By Jack Jodell, Feb. 24, 2012

In a surprising “Christmas in February” move on Tuesday, a judicial panel named by the Minnesota Supreme Court redrew Minnesota’s eight Congressional Districts in such a way that Michele Bachmann no longer resides in her once-safe 6th district, but is now a resident of liberal Betty McCollum’s 4th district! The 6th District has been redrawn to include a few more traditionally Democratic precincts. It was a rare treat and welcome news for progressives everywhere. Though no longer a resident of that district, Bachmann still plans to run for re-election in the new, more competitive 6th, which means that 6th District voters (as well as the entire nation) may  soon find they won’t have the overly ideological, bitterly partisan arch-conservative Michele Bachmann to kick them around anymore! Since it is not a requirement that congressional candidates be residents of the district they represent, Bachmann’s decision is perfectly legal, albeit unusual and typically controversial. Though not a certainty, in a presidential election year when Democratic voter turnout tends to be highest, Bachmann looks like she will be facing an uphill struggle to hang onto that new 6th district seat, and will be a Carpetbagger if she succeeds. Thanks in part to her being the darling of the Tea Party set and to the infamous Citizens Unired decision, her campaign coffers are overflowing with cash, a sizeable amount of it from well outside of the District. In her typically insane and over-the-top style, Bachmann mouthed off in a recent fundraising email by accusing the courts of “cherrypicking the districts.” Funny – she seems to be the only one who thinks that way. Even Republican strategist Ben Golnik commented, “It’s fair to say it’s a pretty minimal change.”

The redistricting panel came into being only because state Republicans and Democrats could not reach agreement on new districts. Imagine that! Redistricting is done by law every 10 years to reflect population changes in the previous census.  The panel made mainly small changes to the congressional districts and rejected the drastic east-west lines the state’s Republicans had submitted. Though subtle, these changes may yet prove devastating for the state’s GOP congressional caucus. For example, 2nd District Republican John Kline has picked up several Democratic precincts, and 8th District Tea Party Republican Chip Cravaack, who upset longtime veteran Democrat James Oberstar in 2010’s aberrant Republican/Tea Party  mudslide, also finds himself in a struggle in that usually heavily-Democratic District in the northeastern portion of the state. 

My own 3rd District congressman, Keith Ellison, will now preside over one of the safest and strongest Democratic districts in the country, and I am glad, because he has been a superb voice for the people! He has proven himself time and again to be an offsetting voice of reason against the raving and fanatical Bachmann, and has been a reliably steady voice for the working people as well as the marginalized members of our entire nation.

So, it may be a bit premature, but I would like to be among the very first to say good riddance to that crazy, extremist, attention-craving and hyperbolic Michele Bachmann! May she NEVER return to elective office! 


About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. Joe Hagstrom says:

    You know Jack. In a way this also makes me sad because being the cynic I am, Bachman’s reelection always affirmed my lack of faith in humanity.

  2. JollyRoger says:

    Michele has a lot of corporate money coming in, so she’ll be formidable.

  3. Darlene says:

    I don’t think corporate money is going to save Scott Walker in Wisconsin, so maybe it won’t keep that nutty woman afloat. Fingers crossed.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      I’m with you 100% on that! Let’s hope we have a banner year and get rid of those most horrible of all Republicans!

  4. Tom Harper says:

    Christmas in February indeed. Ho ho ho and good riddance.

    BTW, Rolling Stone had a recent article about Bachmann’s district (her former district, that is). It was horrifying. I had no idea such twisted backward people existed north of the Mason Dixon Line.

  5. Hello Jack,
    Hope is not ALL lost, there is still the chance that Little Ricky Santorum, should he beat “Limp Soggy Fish” Romney for the Republican Presidential nomination, could choose her as his Vice President running mate….after all we had Sarah didn’t we?

    I will say that should she be purged from the ranks of government, it will not be too soon.

    Hello Darlene,
    I may live in Maryland but I hope Scott Walker is thrown out of Wisconsin all together and rot in Hell!!

    He has done enough damage in this whole country by is antics in Wisconsin.

  6. Your headline is hopeful, and I’d like to believe it. The problem is that America’s luck hasn’t been running that way lately. I’ll keep a good thought, though. Maybe Bachmann’s dingbat presidential campaign caused enough Minnesotans enough embarrassment that they will elect her private citizen this time.

  7. Lisa G. says:

    Oh, to never hear from the crazy woman again – that’s too good to be true! Sure, she has a shitload of money, but that doesn’t can’t compete with batshit crazy now can it?

  8. Max's Dad says:

    Whatever will Marcus do without DuPont Circle to hang around? Jeez, we can only hope this nut goes bye bye for good.

  9. SR says:


    • jackjodell53 says:

      Thank you, SR. I am glad that it makes you happy. Though you and I may disagree at times, I think you sense I mean no harm from my sometimes strongly-voiced opinions, and that I am dedicated to fairness and economic justice for all, not only a mere exalted few. I view my approach as being akin to Jesus furiously overturning the moneychangers’ tables in the Temple. God bless you, too, SR.

  10. SR says:

    I know you mean no harm, and you have every right to your views and choices, we all do. The way you present things is truly in a “uplifing way.” Something makes me laugh here, every time I come. So it cannot be all bad:>) You just keep doing what you are doing and how you are doing it, and you will be fine. It is not always about “agreeing” but it is always about “how we disagree.” God Bless, SR

    • jackjodell53 says:

      VERY well put, my friend, and you have just gained a new follower to your site, as I’m putting it on my blog roll. Fhank you for everything! 🙂

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