Apr. 10, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

It is a well-known fact that the once proud and once liberal Republican Party  has become reactionary, obstructionist, and thus completely irrelevant. It has devolved from being the party advocating small government  into one advocating no, or as little as possible, government at all. Anyone with half a brain knows hoe totally preposterous this position is, but, as we all know, there are still literally millions of deluded people out there who still call themselves Republicans. We must pity these poor lost souls, because they have clearly lost their minds. Ever since ultra-conservatives won control of this wretched party in 1980 and elected Ronald Reagan President, they have succeeded in pushing the American political spectrum ever rightward. With the deadly rise of corporatism, and the emergence of Fox “News” (the FICTION “NEWS” NETWORK) to deliberately mislead the public 24/7, Americans have been subjected to an increasing level of political and economic outright lying. With the advent of the god-awful, government-hating Tea Party in 2010, the Republican Party became infested with the purely imbecilic, twisted ideology which plagues it, the United States, and the entire world to this very day. Until this detrimental reactionary grip is broken, and its infestation with hateful and ignorant Tea Party types is shattered,  the Republicans will continue to lose national elections, especially presidential ones, and will eventually cease to hold elective power or meaningful influence of any kind. I have seen the devastation this modern Tea Party-infested reactionary Republican Party has wrought over the past few years, and I have deduced that it is bad for the health of every single citizen (except perhaps the very wealthy) on a number of levels.

They are bad for our MENTAL HEALTH in that they deliberately try to scare you by misleading you to voting for their candidates or against those of their opponents. They will tell blatant LIES to get you to support them. Over the years, they have told many whoppers, from President Obama being a Socialist, to President Obama being a Nazi, to the Affordable Health Care Act being composed of death panels which would kill the elderly, to “Obamacare” being a government takeover of the American health care system, to Iraq colluding with al Qaeda to bring about the deadly 9/11 attacks, to Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction – etc., etc., etc. – if it sounds incredible or beyond belief, it is undoubtedly a Republican-inspired LIE.

 They are bad for our CIVIC HEALTH in that they are actively engaged in Voter Suppression tactics. They have tried to disenfranchise millions of votersm to eliminate or severely curtail potential opposition voters from voting by reducing voting hours, extreme gerrymandering, and even removing or disqualifying legitimate voters’ names from voting registers! They are relentless in this endeavor, and appear to be using any and all possible means necessary to ensure that only their candidates win!

They are bad for your SOCIAL HEALTH because of the way they have repeatedly tried to divide the public on key issues. They have pitted Christians against gays, Jews, and Muslims; whites against blacks and other minorities; middle and working class Americans against the poor; lesser-educated folks against educators and intellectuals; myth and superstition against science. Theirs has been a politics of exclusion rather than inclusion, and that is definitely NOT in the best interests of the country at large!

They are bad for your SPIRITUAL HEALTH because they preach a false gospel of hatred of immigrants and the poor. They value greed over benevolence, and use religion as a wedge issue to win elections. They claim to be God-fearing Christians, but are really Pharisees, in that they all but ignore the repeated preaching of Christ to take care of the sick, the lame, and the poor, as was eloquently expressed in the Gospel of Matthew. They refuse to increase the minimum wage to keep up with inflation, and many even oppose a minimum wage of any kind. They despise the poor and hold up hypocrites like Ayn Rand as desirable role models – the same Ayn Rand who derided government aid programs designed to help poor people, but was none too hesitant to avail herself of them for well over a quarter of her own life when she was in need! Ronald Reagan used to spout off poppycock about nonexistent “welfare queens” helping themselves to undeserved benefit payments. Even Paul Ryan, a foe of Social Security, was more than happy to use survivor’s benefits to put himself through college after the death of his father – now he wants to cut nearly 70% of aid programs which benefit the poor out of the federal budget and wishes to force the country onto an austerity program while offering new tax breaks for the very wealthy. What kind of patent nonsense is THIS?                  

Reactionary Republicans are also bad for your ECONOMIC HEALTH. They want to award huge tax breaks to the fabulously wealthy while forcing everyone else to adopt their foolhardy and unjust austerity budget. They give subsidies to huge corporations and push for further deregulation of greedy Wall Street mortgage bankers while voting against programs to create new middle class jobs. They press for further deregulation of toxic industries, even as many of these are polluting our air and water, creating illness, birth defects, and death in the process .  That is definitely NOT good for ANYBODY’S health! All the while they claim to be concerned with our admittedly too high federal deficit and huge national debt. They steadfastly refuse to raise the taxes of the very wealthiest fraction of 1% by even a measly 10%, and instead keep pressing for even greater tax reductions for these piggishly rich individuals and the businesses they own. Meanwhile, they also resist raising the minimum wage to a realistic livable wage, and spend many millions of dollars on lobbyists to bribe and influence legislators to vote the way they want, and to hell with everybody else! They can’t stand labor unions and would gladly see good-paying American jobs go overseas to cheap foreign slave labor markets rather than negotiate with a union here. THIS, friends, is NOT economic democracy in action – it is actually a new kind of economic feudalism.

But the most damning thing about all these Republican excesses is that they are also not good for our PHYSICAL HEALTH! Their obsession with rolling back regulations on businesses means that they openly support major polluters and those who put personal profit well in front of public safety. They mock and ridicule scientists and environmentalists who send dire warnings about man-made climate change.  They push for more nuclear power and the expansion of offshore petroleum drilling, all but ignoring past disasters which are killing wildlife as well as humans. Their ignorance can no longer be tolerated, for it is actively destroying this entire planet!

These are but a few of the many reasons why voting for, or being, a reactionary Tea Party Republican is bad for everyone’s health. They must be removed from power in this fall’s midterm elections. Should this prove impossible, it would be a DEADLY mistake by the voters!                                                                    

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. mudrake says:

    An excellent post, Jack. Indeed the HEALTH of this ENTIRE NATION has gone to hell because of these crazed ideologues. And, to add insult to injury, they want to take away our health care! Dangerous people!

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Sad but true, mudrake. In a saner era, they would have been locked up as public nuisances to protect the innocent.

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