Execution for Those Who Deserve to Die

July 28, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

BURR DEMINGI am delighted to present this new podcast from the very thoughtful Burr Deming (shown at right), creator of the fabulously insightful website Fair and Unbalanced. com, in association with which I present this effort. Here, Mr. Deming puts forth simultaneous arguments both for and against the death penalty. I myself am opposed to the death penalty and would be thoroughly horrified to learn that a future jury vote of mine would possibly convict an innocent person to death. But, as Burr rationalizes, “We all share the anger about the crimes, the murders, the victims. ..
The anger that reacts against injustice is often what impels us along the arc of the moral universe. It is part of what bends that arc toward justice. If not channeled, it becomes the violence itself.  

So, yeah, if my family was victimized, I would want to kill those responsible. Personally. Slow, torturous death would not be a flaw, it would be a feature. I wouldn’t want to be deterred by process, or by appeals, or by the microscopic possibility that I might have the wrong guy. I would likely be the one who pulls the switch. I can see myself as the one who hopes the killer suffers as much as his victim. Two hours to die? Good.

The same would be true if the victim was from a family down the street.

Here’s the problem.
The same might even be true if the family was in the same courtroom while I deliberated guilt or innocence.”

Listen by clicking on the link below and see what you think, readers…


About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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4 Responses to Execution for Those Who Deserve to Die

  1. The death penalty is about revenge. It is “an eye for an eye”. Anything else is BS.

  2. jackjodell53 says:

    You nailed it, Jerry!

  3. Hello Jack,
    As I have already passed this onto you, I think your readers should know too.

    Years ago a local man from my home area was tried and found guilty of the brutal rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl. He was given the death penalty!

    Many years later after his trial, through the advances of DNA testing, he was proven not guilty.

    He is the perfect example of what could have happened if they had put him to death for that injustice.



    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thank you again, Wayne, and for sharing it with all of our readers. Our world needs far more people like you, who research and then share such a wide variety of ubformation.

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