By Jack Jodell, May 20, 2012

Regular followers of this blog know I have had a tendency to focus on many of the problems in our country as well as on those whom I believe are contributing, or have contributed to, those problems. I have done so to draw attention to the many flaws we have here in America, in hopes that an improvement will be made. I will continue doing so on a regular basis.

Near year’s end each year, I post an annual December feature, which I call “Santa’s Bozo of the Year.” It spotlights some of the fools and clowns in public life whose antics were so outlandish that they were deserving of ridicule. In a similar fashion each spring, I take an opposite approach and do a different annual feature, which portrays an individual of today or yesterday whose contributions to humanity and/or our country have been so spectacular, courageous, and/or noteworthy that they should be lauded near and far as good examples of what we as humans can achieve, if we only put our minds and hearts to it. After all, not everything going on in the world is doom and gloom. So here is the fourth installment of this annual mid-year feature I call the “Head and Heart Award.” Past recipients of this award have been VAN JONES, KEITH OLBERMANN, and MOTHER TERESA. The individual featured  here has used his or her head and heart to produce great things for humankind, and has shown themself to be a beacon of light in an often vast sea of darkness. This person should serve as an inspiration to us ALL to DO something, to take a principled stand, using OUR heads and hearts on behalf of our fellow brothers and sisters, rather than simply sitting back complacently enjoying the relatively good life we have experienced here in the United States.  I have therefore chosen the recipient of this year’s award to be:

NICK HANAUER, a most enlightened American venture capitalist, author, and high-tech entrepreneur. Mr. Hanauer is the co-founder of the Seattle-based venture capital firm Second Avenue Partners, which funds and advises early-stage companies like Oliance, Newsvine, and House Values. He has amassed a net worth of $1 BILLION, having accomplished this by selling a number of tech companies for very high prices. One of these was the 2007 sale of aQuantive Inc. to Microsoft for a cool $6.4 BILLION.

Born in New York in 1959, Hanauer earned a degree in Philosophy from the University of Washington.  He started his career in business with the family-owned Pacific Coast Feather Company, where he is still co-chair and CEO to this day. He was an early investor in the company Amazon.com and served as its advisor until 2000.

Hanauer has co-founded and been a force in many other companies, as well as being very active in both Seattle’s community affairs and the Washington State Public Schools system. In 2007, he teamed up with former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton Eric Liu to write the book The True Patriot. This remarkable book, which also spawned a political action group called the True Patriot Network, defined true patriotism as country above self, and showed how patriotism can be lived every day by serving others, sharing sacrifices, and by being a good steward of resources.

I first became aware of Nick Hanauer by viewing a short 6 minute, idea-filled video he had recently produced, which I saw over at mudrake’s phenomenal website Man With the Muckrake, found at (http://manwiththemuckrake.wordpress.com/).  You can either view the video there, or find it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIhOXCgSunc . I GUARANTEE IT WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS DEALING WITH INCOME DISPARITY AND UNFAIR TAX BREAKS GIVEN THE WEALTHY YOU WILL EVER SEE! For in it, Hanauer, a man whose wealth greatly eclipses Mitt Romney’s, has been around many a capitalist block, and knows thoroughly of which he speaks. He completely shreds the insane far-right, reactionary Republican/Romney/Grover Norquist argument that tax increases on the very wealthy will hamper jobs creation, and refutes the totally absurd Romney/Republican notion that the very wealthy are “jobs creators” who mustn’t be bothered with higher taxes. He firmly believes, as do I, that the very wealthy already receive superfluous tax advantages over the poor and middle class, and that they should be sharing the responsibility of bringing down our mountainous debt by paying higher, rather than lower, taxes. WATCH THIS VIDEO AND YOU WILL SEE WHY I ADMIRE THIS MAN SO MUCH! In fact, I will go on record here and now as saying that this video should be required viewing in EVERY classroom and boardroom in the entire country, as well as required viewing for all members of Congress!

For adopting and advocating the solid belief that the middle class and poor of this country, when given enough disposable income to actually spend on goods and services, are the true creators of jobs, and for recognizing that the very wealthy have been given woefully unfair tax advantages over the past 30 years and now MUST begin to pay higher taxes to ensure growth for the economy and to help whittle down our staggering debt, Nick Hanauer is more than deseving of the 2012 Head And Heart Award!

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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6 Responses to 2012 HEAD AND HEART AWARD!

  1. JollyRoger says:

    Unfortunately,30 years of the Saint Ronnie mentality, amplified by the evil that is the mainstream media in this country, has almost erased a sense of civic duty among way too many of us. Until we eliminate the moronic “greed is good” notion, the Rushpubliscum elephant in the room will continue to poison us with its noxious gases.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Jolly Roger,
      And how noxious those fumes have become! I am encouraged, though, by the rise of the Patriotic Millionaires and by Nick Hanauer, all of whom have risen up to publicly call out for an end to ridiculous tax adbantages the rich are given. Such an occurrence is in direct response against the extreme unfairness Saint Ronnie’s legacy has wrought, and we must encourage more of this dissonance.

  2. What an excellent choice for your Head and Heart Award, and a terrific post to explain the choice. If for some reason we have to have a successful businessman as president, Hanauer would be the one. Not because of his business success, but rather because of his enlightened insight, values and decency.

    This guy is Mitt Romney’s polar opposite, as different as night is from day. Just look at how comfortable Hanauer is when making his case. No self-conscious hesitation in the voice, no forced-grin expression, no nervous little laugh. It makes a difference when someone is speaking his mind and heart honestly and forthrightly, confident facts and truth are on his side. Hanauer has that going for him and the points he’s making. It’s painfully obvious Romney does not.

    Interestingly, former Rep. Alan Grayson is cut from the same cloth, also a successful businessman and very much on the same wavelength as Hanauer. Grayson is running for Congress again. I hope and pray he makes it.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      “If for some reason we have to have a successful businessman as president, Hanauer would be the one. Not because of his business success, but rather because of his enlightened insight, values and decency. ” I couldn’t have put it any better myself, and your summation of the contrasts between Romney and Hanauer are superbly accurate as well. I, too, hope Grayson will win back his seat from that completely insane extremist crackpot Allen West. I think this being a presidential election year, Grayson will prevail, regardless of how Obama fares in Florida. Our country desperately needs men and women of this caliber today!

  3. Tom Harper says:

    Excellent choice. Every quote I’ve seen from Nick Hanauer has been the epitome of common sense. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he gets Swiftboated by Wall Street and the Koch Brothers.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thanks, Tom. I kinda thought you’d see it that way. I don’t think the billionaire Hanauer loses too much sleep over being swiftboated by those greedy morons. After all, he’s on par with, or richer than, most of them!

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