November 15, 2912  By Jack Jodell

The once-solid Republican Party is now locked in what will prove to be a bitter civil war between its reactionary Tea Party wing and its merely ultra-conservative wing. GOOD! The longer and more severely they fight among themselves, the better off the majority of the country will be! For, even in unity, this wretched party only really represented the interests of a minority of this nation: huge corporations, the wealthiest 1%,  and a delusional cult of naive economic wannabes. The aberrant nature of the party’s midterm election victory in 2010, plus their ignorant refusal to accept basic fact (caused by their overreliance on the heavily-slanted Fox “News”  and ridiculously skewed public opinion polls leading up to their November 6  election defeat) lulled this wretched party into a distorted sense of false security, overconfidence, and arrogant smugness. They are now paying dearly for this mistake!

The GOP has been shellshocked by the reelection of President Obama and their failure to capture control of the U.S. Senate. Normal non-deluded people understand the folly of such crazy Republican beliefs: after two solid years of  John Boehner campaigning on the importance of creating new jobs and then turning around and blocking numerous presidential and/or Democratic Party attempts to pass a jobs creation bill, the GOP was deservedly slapped hard for its reliance on obstruction and stalling rather than delivering what they had been promising. For some unexplained reason, these foolish Republicans can’t understand that Americans are FED UP with paying rigidly partisan morons like Eric Cantor more than $174,000 apiece to merely sit around and do NOTHING each year, especially in this time of great need, growing wealth disparity, and shrinking economic opportunity for everyday workers! By a 2 to 1 margin, voters favor an end to the ridiculous Bush tax cuts for the rich, and are angry that the GOP has steadfastly refused to enact fairer, higher taxes on the wealthy. While constantly clamoring about the dangers of our staggering national debt (and feigning great concern for what it will hold for our future descendants), these Republicans have fought any raise in taxes of any kind, especially increases targeting the wealthy. Self-centered and totally mistaken trust-funder Grover Norquist has seen to that! They lie to us and tell us new, higher taxes on the rich will hurt the so-called “job creators” and add to unemployment. How do we know this is a lie? Obviously, because the massive tax reductions given to the rich since 2001 have produced the slowest rate of job growth since the Great Depression of 1929!

After said depression, labor unions were legalized and were able to collectively bargain on behalf of workers. The middle and upper classes began to grow tremendously. Demand for goods and services skyrocketed as a result, and the nation’s prosperity began a strong and sustained surge. Marred only by occasional 1 or 2 year mild recessions, this growth spurt in production, efficiency, and prosperity continued for well over 40 years.There can be no denying that this “demand-side” approach to our economy yielded great gains across the board. By the mid-1970s, this growth began to slow due to a number of unforseen factors. Hit by rapidly rising energy costs (caused by the formation of OPEC and rampant speculative greed here at home), business owners began to feel the pinch of rising prices. They worried that high domestic labor costs were making American-made goods less competitive across the globe, so they began making bold and drastoc anti-labor moves. First they all but destroyed labor unions in private enterprise. Wheras from the 1930s onward, clerks, manufacturing workers, printers, miners, auto workers, tradesmen of all sorts, and even cooks and servers were unionized and earning a livable wage with good benefits, by the 1990s, many of these unions and the jobs they protected were gone. In some cases greedy business owners had them decertified; in other cases, the jobs themselves became increasingly outsourced to cheaper, slave-wage labor markets outside of our borders.

Beginning with the Reagan presidency in 1981, some conservative economists began advocating what they termed “supply-side” economics. Rather than giving workers good wages to increase demand for goods and raise production, misguided economists like Milton Friedman, fearful of inflation, began pushing for reduced taxes, especially on big businesses and the very wealthy, and holding the line on labor’s wages. They believed this to be the ideal way to spur job creation and foster growth. Carried to an extreme, as many greedy capitalists soon did, this philosophy has proven to be devastating to American workers and the poor! Labor unions all but disappeared in the private sector; benefit packages were reduced or even eliminated; and a three decade-long freezing and/or decline in workers’ wages was the result. Outsourcing became rampant, and finally, demand for goods fell, as workers  could no longer afford to buy them. Alongside these new “supply-side” ideas came the call for greatly reduced regulation of big business. Though initiated mainly by conservative Republicans, many Democrats also fell sway to this notion. The primary results from this course have been disastrous – rampant greed and speculation on Wall Street and mortgage banking – which in large part caused the recent Great Recession. We are still struggling to emerge from this latest downturn, and many have suffered needlessly due to this.

The Republicans played a heavy hand in bringing about all of this resultant market chaos. Their steady refusal to raise taxes (especially on the rich), even in the face of mounting record fiscal deficits, has  deservedly worked against them. They are correctly no longer being viewed as the party of fiscal responsibility. In fact, they have come to be known as the party of and for solely the rich. Their recent economic stances have proven them to be out of touch with the general public, and even unfit for governance. This does not bode well for them ever being able to again capture control of the White House or Congress!

Regrettably, many reactionary and bitterly partisan Republican neocons remain in Congress, notably Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, nd the nastiest and most uncompromising one of all, Mitch McConnell. We progressives must fight their obstructionist attempts tooth and nail, until they are defeated or retired. 

At long last, though, some key Republicans have shown signs that they are beginning to question and may even buck some of the party’s long-held convictions. Influential GOP commentator Bill Kristol, for example, has publicly stated that the proposed 3.6% tax increase on the highest salaries would have minimal effect on the economy, but would help reduce the deficit. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal sharply criticized loser Mitt Romney for his divisive post-election comments as to why Obama won the election. Numerous other Republicans have chimed in too, with varying degrees of support for some kind of revenue increases.  These all represent the first cracks in the formerly solid Republican wall of opposition to any form of bipartusan cooperation, and they are hopeful signs which must be encouraged!                

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. Tom Harper says:

    I’m greatly enjoying the civil war between moderate (everything’s relative) Republicans and the Far Right extremists. I’d like to think the party is toast, but that was what I thought in 1999 when they impeached Clinton, and again in 2008 when Obama got elected and the Republicans all turned on each other. These rightwing droolbuckets keep rising from the dead. Just die already.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      I guess it’s safe to assume we will always be plagued by a certain amount of far-right crackpots. My whole aim is to reduce their ranks and get them out of government, so they will no longer be able to obstruct progress.

  2. I wonder if some Republican pols have rebelled, telling Norquist, the Kochs and their ilk something like this:

    “Look, you have to realize the public is on to our game, and they’re not having any of it right now. Things have gone too far. You need us to represent your interests inside government. But if you force us to continue blocking any tax increases on you, we will keep losing elections and you won’t have anyone representing your interest in government. Then, you’ll be completely at the mercy of the Democrats. Do you really want that? No, you don’t. So, you better give us some wiggle room on tax increases, We’ll do our best to keep them minimal. You better settle for that for now and for awhile. This isn’t 2001, and we’re not in control of the whole government any more. We pushed obstruction too far and it blew up in our faces. Back off for awhile. This will blow over and then we can go back to business as usual.”

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thank you for offering this sound advice to the evil empire. Regrettably, I think we both know they will probably not heed it…

  3. chapril says:

    I will celebrate the day that Norquist goes down the tubes when the Republicans tell him that none of them will sign his agreement.

  4. Jay Reardon says:

    Hi Jack,

    Great summary of the past 80 years or so! First time I read your blog, thanks for the effort. I’m a retired Marine who got so disgusted I left the country last year and am retired in the Philippines. Keep up the superb analytical writing!/JayR

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Hi Jay!
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving that nice comment. Welcome aboard, and thank you also for your service! It is truly regrettable that one such as you felt it necessary to leave the country, but it shows how greatly we have declined as a nation in so many ways. No doubt today’s political right in this country would castigate you for your act, but we all know they are crazy anyway! What you have done shows you to be a man of high integrity, superior morality, and great reason. I salute you, sir, and encourage you to keep on stopping by! Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Jay Reardon says:

        Thanks for the reply Jack and Happy T-Day to you and your family. I’m lucky because of upbringing, parents and tremendous education in Boston — pretty liberal — but then saw the other side, so to speak — good and bad on both sides, of course. But the Rethugs and their policies have destroyed the middle class and the conservative media have brainwashed enough of the “low/no information” segment to make themselves politically competitive along with the 1%, the elites, Wall Street, Corporations and the Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Complex. Needless to say, my views have cost me some friendships on the right side — but I’m an only child and not lonely! Keep up the great writing!

  5. jackjodell53 says:

    You have an incredibly accurate grasp of the real world. Thank you so much for stopping by again, and please continue to do so – we need all the clear-thinkers we can get in this world! 🙂

    • Jay Reardon says:

      Thanks. I am continuously amazed at how people I know with education, intelligence and common sense become absolute, myth-based morons when it comes to politicians and national policy, especially since 9/11.

  6. I was looking for ideas for my very own site and noticed your own posting, “CRACKS IN THE REPUBLICAN WALL!
    | THE SATURDAY AFTERNOON POST”, do you care in case I apply
    a bit of of ur tips? Many thanks ,Jessica

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thank you, Jessica, and welcome aboard. You can apply whatever you like.I think you’ll also enoy my current post, “The Republican Civil War Has Begun!”

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