Sept. 15, 2014  By Jack Jodell (in association with Fair and Unbalanced.com/).  

Happy mid-month, readers! Middle of September already – where in the world is the time going?!? Soon it will be election day again, and THIS year, rather than wallowing in disgust and misery, you had damn well better VOTE! For here is another  golden opportunity to destroy the government-hating Tea Party and prevent them from gaining a complete stranglehold over our Senate! These scoundrels all claim to be concerned with our national debt and say they want to “restore” our government to the people – LOL! They are sure going about it in a very strange way. For one thing, NONE of them have pushed for a cut in congressional salaries, and instead, they continue to do little or no constructive work in Washington as they keep on banking and spending their big paychecks. For another, the vast majority of them, when they do any work at all, ignore the needs and wants of the average taxpayer and work to pass legislation beneficial mainly to Wall Street, to major corporations, or to the piggish 1% wealthy elite – hardly “the people’s business”! Yes, by throwing out ALL of these phony, reactionary Tea Party shmucks and  corporate shills in both the Republican AND Democratic parties, and replacing them with true PROGRESSIVES whose only concern is for the needs and wants of the 99% MAJORITY = only THEN will we see meaningful change that will transform society as it so sorely needs! f course, if you choose instead to just sit idly back, NOT vote, and just complain, the reactionary, Tea Party-infested Republican Party and the conservative Wall Street Democrats will once more emerge victorious and will again arrogantly set forth to do the bidding of the wealthy – at OUR expense!  One of these arrogant Senators (as well as one arrogant wannabe Senator) are described in the first of this week’s Burr Deming TRIPLEHEADER of podcasts.

burr demingBurr states, “Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) has been attacked, among other reasons, for no longer being a resident of Kansas. His declared residence turns out to be home of supporters in Dodge City. He pays them rent.

As a voter, I’m okay with facing reality. Maintaining a full time residence here in Missouri while attending to a full time job in Washington is an untenable requirement. My bet is I’d feel the same way if I lived next door in Kansas.

But the insistence that our Representatives must work for us in Washington but can’t live her continues. It doesn’t happen every election season. Just enough to be an irritant. I thought again of it all as I read about another scandal brewing in Maryland. The state gives tax breaks to residents. Tax officials are investigating whether a public official committed a crime by claiming to be a full time resident. Now I have to rethink whether the Housing deal should always be a non-issue.”

Click on the link below to hear this podcast.                                                                     http://fairandunbalanced.podomatic.com/entry/2014-09-07T19_00_58-07_00
burr demingThe second podcast in today’s tripleheader concerns a review about a book on slavery  that was later withdrawn from a magazine, and the lessons which can be learned from the incident.

Burr writes: “The literary storm which followed an unfortunate book review in the Economist magazine has been a combination of outrage and rage. The review was critical of a book by Edward Baptist about slavery. The reviewer presented the case that the book lacked balance, neglecting to present the case in favor of slavery.  

The Economist withdrew the piece.The recantation contained the review itself as a gesture toward transparency. It served as an admission of sorts: an acknowkedgment of the facts as part of an admission of guilt.The controversy brought to mind the lessons of my youth and a larger message about history itself. The reasons we were taught what we were taught can teach us more now than we could ever have learned then.”

To hear this gem, click on http://fairandunbalanced.com/blog1.php/2014/09/10/balanced-views-of-slavery
Last, but not least is this observation  on how the conservative preoccupation with nearly nonexistent voter fraud is completely foolish and actually harmful. 

burr demingBurr tells us: “Voting restrictions are needed to prevent voter fraud, that’s all. That’s how conservatives justify the new voring changes. But election stealing always happens in backrooms, away from voters. Ballot stuffing, changing total, are what will work for dishonest politicians. Fraud by voters involves too many people. It’s too easy to get caught. The penalties are harsh. The backroom stuff is what works.  

But conservatives keep insisting they just want to prevent fraud. Keeping large numbers of legitimate voters from voting is just the sad price that must be paid. It certainly isn’t the reason for making voting harder. That’s what they say…except when they slip up and say in public what they are really trying to do.  

For example, this case in Georgia.”  

Click on http://fairandunbalanced.podomatic.com/entry/2014-09-11T19_21_18-07_00  to hear… ENJOY!                           

IN A FEW MORE DAYS, WATCH FOR “MY COMPELLING REASONS TO BE A PROGRESSIVE (Part III)”!                                                    

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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