Feb. 14, 2014  By Jack Jodell   

Oligarch: A very rich businessman with a great deal of political influence. 

This is the third of a new intermittent series designed to spotlight the extremely sordid attempts by certain individuals and/or institutions to dominate the American political and economic system so as to ensure that our country’s poor and middle class are effectively shut out of power. These persons or groups aim to secure real  political and economic control only for logo cfgthemselves, as members of the wealthiest 1% minority of this nation. They are, therefore, the enemies of all poor or hardworking Americans who are within the 99% MAJORITY. Thus they are, by the very nature of who they are and what they do, DANGEROUS FOES OF DEMOCRACY! The focus of this installment shall be on the blatantly pro-wealthy, anti-worker CLUB FOR GROWTH.

mooreThis group was founded in 1999 by Stephen Moore, an economist who, to no one’s surprise, is a big advocate of free market policies and the now-thoroughly discredited supply-side economics. Hos co-founders were Richard Gilder, an owner of a brokerage firm which specializes in leveraged buyouts and shortselling, and Thomas L. “Dusty” Rhodes, a right wing political editor who once edited the National Review and now sits on the Board of Directors for several different groups. The mission of this group is to supposedly promote public policies gilderwhich support a high-growth economy. That sounds fine and dandy on the surface, but once one takes a closer look the flaws of this organization become quickly apparent. Like many libertarians and those on the far right (reactionary Tea Partiers), this group strongly supports “limited government” (i.e. deregulation and low taxes [especially on big business and the wealthy 1% minority]). They have thomas l rhodesbecome increasingly active on the political front over the past decade, involving themselves primarily in Republican primaries, wherein their PAC has funded and run attack ads against more moderate Republicans in an effort to elect more wacko government-hating Tea Party candidates to office. 

John Nichols has covered this group for some time in The Nation magazine. He has noted that the organization’s political advisor, R.J. Johnson, who was walker rthe chief political strategist of notorious anti-labor Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s successful campaign which severely damaged public workers’ rights in that state, has refused to divulge where the group has gotten its funding. One can be certain that it originated from some sneaky self-centered billionaire, or several of them, all of whom used the horrendous Citizens United decision to hide cowardly behind as they doled out millions of their own mpney to influence voters. They will undoubtedly attempt to repeat that success in this year’s nidterm elections. If they succeed this time, all leverage workers may have in any industry in the enrire nation will evaporate, and a new economic amd political Dark Ages will descend on all but the wealthiest oligarchs. That makes the Club for Growth the absolute enemy of all the poor and working class 99% MAJORITY of the population who sit far below them on the income scale. It decidedly makes this sorry group of billionaires a dangerous foe of democracy, and we must do all we can to defeat the candidates they put forth for election this November. Remember, workers and progressives – it won’t matter what the wealthiest 1% does if we in the 99% MAJORITY all unite against them and vote for progressive candidates this fall!                   .


About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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