Sept. 4, 2014  By Jack Jodell.  

Some years ago in this blog I outlined a great many reasons why I can NOT, in good conscience, ever be a Republican. That was even before the reactionary, government-hating Tea Party hijacked the Republican Party and succeeded in pushing it ever further rightward, completely off of any pragmatic political table. As I recently began reassessing a number of current political and economic issues, it became apparent that the only kind of public servants  worth supporting these days are true, bona-fide PROGRESSIVES. That, of course, eliminates ALL Tea Party candidates, Tea Party-infested reactionary Republicans, conservative Republicans, Libertarians, wimpy “blue dog” Democrats, and bought-out, corrupted Wall Street corporatist Democrats. In essence, it eliminates every politician whose primary concern is not what will best benefit the American public as a whole, but rather the betterment of special interests, the wealthiest 1%, greedy corporations, the vastly overbloated military / industrial complex, and the paranoid, warmongering neocon crowd which dominates our National Security Agency (as well as our CIA and foreign policy).  

My current political and economic heroes and heroines include a vast number of pragmatic, thoughtful, and fair-minded people who advocate policies for the common good – for the MAJORITY 99% – instead of just the greedy, well-fed few. Drawing from not only our government, but also  academia and the alternate media as well, this list includes, but is definitely not limited to, AMY GOODMAN, SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, George Soros, Chris Hayes, ROBERT REICH, Robert Greenwald, THOM HARTMANN, Rep. Keith Ellison, SEN.  SHERROD BROWN, KEITH OLBERMANN, Rep. Barbara Lee, Stephanie Miller, Naomi Klein, Warren Buffett, SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, David Pakman, Rachel Maddow, Sen. Al Franken, Noam Chomsky, Sen. Jeff Merkley, Rep. Jan Shakowsky, Chris Hedges, GLENN GREENWALD, Sen. Ron Wyden, Richard Wolff, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Ed Schultz, Mike Papantonio, EDWARD SNOWDEN, and Ralph Nader, to name but a few. Were these people to inhabit and influence key policy-making desks in the nation’s Capitol, this country (and our entire world) would be a far better and much more egalitarian place in which to live!

But now I’ll come to the bread and butter reasons as to why I feel compelled to support only TRUE PROGRESSIVES going forward. These are presented randomly, in no particular order of importance, for they are ALL important:

1). GLOBAL WARMING – my friends, this is a FACT  that can no longer be ignored. Our polar icecaps are shrinking rapidly and dangerously; violent storms and floods are on the rise; entire species are being wiped out daily.I refuse to join the knuckle-dragging, Fox “News” contaminated crowd of flat-earth believers who continue to deny the existence and dangers of man-made climate change. Sorry, you misguided Libertarians, Tea Party extremists, and conservative /reactionary Republicans, but the time for direct government action to stop this ominous and life-threatening man-made development is  here and NOW, and can no longer be denied or ignored! Only PROGRESSIVES who clearly see its danger and are untainted by affiliation with industry or Wall Street and are poised to act on it NOW can be fully trusted to deal with this problem. The rest of these unbelieving quacks can jump off thee edge of their flat world and get out of the way!  

2). WEALTH DISPARITY – it is a gigantic load of feces to insist that this highly defective capitalist economic system which currently corrupts our entire planet is the best or only economic system to follow! Just as a little bit of water is absolutely necessary for the existence of life and too much water drowns and destroys life, so too is it with capitalism: a trace amount can provide much-needed incentive to work hard in pursuit of a good and profitable end result. Yet no-holds barred, fully unbridled, laissez-faire capitalism (the kind many Libertarians and conservative Republicans seem to love so dearly) breeds piggish selfishness and encourages immoral and unjustified money grabbing which always seems to indefensibly injure innocent or needy people. It never fails to amaze me  how so many people fail to grasp how important it is for all to share in abundance rather than to grab everything in sight only for themselves.  This very deluded crowd will lie, cheat, cajole and steal – using any tactics possible – to ensure that THEY get whatever they feel is coming to them, and to hell with anybody else, especially those who try to get in their way. They are a despicable, greedy lot who never learned as children that it is far better to share than to simply take for themselves. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were VERY wrong to have drastically cut taxes for the very wealthy. “Trickle down economics” was a disastrous LIE, for promised good-paying jobs were never developed, and all the wealthy ever did with their huge new profits was to waste them on reckless Wall Street speculation and invest heavily in foreign plants outside the country! Their reckless greed unnecessarily causes tremendous suffering and wholly avoidable grief, but they nonetheless continue their quest for ever more profit. PROGRESSIVES are not blinded by such complete delusion: they know instinctively that it is far better to have wealth spread as evenly and fairly as possible, rather than just being held in only a few greedy hands! That is why enlightened progressives strongly favor sensible regulation on banking and big business and a fair level of taxation on nearly ALL levels of income (especially on the very wealthy). Basic common sense will tell anyone that taxes are necessary to maintain the civilized society we have achieved thus far, and to ensure that all people  share un the responsibility of its maintenance. Of course, Libertarians, conservative Republicans, bought-out corporatist Wall Street Democrats, and reactionary Tea Party extremists all disagree with this – but they are all dead WRONG.

3). ENVIRONMENTALISM – Progressives believe that we are mere stewards of this earth – NOT its sole owners, free to do with it whatever we damn well please at any time.  We believe we have a sacred responsibility to pass it on to our descendants in at least as good shape as it was passed on to us by our ancestors. That is why we oppose the proliferation of unsafe nuclear energy and prefer instead to develop safer sources of wind and solar energy. The horrible nuclear meltdowns at Chernobyl and Fukushima should serve as ample warning of the slow suffering and certain death which befalls all victims of radiation poisoning, and should stop us from developing any more nuclear plants. Likewise, the horrid BP oil spill which contaminated the Gulf of Mexico and has led to untold cases of respiratory disease among young children and future painful cancer deaths should teach us to get off of fossil fuels altogether and to develop safer, less toxic fuels as quickly as we can. But so far, greedy Libertarians such as the billionaire Koch brothers have opposed all efforts to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and, in their lust for ever-greater profits, have pushed instead for ever-increasing levels of fracking, which is an even greater pollutant to our air and water than is offshore oil drilling!

COMING IN PART II: GETTING MONEY OUT OF POLITICS; ENDING PERPETUAL WARFARE; and more – look for it next week!                      

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. jerrycritter says:

    I can’t imagine an actual political election in which I would vote for the republican over the Democrat.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Me either, Jerry, but so many of today’s Drmocrats leave a lot to be desired too…they have all but abandoned today’s poor and working poor to serve the needs of their corporate masters, and the GOP has become so racist, anti-government, and reactionary they clearly have nothing practical to offer the country at all…

      • jerrycritter says:

        We are in an era where Democrats get elected because they are preferable to the republicans, but neither party are truly looking out for their constituents or the real needs of the country. Rather, they all are tools of their big donors.

  2. jackjodell53 says:

    Jerry. how very sad but very true. Still, we cannot abandon the just causes we all support, and this blpgger refuses to do so.

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