November 12, 2012  By Jack Jodell

Like most non-deluded, centrist, liberal/progressive Americans, I was delighted to see Mitt Romney and the conservative Republican agenda go down to defeat on election night. It reaffirmed  what I have maintained all along: that the massive Republican/Tea Party victory in 2010 was an aberration. I knew that, when the larger number of voters went to the polls in a presidential election (as opposed to the far-fewer voters which typically show up in off-year or midterm elections), many of the extremist, far-right crackpots would be voted out of office. Whenever the more sensible majority of voters cast their ballots, the crackpots nearly always lose. That is why the mean-spirited and defiant deadbeat dad Joe Walsh was defeated by 10 percentage points and the argumentative, crazy ideologue Allen West went down as well, even though both were the recipients of a huge amount of far-right political action committee secretive campaign funds. There are, after all, a few standards one must adhere to in order to be worthy of being on the public payroll, and both od these men failed to meet these standards, according to voters.

I laughed uproariously when I heard the news that Mitt Romney and a number of other high-ranking congressional Republicans were “shellshocked” that they had been defeated in their quest for the presidency and control of the Senate. How ignorant could these people be to think that they could easily saunter into the White House and total control of Congress on the “strength” of outdated and harmfully failed economic ideas, or taking anti-women and anti-Hispanic stances? Then I realized the horrible mistake they made: they had been ignorantly listening solely to the endless echo-chamber provided by the heavily biased far-right Fox “News” channel, and had virtually ignored all other legitimate media resources.  Indeed, Romney himself steadfastly refused to give any media interviews for the final 27 days of the campaign! Such haughty arrogance (or was it fear?) certainly did not work out in his favor!             

Perhaps the biggest losers of all on election night were those billionaires who set up and/or donated to secretive, far-right political action committees like Karl Rove’s notorious American Crossroads. The cocky Rove was dumbfounded to discover how failed his nefarious effort was, in that his effort to defeat the President and elect far-right Republicans to Congress yielded only a paltry 1.29% success rate among the electorate. In fact, fellow traveler and big blowhard Donald Trump termed it “a waste of money.” Likewise, the notorious Koch brothers were deservedly stymied in their multi-million dollar attempt to defeat Obama and secure a pliable, completely bought-out Republican congressional majority. But the biggest loser of all was the cantankerous old anti-labor Las Vegas mogul Sheldon Adelson, who dumped an estimated $100 million of his own fortune and countless millions from others into his failed Winning Our Future Super-PAC, which failed to win anything substantial whatsoever. Though these attempts by the filthy rich to buy the 2012 elections met with failure, don’t delude yourself for a minute that they will easily give up. For the wealthy HATE being denied what they really want, and they will not disappear easily. They will try again and again, refining and changing their tactics repeatedly, until they are forced by US, THE VOTING PUBLIC, to cease this sordid effort!

There are many looming crises in the road ahead. Oil interests are still aiming to force through potentially environmentally dangerous gas pipelines, and the push for nuclear energy, despite all its serious dangers and drawbacks, is once again on the rise. Climate change, as well as atmospheric and water pollution, is a reality we must tackle IMMEDIATELY! Labor unions will continue to be attacked and weakened. Reactionary Republicans will resist any effort to raise taxes on the super-rich, will resist any attempt to reduce our growing wealth disparity, and will instead attempt to impose austerity measures here at home which will devastate the poor, elderly, and disabled. They will attempt to deceive us by telling us this is necessary to reduce our debt. We progressives must remain ever vigilant and resist these reactionary attempts to turn our economic and social clocks backward. Though we have won the battle of the election of 2012, we must persevere and win the all-out class WAR these backward-looking fools have been engaging us in!

That is our great post-election challenge, and we MUST NOT FAIL!                    

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. djam45 says:

    I was slightly surprised that Romney lost but you know what? Obama and the Democrats won fair and square and if getting votes is the name of the game then Republicans from here on to infinity can never compete. But don’t forget that just like the Bush administration and all the other administrations before him when you get into office you owe the people that supported you. Well, Mr. Obama thee is a select, albeit small (I estimate approximately 20 million) group that think you owe them Mr. President. How are you gonna pay them back because I think they have some ridiculous expectations of you? I realize that this isn’t every one but what happens when he doesn’t give it to them? Will they revolt? What happens if he does give out more tax payer money? Will unemployment rise along with tax rates? Will the national debt rise to uncontrollable levels? Will we wish we were Greece?

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, djam45. Let me rassure you: Obama is not perfect and he will undoubtedly make further errors than he has already done. You pose a lot of worried, speculative questions here which are hard to answer definitively. First of all, I dispute the erroneous Republican view that he will somehow “give away” the ship and put us in the same boat as Greece. To be sure, we are debt-ridden, but a very large share of that debt was incurred due to the reckless economic policies of the Bush/Cheney regime, which gave huge and unnecessary prolonged tax breaks to the very rich while simultaneously blowing trillions on two wars which were not funded with increased taxes of any kind. To my horror, Obama continued those tax breaks. What will prevent us from slipping into Greece’s boat, however, will be increased revenue coming from those who re-enter employment, INCREASED TAXES on the very wealthy, and a sensible streamlining of government. We need to drop this foolish “supply side economics” nonsense and foster instead a demand-based economy, wherein increased employment coupled with rising wahes will spark a demand for more products and services, which will further spur employment growth and create increased revenue to pay down our debt with. Unemployment will NOT rise simply because the very wealthiest among us see a paltry 3.6% increase in their far-too-low tax rate!

      • djam45 says:

        Paltry 3.6%? How do you feel after the bill has been passed. Have you looked at the inflation rate and the predictability. No, he is not perfect and I personally was against the 2.0% so-called Bush tax cut. That was total bunk. That was supposed to be the 2.0% that would help me in retirement. Congress and Obama were right to put that back to the way it was, I was against it under Bush. By the way it started mostly under Reagan and Clinton had a balanced budget for a good portion of his presidency but still ended 8 years with a deficit. Wrong is still wrong but Clinton did a good job of being more responsible than the Republican presidents before and after him. Bush/Cheney ran from party values. They started two wars I believe because the public wanted to “blame” someone and put accountability on a country while finding a way to justify and benefit the United States. Oil seemed reasonable as well as picking on Sadam Husseing because he’s caused us problems in the past. Did a terrorist associated with 9-11 pass through or had been harbored in Iraq probably but Sadam was a dictator had he known he would have either supported it or killed the people involved. Wars used to stimulate economies, and I think they had no choice but to try it again and all it did was run up our national debt. Bush is not my knight in shinning armor but I can tell you this government especially Congress and Obama are either incompetent or they are running us into debt on purpose. Either way it is time to vote Republicans and Democrats out of office and start with a no-nonsense way of getting us out of debt and making this country stronger publicly and privately. I am familiar with Obama and his ways being from Illinois and I can encourage you if you like to back him, because, yes, it is true he isn’t perfect, but how come after 4 years you and many of your com-padres aren’t making him accountable. Bush is gone when is this going to be Obama’s blame for what goes wrong or are you gonna wait till he’s gone to make him accountable for anything. Liberals act like compromise isn’t a dirty word. Then, when they don’t compromise often the finger is pointed about how stupid conservatives are for letting them do what they did. When conservatives don’t compromise it’s their fault when things go wrong. So when our liberals responsible? Is it never? Cause that’s what it looks like to me. Your perfect and if your not it’s because someone didn’t stop you. Great policy on being personally accountable. And the voting class is so distracted no one will ever figure it out. Perfect isn’t it. The working conservative is too busy busting their ass and the liberal is happy to not be accountable because there is always someone else to blame. Isn’t that right? You can’t answer “definitively” by the way because in case you missed it the context of my whole reply is indeed speculative. Wages have been down for years by the way but who pays to push them up if employers are being taxed to oblivion. Did you ever take a single math or economics course. Minimum wage to survive today should be like $15 dollars in order to survive the kind of inflation we’ve had through the years. If you raise wages to that area jobs will have to be cut. There is only so much money and you can’t keep printing it from the Federal Reserve. Ask Paul Volcker. Are you dense?

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