By Jack Jodell, Mar. 13, 2012


The headlines screamed out U.S. SOLDIER KILLS 16 AFGHAN CIVILIANS, and it became evident that we must leave that wartorn country immediately. For something has gone horribly wrong with our military and our foreign policy. What began as an attempt to get Osama bin Laden for having planned the notorious and murderous 9/11 attacks, and oust the Taliban regime which was giving him refuge in Afghanistan, soon morphed into us installing a handpicked,  corrupt “friend” by the name of Hamid Karzai as the nominal “leader” of a “free” Afghanistan. The only problem is that Karzai only really controls the capitol city of Kabul and a few other small areas at best. The overwhelming majority of the rest of the country is largely controlled by various local warlords, as it has been for CENTURIES. The final morphing of this miserably poor and backward country occurred when we decided to “nation build” it.

We have failed miserably at this task, and it has proven to be a colossal waste of time, money, and American and Afghan lives.

Our original goal, of course, was to “win the hearts and minds of the people” through enabling women to educate themselves and helping to raise the standard of living there by constructing roads, schools, and hospitals. That, naturally, was the good side of our intentions and actions. But the horrific side has been the ignorance of local religion and the importance it plays in the everyday lives of the population. Our arrogance in burning copies of the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an, has sparked widespread violence and riots throughout the country. It has led to the murder of several American soldiers which could easily have been avoided had some elementary common sense been employed: YOU JUST DON’T OCCUPY A COUNTRY AND BURN ITS QUR’ANS! Likewise, YOU JUST DON’T OCCUPY A COUNTRY AND MURDER ITS CIVILIANS! Our military has failed badly in its responsibility of properly training its forces in knowledge of Islam and Afghan culture in general, and now WE, instead of the repressive Taliban,  are the hated enemy as a result!

We went to Afghanistan in 2001 to begin a “war on terror”, but in the process, WE have become terrorists ourselves! Don’t tell me the lies that put us into a war in Iraq which killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis wasn’t an act of terror! Don’t tell me that drone strikes all over northern Pakistan which kill many innocent people aren’t acts of terror! Don’t tell me the indiscriminate, cold-blooded murder of 16 innocent Afghan citizens by a methodical and apparently berserk U.S. soldier wasn’t an act of terror! It most certainly was, and now the entire Afghan nation has risen up in justified protest.

These people hate us and want us to leave NOW! Our devastating missions in both Afghanistan and Iraq have shown the truly murderous face of reactionary Republican American imperialism spilling over into what we had all hoped would be a more enlightened Democratic administration. The sad fact is that we are imperialists, Democrat and Republican alike, and we must end this facade of “nation-building” and get our asses home where they belong! This will not sit well with the war hawks and paranoids in Congress and the military/industrial complex which is profiting from all of this, but to hell with every one of them. They have been consumed by an insane lust for power, influence, and greed all throughout the Middle East, and we, as a nation, can no longer afford to indulge in their folly! An unprecedented number of American servicepersons are committing suicide daily, and this just doesn’t happen in a military whose cause is right and just. We can no longer afford needless and costly military excursions around the world. It is time to bring these Afghanistan veterans home, to help us concentrate on much-needed nation-building HERE!

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. JollyRoger says:

    I was told by someone that we need to “get behind” this killer. “As a veteran, your attitude offends me.”

    Well, Jack, I’m also a veteran, and the notion that someone wearing the uniform of my country would do something like this offends ME. If these are the “American values” we are exporting, it is no wonder so many people hate us.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Jolly Roger,
      Thank you for this comment. I share your beliefs exactly. I saw today that this soldier had suffered a traumatic brain injury in Iraq two years ago, but had supposedly recovered and was deemed fit to fight in Afghanistan. I had a twofold reaction to this: 1). Had WE, as well as HE, not been in Iraq to begin with, his injury would never have been sustained, and those 16 innocent people would be alive today; and 2). If this soldier was indeed fully recovered and battle-ready, as the military had claimed, why then did he snap and methodically hunt down and slay these people, many of which were children? This just doesn’t add up, period. The staggering rate of soldier suicides is proof positive that something is horribly wrong in the way our military is running this war.

      Those who take offense at your and my attitude on this matter are ignorant, blindly loyal fools. They are just too stubborn to realize that our country and its military are NOT always automatically correct in everything they do simply because they are ours. Matters of morality and international law trump nationalism in all cases, as the Nuremberg Trials so aptly proved many years ago. Countries and their soldiers are forbidden to murder civilians, plain and simple, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Acts of genocide simply cannot be condoned, and they must be punished! We should have learned this with the My Lai Massacre of 1968 in Vietnam, but it is obvious that neither our critics, nor this modern soldier, didn’t learn a thing from that at all. There is NO justification to “get behind” such actions!

      It is time for us to withdraw from Afghanistan. It is also time to begin an immediate about-face in the attitudes and conduct of our current military structure. We owe this to ourselves and the rest of the world.

  2. Darlene says:

    I pity the Afghan women. The medieval religious culture is cruel to them and they don’t want us to leave. They had hopes that we would pull Afghanistan into the modern world and, to a degree, we were doing so. But you cannot win the minds of men with force. Only many generations will change this country and they will have to do it from within

    The Afghan war bankrupted Russia with very bad results and our government learned nothing from that, either.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      I, too, am greatly pained over the plight of Aghan women, whose centuries-long suffering has been exceedingly cruel. Let us hope that our departure will not automatically signal a return to the intolerance of the previous Taliban regime, but instead will mean some progress, notably in the form of education for females, will end up being the one good, lasting hallmark of our 10 1/2 year occupation there.

  3. Stimpson says:

    Retaliation after 9-11 was understandable. The huge mistake was in occupying Afghanistan. The U.S./NATO should never have done that.

  4. Hello All,
    I have posted a special “Easter Trivia Treat” on my site……do you know the Medical Instrument? You may soon be introduced to it on your next doctor’s visit and physical if the Tea Party Republican’s have their way.

    Stop by and enjoy. Until then, Have A Great Easter Holiday!!

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