June 20, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

Being rather introspective at times, I thought I would exercise my right of free speech and put a number of my personal beliefs into this post. Rest assured that these beliefs have gradually evolved over a time of great deliberation; they cover a wide variety of topics and issues; NONE have been formulated using rash judgments; and none are set in stone. They represent what I believe at this moment I write them. As I am trying to be as comprehebsive as I can be, I will spread these out over a short series of intermittent posts. See how many of these YOU may agree or disagree with also, and feel free to add a comment later if you so desire.

jesus_lib1). I am a Christian who believes in the Holy Trinity, composed of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. I am a dedicated member of the Religious Left, in that I believe strongly in God as being benevolent and merciful;  slow to anger and quick to forgive. I do NOT believe in forcing my religious beliefs upon others or in ramming it down everyone else’s throat (as certain Christians tend to do, many times those on the religious right). For God Himself gave each of us a free will, to either accept or reject Him. If we accept Him, at death we will be rewarded with an eternity in Heaven; but should we reject or challenge Him, we will pay for our disobedience with an eternity spent in hell. Unlike some Christians, I do not view my role on earth to be as God’s own personal sheriff, judge, jury, warden or executioner, loudly beating my chest publicly to castigate those whom I believe to be sinners. For there are a large number of Pharisees around to do that. Instead, I prefer a more modest approach of quietly offering praise and charity and only speaking up when aggressively challenged or to respond to untruths told by others by refuting their position with logic, and in a civil manner. I believe we are best serving God by leaving our egos and much of our condemnation at the door. I also strongly believe in the separation of church and state and strongly oppose any attempt to impose any sort of state religion on the country. By the way, I DO respect the right of atheists or agnostics to disagree with me.     

2). I believe it is high time this country elected a WOMAN President.  It is unjust that we, as a supposedly democratic nation, have neglected to do this. Hillary Clinton is the one most people think will achieve this honor, and she is certainly qualified enough to do the job (and is certainly far more qualified than were either George W. Bush or Warren G. Harding, two of the absolute worst and most UNqualified oafs to ever occupy the White House over the past century)! But Hillary has shown herself to be too much of a corporatist for my liking: she sat on the Wal-Mart board of directors; is an avid supporter of the horrid Trans Pacific Partnership (and has supported other similar “free trade” deals like NAFTA in the past); and has voted in favor of the Iraq War and even supported Bush’s “troop surge” there. In my estimation, ELIZABETH WARREN would make the warren 2very best woman President. She has always been a friend of working families in that she has been a strong advocate of a  livable minimum wage, and a strong opponent of Wall Street banking shenanigans like sub-prime mortgages. Rather than servicing the wants of the wealthy, she has, instead, devoted her life and career to the betterment of the lives of the working poor and rhe middle class.

Thumbs-down-icon3). The Tea Party must GO!!! It has become the most destructive and obstructive conglomeration of reactionary and anti-government fanatics this country has ever seen. Created by wealthy, cynical, and manipulative  Libertarian / anarchist types like Dick Armey and the notorious Koch brothers, it has melded together a whole group of malcontents and half-educated government-hating crackpots into a force which has infested and corrupted the Republican DON't TREADParty. This nefarious group has passed NOTHING of any benefit to the overwhelming majority of this  country. and NONE of its members deserve a seat in government or to be on the public payroll. This evil group has deliberately lied to and confused vulnerable elderly people as well as other. low-information voters, and hates the poor and minorities,  doing all that it can to keep the federal government from helping those who are neediest and who require help the most. This is a force which hates not only government, but democracy itself. For the good of this country, it MUST cease to exist, and as soon as possible!

CASHROLLkoch bros4). I believe in DEMOCRACY and in free elections, and strongly oppose any attempt by big money to buy the votes of public servants or the ability of big money to dominate or control our electoral process. I view regulation of big money as essentially necessary to prevent excesses being committed against the politically and economically weak by the wealthy using government for its own benefit at the expense of all others. I am STRONGLY AGAINST the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, as I do NOT believe that using money to influence voters is the same as exercising free speech. It gives the rich a much bigger voice than those beneath them have and creates an unfair advantage for them. I also do NOT believe that corporations are people and are entitled to the same rights as an actual living, breathing human being is. In my view, that is complete and utter nonsense!

5).  While I am opposed to abortion, I am essentially pro-choice. I personally HATE abortion and actually view its reckless and irresponsible use as a deliberate act of cowardly murder,  Yet I nonetheless respect fully a woman’s right to determine what happens with her own body. Her decision should be a personal matter between her, her mate, her physician, and God, and the State should keep its nose completely out of the matter altogether.  Were I to become involved in the matter, I would strongly urge the woman choosing abortion to consider having the child and then putting it up for adoption, or to explore becoming a surrogate mother for a couple who definitely desires a child but cannot have one for whatever reason. Those who choose abortion over life simply because bearing a child would be too “costly”, too “inconvenient at the moment”, too “embarrassing”, or simply because one is “not ready” or “doesn’t want” any children are, in my view, the epitome of self-centered, cruel, and thoughtless. Public monies must never be available to  persons in this category for abortions! I guess this stance would make me be pro-life. In the case of rape or incest, I will make an exception. For NO ONE has the right to force an unjustified or unwanted pregnancy, with all of its awesome subsequent life-long responsibility and commitment on an unwilling woman. Right or wrong, I believe such a victimized person should be granted the legal right to end such a pregnancy. No matter how the situation is sliced or diced, it remains a difficult problem with no easy solutions, regardless of the path one chooses to follow.      

DICK the dick6).  Like the Tea Party, the warmongering, paranoid neocons must also GO! Those who create war for profit, like DICK Cheney did with Iraq, and each of his willing followers – like his daughter Liz, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz, as well as a great many others, are all guilty of perpetrating war crimes and justice demands that each stand trial and be sentenced for their brutal crimes which either killed or maimed hundreds of thousands of victims!  These people have nothing but contempt for democracy and aim to keep this country on a permanent war footing to fill the coffers of their greedy contractor friends at taxpayer expense. THIS blogger has nothing but contempt for THEM!

We are now at the end of my first installment in this series. Future installments will be forthcoming.                                         


About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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3 Responses to WHAT I REALLY BELIEVE! (Part One)

  1. Glowing post! Jack. Looking forward to the rest…..

  2. Hello my friends Jack, Gwen and All,
    I set up a new blog site (because I cannot get into my old “engineer of knowledge” one) to pass on my thoughts and complement the Internet Radio Show, “Here Be Monsters”, “Sunday Show”.


    This blog site was created to complement the conversations, passing on the true and accurate facts, that can also be heard on the Internet Radio Blog Site, “Here Be Monsters”, “The Sunday Show” that comes on every Sunday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM EST.
    I am honored to be a co-host on this program with Gwen H. Barry (the host) and Jack Jodell (another co-host).
    The program is a current events talk show dealing with geo-political topics, domestic and foreign. The occasional guest interviews are of the highest quality, and those well informed on the issues that affect us all today.
    I hope you check both sites out sometime soon.
    Thank you.

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