October 17, 2012  By Jack Jodell
President Obama came out swinging in last night’s debate. In so doing, he may very well have saved his presidency. While neither candidate suffered or administrated a severe knockout punch, by forcefully standing his ground  on both the 9/11 attack in Libya and his successful bailout of the American automobile industry, the President emerged with a much-coveted victory.

Romney, naturally, was unable to defend his intenable comments concerning his stated belief that 47% of the electorate didn’t matter to him because, in his words, they viewed themselves as “victims” who were basically slackers sponging off of the government. It was fabulous that the President, in one of his last remarks of the evening, was able to drive this point home at the very end! I think this demonstrated, more than anything, the Republicans’ callous disregard for the poor and middle class, many of whom THEY, as wealthy business owners and trust-funders,  are actually sponging off of, THEMSELVES, through their paying of a much lower rate of income taxes on capital gains (where a large part of their income and wealth is derived from)!

True to form, Romney tried to lie his way out of the fact that he had advocated the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler at the beginning of 2009, and mumbled some absolute gibberish and nonsense about how the President had pushed these companies through bankruptcy himself, which was a bald-faced LIE. The truth is, of course, that Obama rescued these companies and set them once more on a profitable course by making them restructure and by granting large, much-needed government loans. These loans, every penny of which has been paid back, offered them capital at a very desprtate time when Romney’s Wall Street banking buddies were in no position to make such loans. 

Romney was a typical Republican selfish bully much of the night, awkwardly trying to grab more time than he was entitled to and attempting to run roughshod over both moderator Candy Crowley AND the President. Fortunately, neither Ms. Crowley nor the President allowed themselves to be run over in such a fashion. Romney’s contempt for Obama was plainly evident. I would say he has equally strong contempt for the federal government he now wishes to gain control of. 

But for me, the defining moment of the debate came when the President criticized Romney’s politically-motivated statements which were given immediately following the 0/11 Libyan attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. In one fell swoop, Obama clearly demonstrated Romney’s recklessness and foolhardy opportunism, and made it obvious that Romney is definitely not ready for prime time as Commander-In-Chief. 

For it has become very clear that Romney will tell any lie, or say or do virtually anything, to obtain a vote. He is thoroughly self-centered and both he and his yuppie-puppy running mate Paul RUIN are overly ambitious. Romney has spent the last 20 years of his life trying to become President any way he can, and has contradicted himself repeatedly in that entire time. For that very reason, he has proven himself untrustworthy and not fit for the job of President.

Obama himself summed it up best last night when he said to Romney, “That is not what we do!”         

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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6 Responses to “THAT IS NOT WHAT WE DO!”

  1. Max's Dad says:

    Obama put Rombot back on his heels a few times last night. Mittens does not like to be talked back to. You could tell he wanted to call security in to remove that intimidating guest from his “grounds” for speaking back to His Lordship. Good job, Mr.President. Defending ourselves! It IS what we do, when you lie.

  2. S.W Anderson says:

    I especially like your focus on “That’s not what we do.” That is a favorite line of Obama’s, and a call to the better angels of our nature, not selfishness and greed. A telling point of separation between himself and Romney, as well. Obama’s career has been about public service. Romney’s has been about getting Romney fortune, fame and power.

    Technically, Romney made a fair point about the fact GM and Chrysler went through a form of bankruptcy. But you’re right about how he misled. For a company in dire straits to be able to do the kind of restructuring the car makers had to do to survive, it’s necessary to get loans or underwriters. When GM and Chrysler needed that no banks or others with the money were willing to back them. So, yes, if the government hadn’t stepped in, they would’ve gone through the kind of bankruptcy where the court administers the selling off of their assets to repay creditors, on the way to their final demise. Bankruptcy isn’t one thing, and the tone of Romney’s op ed told me he envisioned GM and Chrysler going out of business once and for all.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Your characterization of Romney and his motives are right on the mark.Obama has indeed been a public servant, while Romney has had ulterior motives for far too long. He is definitely a cold-hearted and ruthless predator.

  3. Hello Jack,
    This piece was written by Microdot and posted on Muddy’s Site.

    With the Republican Party once again trying to purge the voting rolls in other states this election just as they did in Florida during the 2000 election; we need to be mindful of repeating the tactics of the tampering of the Diebold electronic voting machines as they did in the 2004 stealing that election.

    I have stated that we need to be aware of the Republican Party will once again try to steal the election through the manipulation of the electronic voting machines as they did in Ohio in the 2004 election. Yes according to the vote counting of those e-voting machines of Diebold in the Cleveland area, George W. Bush got over 120,000 plus STRAIGHT votes and not one vote for Kerry to break up that unique voting streak in an area that is predominantly Democratic and African American. Oddly not the typical G. W. Bush or Conservative Republican demographics, but we are to believe that 120,000 voters lined up and ALL voted for G. W. Bush.

    Bottom line is this is what swung the election into Bush’s favor and gave him another 4 years….which destroyed the U.S. Economy to the state we are in today. Yes it is well documented that the 2004 election was stolen by the Republicans.

    Well it appears that this scenario is being attempted yet once again.

    Hart Intercivic is the Tech Company that manufactures the E voting machines used in Ohio and a few other states now.

    Hart Intercivic Technologies was recently acquired as a “strategic investment” by a Company called H.I.G. Capital which is directly controlled by the Romney/Bain Investment team and a partner with Solamere Capital, the investment group the Romney’s are involved in and under investigation at the present time for unethical business practices, even though they are trying desperately to cover it up before the election This trail leads directly to Tagg Romney.

    It only takes about $10 worth of electronic components to remotely hack these voting electronic machines.

    An investigation of Tagg Romney needs to be ordered immediately by Attorney General Eric Holder, and the crookedness of the Romney’s exposed for what it is!

    Please pass on this information as we cannot allow another stolen election such as 2004!

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