By Jack Jodell, May 31, 2012

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has spent his entire political life waffling on issues and telling one massive lie after another. This pathetic rich boy will say or do virtually ANYTHING if he thinks he can get a vote out of it. Because he is so shamefully dishonest, I thought I would begin a monthly listing of the biggst lies he has told each month, and I will continue this monthly listing all the way up until election day in November. I do this in the hope that the vast number of lies he tells may convince any fence-straddlers to vote against him, on the grounds that he thoroughly lacks moral character and is completely unstable and untrustworthy. The lies tallied here are numerous, but by no means 100% complete. To list EVERY lie Romney tells each day would require this blog to easily be twice or three times its average posting size, and I won’t put you through all of that. Consider this, then, a mere digest of Mitt Romney’s monthly lies. Just watch, though, as Romney’s Pinocchio-nose starts growing with each of these whoppers!

Leslie Parsley of the great blog PARSLEY’S PICS ( was kind enough to provide a link to a website which has been chronicling Romney’s continual lying far longer than mine. I invite you to go there; it’s at . After you have perused it for a while, come back and finish with the more recent lies I have listed below (if you still have the stomach for it). 

1). “[My father] was born poor.” Sorry, Mitt, but your father was NEVER “born poor”! That is a blatant LIE and you know it! Your father George was born to two Mormons at a time when polygamy was still practiced by some in that religion. This practice caused many Mormons to become persecuted within our borders. Consequently, many Mormons, polygamous or otherwise, chose to move to other countries. Your grandfather, a very successful and prosperous carpenter and house-builder, chose to move his family to Mexico, where your father was born in 1907. Seventeen years earlier, the Mormon Church finally abandoned and forbade the practice of polygamy, so eventually Grandpa Romney moved the entire clan back to Utah. He immediately set up shop and, a few years later, aided by some recompense money many returning Mormons were offered by our government,was prosperous enough to send daddy Romney off to college in the days when almost exclusively only the wealthy could addord to send their children to college. Just like it was daddy’s money which enabled MITT to go to college. So stop offering us this ridiculous up-by-his-own-bootstraps story of your father having been “born poor.”

2). Speaking before several unemployed Floridians in January of 2011, the inempathetic Romney proclaimed, chuckling, “I should tell my story…I’m also unemployed.” This man should have been ashamed to make such a ridiculous and flippant statement in front of some very serious and concerned out-of-work people! With an estimated fortune of $250 MILLION, there is absolutely no pressing need for him to EVER hold another job, very unlike those to whom he was speaking. In the first place, he has been unemployed the past 6 years completely by choice, as he’s been running for President all that time. Secondly, his “unemployment” was never caused by market conditions or by the reckless gambling of Wall Street hedge fund managers, his pals, as nearly everyone else’s was. What Romney was obviously trying to do, in his clumsy and oafish Herman Munster-ish sort of way, was to make these prospective voters think he had something in common with them, IS one of them, and that Baeack Obama was somehow at fault for all their hardship. Sorry, Willard: you were neither amusing nor cute nor deserving of sympathy for this comment; you were actually being deceitfully insensitive!

A perfect example of Romney’s freshest batch of lies came unsolicited to my mailbox, addressed specifically to ME, this past week. It was a campaign solicitation letter sent out by his election staff, and it was brimming with blatant bullshit, almost from the very start!

3). Very early on, it states: “President Obama’s policies created a deeper recession and hampered our efforts to recover…” Patent nonsense! Obama took an inhereited economy, one ruined by “free trade” capitalists like Romney, and one that was losing 700,000+ each month, and turned it around to create positive private sector job growth in each of the past 26 straight months! He saved GM and Chrysler from certain bankruptcy, and his stimulus program rescued many thousands of teachers, firefighters, and policemen from losing their jobs. While unemployment remains high and is slowly creeping downward at a painfully slow pace, the fact remains that Obama actually SAVED capitalism in America and Republicans, including Romney,  stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that truth!

4). “Under the Obama administration, the middle class has been crushed…our debt is too high and our opportunities too few” the letter goes on to say. Another lie. The so-called crushing of the middle class began chiefly with the previous George W. Bush administration, when huge tax cuts were given to the wealthy ostensibly for the purpose of creating good paying jobs, but the only jobs that were ever created were cheap-paying jobs OVER IN CHINA! Romney himself had a heavy hand in this, when, as CEO of the predator capital firm Bain Capital, he pocketed millions while simultaneously bankrupting many companies and then sending their workers’ jobs out of the country! Romney and Bush were, together, and along with the current Republican congressional contingent, far more guilty of depriving Americans of opportunity than Obama has been at any time!

5). Romney goes on to claim that Obama has “made the government bigger, bloated, and burdensome” and that he “dramatically increased the deficit”. He also states that Obama “created jobs-killing regulation.” All of this is part of the current reactionary Republican mantra of nonstop lies and distortions. For it completely avoids the fact that it was George W. Bush and the then Republican-controlled Congress which proposed and rubber-stamped  government-expanding legislation in the early 2000s, as well as starting two very costly, undunded wars, and passed numerous deregulaulation efforts which eventually led us to a near-depression!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the lies Mitt Romney tells nearly every day. There will be more listed at the end of next month, as well as at the end of the next three months after that.


About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. Dude, you have to understand what “poor” means to certain types of people! What Slick Willard probably means is that old George had to actually learn how to heat his own Campbell’s soup and put together a ham sandwich a few times for his own supper. I doubt if Slick Willard ever had to do any of that, but hey, Daddy knew grinding poverty!

  2. tnlib says:

    Romney is like the weather in some areas of the country. Give him 15 minutes and he changes. (Thanks for the shout-out.)

  3. “Romney has spent his entire political life waffling on ussues and telling one massive lie after another. This pathetic rich boy will say or do virtually ANYTHING if he thinks he can get a vote out of it.”

    So true, but Romney is to be pitied as well as condemned. Imagine what it must do to his ego to realize he has to incessantly lie to stand a chance of winning and that it has cost the better part of $100 million just to hard-sell him to his own party.

    Put yourself in Romney’s shoes for a moment. Imagine yourself in a situation where you have to go out and sell something today to have a place to stay and something to eat tomorrow. But all you have to sell is a wagon load of BS and a few bottles of poison. You’d have to lie like a champ, too, or end up sleeping under a bridge and Dumpster diving for something to eat.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      It’s very hard to imagine Mittens in such desperate straits. He’d just find a way to dive for fresh caviar or something. 🙂

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  5. Glenn says:

    This is an excellent site! The Obama campaign should seriously use alot of your info… Excellent again

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