By Jack Jodell, June 2, 2012

Wisconsin, there is a good reason so many of you have been out on the streets and marching at the State Capitol for the past year and a half. Your Governor, the infamous ideologue Scott Walker, lied to you when he ran for the office in 2010. He told you he wanted to end Wisconsin’s jobs crisis by making Wisconsin more business-friendly to attract more job creating companies. What he didn’t tell you (because he knew damn well he would never be elected if  he did) was that he would achieve this by pushing through massive tax reductions for corporations, by laying off thousands of state government workers, and by eliminating the collective bargaining rights your police, firefighters, and public school teachers have jad in force for the past 50 YEARS! That’s right, friends: Scott Walker is the man who took away the right of your police and firefighters to have any say in the type of gear they are equipped with or to bargain with the state for a competitive wage in these tough times. Even worse than this, the jobs Walker said would be created as a result of these massive tax cuts have created a whopping deficit (which he conveniently and dishonestly blamed on state labor unions and the Democrats), and have NOT created jobs! During Walker’s short time of mismanaging this state, Wisconsin has been the ONLY state to record NEGATIVE JOBS GROWTH!

Scott Walker snuck into office by narrowly winning in an off-year election, and then sneakily began to implement a very far-right agenda as though he had been elected in a huge landslide. He has embarrassed the state repeatedly, first by comparing himself to Ronald Reagan in a phone call he took when he thought he was speaking with out-of state billionaire David Koch; then by being caught talking about his real aim to destroy Wisconsin’s labor unions when he thought there were no live mics present; and then by spending a large amount of time out of the state campaigning before other far-right billionaires to solicit an unbelievable $25.3 MILLION  to avoid being recalled in this election! No doubt by now you have seen the results of all this far-right billionaire funding, in the nonstop deceitful TV and radio ads and robocalls he has been running. This is unprecedented for a Wisconsin gubernatorial election, voters. I mean, who does he think he was elected to serve – out of state billionaires, or the people of Wisconsin? More evidence of this detrimental out-of-state interference funded by billionaire cash has been the way Walker’s opponent’s main headquarters have repeatedly had their ohone lines tied up as a result of vile text messages sent out to Wisconsin residents urging them to call that office to complain. This is dirty tricks at its worst, and it is a cynical attempt to prevent the opposing campaogn from being able to reach likely voters by phone.

But the absolute worst aspect of Walker’s mismanagement has been the fact that Walker is the ONLY sitting Governor with a criminal defense fund set up by him! So far, SIX of his former closest aides and associates during his tenure as Milwaukee County executive have been charged with a total of 15 FELONIES AND 3 MISDEMEANORS regarding possible campaign or election violations. This includes embezzlement of charitable funds donated for the families of soldiers killed in action, the enticement of children for sex, secret email networks, illegal campaign contributions, and the abuse of taxpayer resources.  Now WALKER HIMSELF HAS BEEN NAMED AS A TARGET OF THIS INVESTIGATION!  So Walker has now diverted campaign contributions to pay for this criminal defense fund.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is simply NOT in the Wisconsin tradition of good, fair, open government, and that is why this sneaky Scott Walker MUST be replaced as Wisconsin’s governor next Tuesday!

Remember also, what happens in Wisconsin’s election next Tuesday will be viewed very keenly by other far-right reactionary Republicans nationwide. If they see Walker triumphantly sneak in and win another tight election directly as the result of special interest and billionaire funding, they, too, will launch their own attacks on unions and workers’ rights in their own states. That is perhaps the most important reason SCOTT WALKER MUST BE DEFEATED NEXT TUESDAY, JUNE 5!

ELECT TOM BARRETT WISCONSIN GOVERNOR ON TUESDAY, JUNE 5! RETURN FAIRNESS, OPENNESS, AND SANITY TO STATE GOVERNMENT! Tom Barrett is a real Wisconsite, not some smug, uncaring sneaky far-right ideologue puppet for out-of-state billionaires! Tom Barrett will restore the worker rights that Scott Walker has taken away and destroyed. WISCONSIN NEEDS AN OPEN AND HONEST GOVERNOR LIKE TOM BARRETT TO SAFEGUARD THE FUTURE! ELECT TOM BARRETT GOVERNOR ON TUESDAY!

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. Darlene says:

    The polls should be showing him so far down it would take a shovel to dig him out, but money talks loud and it appears this will be a squeaker. That’s a scary forecast for November..

  2. Darlene is right. If Walker wins it will be a victory of what the Supremes’ perverse, idiotic Citizens United decision has made possible over democracy.

    One thing that has gotten so little mention in the national media, that should be a damning indictment for Barrett and the unions to make against Walker is that in running for governor he deceitfully left out his agenda. He didn’t campaign on busting unions, “divide and conquer,” and de-funding schools and public services so he could cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy. That dishonesty alone should have the state’s nonwealthy out in force to vote against him, Democrats, independents and any Republicans who don’t like being lied to. We’ll see.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      You’re so right, and what the mainstream media fails to mention on a daily basis could fill a fleet of semis. It is CRUCIAL that all progressive and fair-minded Wisconsin voters go to the polls tomorrow to recall this deceitful liar!

  3. Max's Dad says:

    I don’t pray, but if I did, I would pray this tool Walker goes down. This is really serious , Jack. It isn’t about some two bit yokel running Wisconsin, it’s about destroying a way of life, a political party, and establishing one party rule thanks to Citizens United. This Walker HAS to be beaten.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Max;s Dad,
      You are so very correct – this IS serious! That’s why we can use all the prayers, good thoughts, and/or positive energy we can get, because this ruthless, criminal ideologue MUST go down to defeat!

  4. JollyRoger says:

    It will depend on turnout. No way Walker wins if the good folks vote. But they have to vote, because the idiots ALWAYS vote.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Jolly Roger,
      You are very correct to say that the idiot GOP always votes, while the Dems tend to be more lackadaisical in their voting behavior. Obama has set a pathetic example, though, by failing to actively campaign for Barrett. All the President did was to send a wimpy little tweet which tepisly endorsed Barrett. Utterly disgraceful! At least Bill Clinton had the balls yo actually show up in Wisconsin to give a fiery speech.

  5. Hello Jack,
    Bottom line, if Walker Wins, Wisconsin Looses. I did a posting today on this subject.

    The true and sad outcome for the State of Wisconsin is if Scott Walker does win and keeps up the worker’s abuse legislative mandates, doesn’t the Free Enterprise System still work and applied here?

    What I am saying, those good and talented employees will eventually move and relocate to an area where a living wage can be earned with respectful treatment, leaving the “Lesser Than” behind to fill those ranks in Wisconsin. In the long run this is “Where Water Seeks It’s Own Level,” and the State Of Wisconsin will be the looser in the long run. This could already explain the “NEGATIVE JOBS GROWTH” you spoke of.

    This is what Wisconsin is going to get should Governor Scott Walker withstand the recall. Wisconsin was once better than this and still could be. It will all be left to the voters today.

  6. jackjodell53 says:

    Hello, Engineer.
    What we fear is that the so-called free enterprise system will only be free for the wealthy, because if all union labor disappears as Walker wants it to, workers’ wages will plummet to the point of starvation. That’s why we want him defeated so badly, as the wealthy have never volunteered to split the pie evenly or fairly with workers!

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