July 14, 2012  By Jack Jodell

So far, it’s been a very hot summer. Things have seemingly slowed to a crawl as we have all been wilting in the severe heat. I heard this past week that the temperature reached 128 DEGREES FAHRENHEUT in Death Valley, California! The American presidential candidates have taken to the road, with each visiting dozens of communities to address local citizens as well as the tag-along  national media. This particular sliver in time got me to thinking (and that usually doesn’t mean good things for conservative, reactionary Republicans and their corporatist financial backers). I started thinking of a number of rhetorical questions I wanted answered by the country’s right-wing, and these questions are listed below:

1). WHY DO YOU LIE AND DISTORT THE TRUTH SO MUCH? We all know that politicians and their staffs are prone to stretch the truth, but why do you on the far-right seemingly use the lie as a campaign tool? Why does your standard-bearer, Mitt Romney, go around telling one horrific whopper after another? How gullible and stupid do you think we voters are? How did a government-sponsored health care plan, theAffordable Care Act, go from  being a bill to ensure medical coverage for millions more Americans to being “socialized medicine” or “government-run health care” complete with “death panels”?

2). WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO PERPETRATE THE MYTH THAT  LOWER TAXES ON THE WEALTHY WILL CREATE JOBS AND THAT RAISING TAXES ON THE WEALTHY WILL DESTROY JOBS? The ridiculous George W. Bush tax cuts for the rich have been in effect for nearly 11 YEARS. They were sold to us as being the recipe for creating millions of new, good-paying American jobs. Where ARE those jobs? VERY FEW were created here in America! Realistically, millions of American hobs were outsurced to China, Mexico, India, The Phillippines, Bamgladesh, Vietnam, and other slave labor markets. To make matters even worse, the overwhelming amount of tmoney which has been saved from these tax cuts over the past decade has gone to increased CEO perks and salaries, NOT to the workers who produce the goods and provide the services! Also, how do you explain that, after having RAISED TAXES on upper incomes, Bill Clinton was able to create 23 MILLION NEW JOBS? If increased taxes stifle job creation, why, then, were so many jobs created in the 1990s after that tax hike?  Could it be that this notion is another baseless LIE?

3). WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO LABEL PRESIDENT OBAMA’S ECONOMIC POLICIES AS FAILED AND “SOCIALISTIC”? This man bailed out Wall Street and the automotive industry by continuing policies begun under George W. Bush  first, and next set them both upuon fairer, more common sense, and profitable courses. He never took over their means of production, jailed their leaders, put their CEOs and laborers on state-funded salaries, confiscated all their assets, or set wage or price controls in any way. The man basically SAVED capitalism  for you, and did this before he even turned his attention to the needs of the common people! There was nothing socialist whatsoever in his economic policies – he even held onto the same Federal Reserve team and economic advisors Bush had! What the hell more could you ask for? Why do you constantly berate and castigate this person who did all of your bidding for you? WHAT TYPE OF INGRATES ARE YOU, ANYWAY? Also, the ONLY reason his policies are faltering now is that YOU have refused to fund or continue them, NOT because they were flawed to begin with!

4). WHY, IN YOUR ZEAL TO REDUCE THE DEFICIT, (something you NEVER seriously fought for or even considered doing during the disastrous , deficit-EXPANDING Bush-Cheney years), DO YOU ONLY FOCUS ON CHOPPING SOCIAL SPENDING AND COMPLETELY IGNORE WASTEFUL SPENDING ELSEWHERE IN THE BUDGET?  You adamantly refuse to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2%, even though the lack of those funds has greatly added to the deficit. You steadfastly will not end ridiculoisly wasteful, expensive, and unneeded subsidies to big oil, big pharma, big defense, and big multinational corporations. WHY? Why do you instead try to continually reduce aid to the poor, the handicapped, the sick, and the elderly? Doesn’t this ever strike you as being a bit unfair, cruel, and even EXTREME?

5). WHY ARE YOU SO RIDICULOUSLY INTOLERANT AND NARROW-MINDED? There is remarkably little diversity of opinion within your ranks today. Everything is “my way or the highway” with you. Is this the behavior you undertake with your significant other as well? You KNOW this spirit of uncompromising stances is not healthy in any sense of the word for a democracy like oues. The Founding Fathers, whom you claim to revere and respect, made many compromises as they met to draft the Constitution, and made many afterward as well. THEY NEVER marched in lock-step or voted in inison, as you so often do. Your behavior in recent Congresses has come to more closely resemble that of the old Nazi regime, or of the old Soviet, Stalinist-era Politburo than that of traditionally republican America. When the hell will you regain sanity, lighten up a bit, and start to allow for more diversity within your ranks and our government as a whole? Are you afraid of progress, or creative NEW ideas?

6). WHEN WILL YOU ABANDON YOUR PREPOSTEROUS IDOLATRY OF THAT GRADE-B MOVIE ACTOR, RONALD REAGAN?  Yes, he was a forceful personality. Yes, he believed in America’s greatness. Yes, he cut taxes, some of which may have been arguably too high at that time. But he also LIED about Iran Contra, courted and aided Saddam Hussein, and told the VERY tall tale about “welfare queens” driving expensive Cadillacs at taxpayer expense!  He appealed to the country’s baser, more self-centered instincts  even as he paid paradoxical tribute to the more communal, universal values espoused by his late great hero, Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is high time you started to see Reagan in a more genuine and realistic light and end the ridiculisly fabled obsession with him, don’t you think?

7). WHY DO YOU REPEATEDLY GRANDSTAND AND HOLD MEANINGLESS CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS AND VOTES, WHEN YOU KNOW FULL WELL YOUR EFFORTS ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND TAXPAYER MONEY? Why have you had – not one – but a full THIRTY THREE votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, once even after it was declared constitutional by the Extreme Court, knowing in advance your repeal would NEVER pass the Senate and would certainly be vetoed by the President? Why did you stage lengthy hearings and then vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress for the first time in our entire history, when you knew damn well it would result in absolute futility? These useless and symbolic gestures are a time-wasting insult to taxpayers, especially when they take up valuable time and money which could be far better spent on important and needed legislation, like coming up with a great jobs program and repairing and modernizing pur crumbling infrastructure!

8). WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA’S POOR, HOMELESS, AND WORKERS SO MUCH? Don’t tell me this is not so, because your attitudes and actions speak loudly in the opposite direction. You have absolutely no time for the poor and voted 9 times in a row against raising the minimum wage – some of you have even stated you would prefer to see it altogether abolished!  The vast majority of the poor are NOT lazy, or waiting for a handout, or gaming the system like some of YOU try to do, contrary to whatever else you may think.A good number of them are YOUR VICTIMS! Many work in YOUR companies and are underpaid by YOU just so YOU can enjoy the good life – at THEIR expense! What type of malarkey is this? Why do you oppose higher taxes on the wealthy to aid the homeless, many of whom exist in that state mainly because they fought in YOUR wars and returned home to a desolate economic landscape YOU helped forge by repealing proven, common sense laws like Glass-Steagall and insisting on ending proven, longstanding regulatory practices in many other industries? Why have you embraced the wholesale flight of American plants and good-paying jobs to slave labor countries outside our borders, just so that only a privileged, very small minority can reap huge rewards? How can you possibly defend these actions? Lastly,

9). WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE JOBS YOU PROMISED? All through 2010, you campaigned and repeatedly told us that “jobs are the number one priority” and that electing a Republican House majority would result in a more business-friendly environment which would lead to millions of new jobs being created. But the moment you regained control of the House, you immediately abandoned the jobs pledge and embarked instead on slashing the budget (especially its social entitlements), attempting to end Planned Parenthood, enacting voter-disenfranchisement laws of dubious nature, and holding wasteful hearings dealing with harassing and embarrassing the Arrorney General. YOU NEVER EVEN DISCUSSED OR PROPOSED ONE SINGLE JOBS BILL! So I now repeat: WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE JOBS YOU PROMISED, MR. BOEHNER? MR. CANTOR? MR. McCONNELL? What have we taxpayers been wasting $174,000 per year on each of your miserable salaries for? All our money has bought has been millions of dollars wasted on bickering, grandstanding, and worthless obstruction!

I don’t really expect any right-wingers to honestly or logically provide answers to these questions. After all, their positions on each of them are illogical, indefensible, and exytrme. We voters know, for example, that these scoundrels never had any intention whatsoever of drafting and passing a Federal jobs bill. Jobs for unemployed Americans were NEVER their priority – their sole ambition has been to evict the President after one term and then seize total power for themselves. We will make them pay dearly for their treachery this November, however, when we BOOT THEIR SORRY ASSES OUT OF GOVERNMENT FOR GOOD!

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. mudrake says:


    Jack, I’m not sure that the right-wing knows that they are lying and distorting. I’ve come to the conclusion that, in their alternate universe, they ‘believe’ that what they say [read: what the propagandists tell them] is in fact true. It is pathetic, but that’s what I have come to understand.

    You know the motto of the Science Channel- Question everything! Well, many of us do exactly that, yet many on the right ‘believe’ stuff because some authoritarian figure ‘said it.’ That’s the difference in their mind, their brain. We and they process information quite differently. Wasn’t there a recent report about the brains of Dems and GOPers?

    And so, do we feel sorry for them in their alternate universe? Or do we skewer them? It really doesn’t matter which path we choose because, in the end, nothing will change.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thank you for providing those insights into the diseased right-wing mind. I know we’ll never be able to drag them kicking and screaming into the real world, but if we can convince enough moderates and independents into voting against them and denying them governmental power, the threat they pose to a sane and humane way of life for our citizens will have become nullified. That is why I blog as I do…

  2. One of the things that’s so astonishing about all this is the idolatry of Reagan, who was an incredibly stupid man. I can understand the worship of conservative leaders who were actually good ones — Winston Churchill was put down, and rather understandably, as sort of like the English Rush Limbaugh of his day in the 1920s Brit press. But he apparently matured into a good leader when the situation was thrust upon him. I am unaware of any such credentials that Reagan has, or will ever have.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Manifesto Joe,
      I couldn’t agree more. He didn’t impress me in the 1980s, and will never impress me. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time and rode the wave. Nothing at all profound or visionary in his writing or his public life. To enshrine him in greatness as today’s reactionaries do doesn’t say much about THEIR “vision” for this country. They may as well be worshiping a cold, dead statue.

  3. Great list of questions they wouldn’t dare answer, Jack. It’s a bit long for me to help them out with all of them, but I’ll a couple of them what conservatives/tea partyers/Republicans can’t and won’t answer.

    Why do you lie . . .?

    If your party’s last president had a record like George W. Bush’s; if your last candidates for president and v.p. were as embarrassingly inept and unsuitable as John McCain and Sarah Palin; and if your apparent nominee this time around was a flip-flopping, secretive liar who can’t get through a week without putting both his left feet in his mouth, you’d lie too.

    What’s more, if your party’s budget guru was trying to destroy Medicare; trying to de-fund Medicaid and give states a block grant they might or might not use for the needy who are sick or injured; and also out to cut taxes for the rich even more while sticking it to everyone else with reduced services and destroyed safety net on one hand, and higher taxes on the other, you’d lie like a champ too.

    Why do you continue to perpetrate the myth that lower taxes on the wealthy will create jobs and that raising taxes on the wealthy will destroy jobs?

    Because Stalin and Hitler’s propagandists proved that the big-lie technique works, that’s why. Because only by convincing enough gullible people this is true can we ensure the rich will keep giving us more and more campaign money with which to fund more and more propaganda. We’re like Wiley Coyote, aloft off the edge of a cliff, defying gravity, kept from taking a nasty fall by sheer force of money and lies like the above. Cut off the money and the lies, and down we go.

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