October 31, 2012  By Jack Jodell

With the 2012 U,S. Presidential election only a mere 7 days away (THANK GOD!), we are winding down on a campaign which has been marred by constant LYING from Mitt Romney and his eager-beaver, yuppie-puppy running mate, Paul RUIN (whose proposed federal budget, if adopted, would completely destroy the American economy).  This, then, will be my final monthly installment featuring a digest of LIES these buffoons have been shamelessly feeding to the public for FAR too long a time. Bored? Just Google “Mitt Romney’s lies” and you will see more than 42,000,000 entries listed – that’s right: 42 MILLION! Do the same with Paul Ryan and you will be astounded to see a staggering 80,900,000 entries as of a few days ago, when I started putting this post together! Below are some of THIS month’s whoppers: 1). Romney  LIED UNDER OATH while testifying in the divorce trial of Tom Stenberg, the founder of Staples (one of Romney-led Bain Capital’s early acquisitions).  Romney testified that Staples’ stock was “overvalued” and that “I didn’t place a great deal of credibility in the company’s future.” But only weeks after the divorce hearings ended, both Romney and Stenberg cashed in their Staples stock for a small fortune, and today, Romney proudly points to Staples, calling it one of his biggest success stories and cites it as proof that he knows how to create jobs.

2). Romney told a group of General Motors workers in Ohio that Jeep (owned by Chrysler, which is in turn owned by the Italian auto manufacturer Fiat) “is thinking of moving all production to China.” This was a bald-faced lie, because Chrysler NEVER said it was moving all Jeep production to China. Instead, Fiat will only be ADDING factories in China to produce one of its most popular products, Jeep, there for Chinese consumers. NO Jeep production factories existing here will be closed down and shipped to China!

3). Paul RUIN barged in on a Youngstown, OH charity soup kitchen with his wife, children, and a full camera crew hours AFTER its last poor recipient had been fed, and demanded he be led to the kitchen, where he promptly began washing dishes for the cameras. This was a deliberate and cynically  dishonest, staged attempt to show his supposed concern for the poor. Why didn’t he simply show up earlier, ON TIME, and actually DISPENSE soup to the poor?     

4). Romney claimed he asked for a list of qualified women to serve on his cabinet immediately following his 2003 inauguration as governor of Massachusetts and that he was given “a binder full of women” suitable for the tasks. This was a LIE in that the state had previously PROVIDED him, without any prompting from him whatsoever, a list of female candidates. Even worse, he made this statement in a sly attempt to avoid the question of whether or not he supported equal pay for women doing the same job as their male counterparts. He has STILL not answered the question abiut equal pay for equal woek!

5). Paul RUIN claims that President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu were in New York at the same time and that Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu to instead appear on a TV talk show. This is a deliberate LIE designed to put a wedge between Obama and American Jews, insinuating that the President was neglecting one of our closest allies. For, during the week of Sept. 24, both men indeed addressed the United Nations but were NOT in the city at the same time! Obama was in New York on Monday and Tuesday, but NETANYAHU DID NOT ARRIVE UNTIL THURSDAY. Proof of this lack of neglect by the President can be found in the words of Israeli Defense Minimster Egud Barak himself: “…this administration under President Obama is doing, in regard to our security, more than anything I can remember in the past.”

6) . Romney has claimed that his proposed economic policies will create “12 million new jobs over the next 4 years” and that his proposed energy policy will make “all of North America completely energy independent in 8 (5?) years.” Yet he has failed to say exactly HOW these noble goals will be achieved, and at one point said this energy independence would occur in 8 years, and then later on changed this figure to 5 years. These are completely unsupported LIES.

7). Romney has touted his mythical 5 point plan to restore our economy to healthy growth. He claims he will do this by cutting taxes on “job creators” (i.e. the upper 1% of income takers) and by giving everyone a 20-25% tax cut. He also claims that he will fund this by reducing tax credits on the ultra-rich and ensure that it is revenue-neutral,  and that it will not add to our national debt or cause middle class taces to rise in any way. Yet this does not stand up to scrutiny, according to 6 different studies of the plan done by the nation’s leading economists.  They have concluded instead that the ONLY way to fund such a ludicrously radical plan is to MASSIVELY SLASH ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS and to RAISE  TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS!  Of course, Romney denies these facts but has offered NO specifics on how the plan would be achieved.  His vagueness on this very vital topic is a clear indication he is LYING on this, too! After all, with a clearly documented pattern of dishonesty from him having already been proven, why would we start trusting him on this? Like the ficticious Mr. Peabody flanked with his naive, ignorant, and boyish Sherman at his side, Romney and RUIN are proposing to push the country into their twisted version of a WAYBACK Machine in which we will be transported WAY BACK to the social policies of the pre-1950s and even further back to the disastrously unfair economic policies  of the 1890s! This nation can ill afford such a departure from the realities and necessities of our modern age, and that is yet another of an infinitesimal number of reasons why MITT ROMNEY MUST NOT BE ELECTED PRESIDENT ON NOVEMBER 6!!!


About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. kay m. f. says:

    I am so relieved this election is over and although i would have preferred mcain in 2008 i am glad romney didnt win. Only ron paul could have beaten obama but unfortunately the race was between pres. Obama and romney. I believe the best man won.

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