with suffering, nearly dead people.
Do you want us to suffer a nuclear plant meltdown like Chernobyl or Fukishima that will cause mutations and increased cancer levels among our population?
Then don’t vote, and allow bought-out, pro-nuclear Republicans and Democrats to enter Congress and push for an expansion in the use of nuclear energy. But don’t you dare complain when you suddenly are faced with an absence of edible plants or seafood due to unsafe radiation levels!

Is THIS the legacy you wish to leave to your children and grandchildren? If so, then merely walk away muttering “my vote doesn’t count anyway”  and just surrender everything to the greedy and very deluded jerks who place profits before people and the wants of the few before the needs of the many. YOU may not think your vote matters, but it sure does to the 1%-ers who want to buy out and completely control our government! Why else would the billionaire Koch Brothers and Karl Rove be dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into lying TV and radio ads so they can fool people into voting for THEIR candidates?  

OR – you can choose to do the sensible thing – your CIVIC DUTY –  and VOTE on Tuesday, Nov. 4! VOTE OUT as many corrupt, marrow-minded, self-centered, paranoid Tea Party”conservative” backward-looking Republicans and timid, compliant, corporatist Democrats as you can, and VOTE IN a huge number of forward-thinking, PROGRESSIVE candidates, be they Democrats or Independents, who actually believe the government has a responsibility to help poor, working poor, and middle class Americans rather than catering to the whims of the wealthy. For your vote definitely DOES matter, and, by electing enough forward-looking candidates, you WILL eventually begin to see government by the people actually working FOR the people!  

Readers, I warned you back in October of 2010 about the dire consequences that would occur should the Tea Party take control of Congress. This was done on October 29, 2010 over at my old site. Back then, I posted “… conservative Republicans and Tea Party candidates must NOT be elected and must NOT gain control of Congress or they will implement a dangerously radical and unworkable agenda that will have long lasting, dire consequences for YOU!

These people aren’t conservatives who are interested in preserving the best of what we have and wish to change it to make it better. No, these people are REACTIONARIES who want to turn America’s clock backward to the 1920s and 1890s, when government had no say in business or couldn’t prevent unfair or unsafe business practices, or could let business owners discriminate against you at will. A time when if you lost your job that was just too damn bad and you had to fend for yourself on your own, all by yourself. A time where employers could pay whatever they pleased, or could set long and exhausting hours and not have to be bothered with safe or comfortable working conditions. A time when the elderly had to live by themselves in poverty and utter deprivation. A time when, if you got sick and had no money, you suffered horribly and starved to death, because you couldn’t work. Is THIS what you want going forward? Is this progress, and the direction this country should be moving in? I don’t think so, and I don’t think you do, either.”
Regrettably, many voters failed to heed these warnings and decided to either vote Republican or stay home. The rest is history. Let us NOT make the same mistake this year! KEEP IN MIND: THE TEA PARTY-INFESTED REPUBLICANS MUST NOT GAIN CONTROL OF THE SENATE, BUT THEY WILL IF WE DON’T GET OUT TO VOTE! AND THE TIME TO PUNISH WEAK-KNEED, CORPORATIST DEMOCRATS IS DURING THE PRIMARIES, NOT IN THE GENERAL ELECTION! WE MUST DO NOTHING WHICH WOULD HELP THE REACTIONARY REPUBLICANS WIN THIS ELECTION!!! I beg you: DON’T LET THIS BECOME ANOTHER 2010! Instead, THIS year, be sure you VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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