By Jack Jodell, Dec. 18, 2011

“We create the world that is killing us, and if we create it, then we can stop creating it and do something else instead.”  (John Holloway 2010)

We as a nation have grown very tired of continual special interest politics. We have ALL had our fill of politicians saying one thing to voters and then shifting after they’ve been elected to tow the corporate or special interest line. Big business and corporations, through the malignant use of unethical lobbyists and corrupt and shadowy groups like ALEC (see my Sept. 12, 2011  post “Know Thy TRUE Enemies-5”), are now even writing bills for lazy and bought-out congressional corporate shills to pass. Long-practiceded and beneficial business regulations have been gutted, which has led to dangerous speculation on Wall Street causing to our current disastrous Great Recession. The Republicans have been devoured by the racist and ultra-conservative Tea Party, and now hate government involvement in virtually everything. They serve only the wealthy and despise workers. The once proud Democratic Party, formerly the strong bastion of liberalism and the party of the poor, disenfranchised, workers, and the middle class, has all but deserted those groups and in recent times has offered a weak and timid face, bowing to pressure from corporate America. They have stunningly colluded with and surrendered to Republican demands so much and so often, the two parties have almost melded together as one. They are now locked in bitter struggle simply for self-preservation and control, and in the process, absolutely nothing is getting done. As they filibuster, argue, and dig their heels in, millions of Americans are slipping into poverty, our infrastructure is rapidly crumbling, and our food, air, rivers, and oceans are becoming dangerously polluted. Together, the parties have basically earned the derisive monicker of the “Republicrats”, as they have all but abandoned the overwhelming majority of hard-working taxpayers who elected them and are paying their salaries. People have taken to the streets by the millions in protest.  Change is loooonnnngggg overdue!

Earlier this year, based on a suggestion from the brilliant former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, I advocated that every progressive-minded individual attend next year’s local Democratic Party caucus to nominate only progressive-minded candidates for office as part of a new liberal People’s Party wing.  But I have just found out about a NEW political party that has just come into being called the Justice Party. Their symbol is shown at top left above, and I now believe they, rather than the Democrats, will be the answer to what this country needs so desperately going forward. Therefore, I now recommend rhat we progressives still flood our local Democratic caucuses to press for progressive candidates and legislation, but do so, TEMPORARILY at least, as Justice Party members.  Just as the horrid Tea Party has overtaken and completely transformed the Republicans, so too should this new Justice Party swoop down on the Democrats and eventually, over the next few elections, replace ALL of its conservative and weak-kneed wishy-washy types with true progressives who will legislate for the common good rather than for the benefit of special interests.  The reasons I am saying this should start from within Democratic Party ranks is three-fold:
1). The Democratic Party is flush with money and has an already-established large network of workers and vol;unteers.
2). The Democratic Party has NAME RECOGNITION.
3). The success rate of third parties becoming established as a viable majority party is NIL. It has not happened since the Republicans came into prominence near the start of the Civil War nearly 150 years ago!

I urge you to go to http://thejusticeparty.org/ and take a look at what the Justice Party stands for.I can guarantee their stated aims and goals will most likely agree with your own.

As you have probably seen, the Justice Party is planning on running former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson as its candidate for President un 2012. The man, a former Democratic Party member, has impeccable progressive credentials. He was the ONLY big city major to publicly call for George W. Bush’s impeachment, and he has steadfastly opposed the Iraq War all along. He has been a staunch supporter of LGBT rights and climate control measures. He proclaims his and his party’s aim to be “ro take power away from government and corporations and give it back to the people.” He has justifiably criticized his former party by saying of them, “The Constitution has been eviscerated while Democrats have stood by with nary a whimper. It’s a gutless, unprincipled party, bought and paid for by the same interests which buy and pay for the Republican Party.” Now who in their right mind could argue with THAT?

While I wholeheartedly applaud and support the aims of the Justice Party, I am not so naive as to believe it has even the remotest shot at winning the White House or amassing a huge congressional majority by next year’s election. Consequently, Rocky Anderson will not be getting my 2012 vote. 2016? A much better chance. Still, I believe this new party is a healthy development, and that is why I am urging it to begin a long, dedicated campaign to eventually purge the  current corrupted Democratic Party, and, once that process is complete, to proudly proclaim itself by its new name, and as a true party of, by, and for the PEOPLE, NOT corporations! For to split the Democratic Party by taking votes away from it with a third party at this time would guarantee far-right Republican control of all branches of government and would surely lead to an even more reactionary and blatantly business-friendly Supreme Court, and that is something this country CANNOT HAVE!

So, readers, my Christmas gift to you this year will be to seriously consider the Justice Party, first as a progressive new wing of the Democratic Party, and then eventually, FINALLY, a true majority party in its own right!


About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. Joe Hagstrom says:

    I agree with everything here Jack. And I’m starting to think taking the democratic party back from the corporate whores and those that say they’re democrats to use the party apparatus to win electiuons, then whore for themselves, is impossible.

    Time and again I’ve stood up at meetings in favor of policies only to be voted down and told by virtually everyone afterwords that i was right and almost had them convinced.

    The incumbent holds the cards. Have to figure a way to get these jokers out in the primaries the way the tea party has done to it’s enemies.

    Grover Norquist, an idiot, has tons of sway with republicans. Thom Hartman, imo, as smart a guy as we have on the left has never even been heard of by at least 90% of us.

    We bloggers do what we can but hell Brother, the democratic party has been taken over by the selfish corporate whores and they couldn’t care less what we have to say. A sound bite in a speech and the finger later is all we get while fracking and a pipeline laid wherever the hell republicans want it with no regulation of safety measures put on it.

    I’m going on too much. I’ll let someone else speak.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Everything you say is true, and that is why we MUST act!!! Our task is going to be difficult, but its degree of toughness isn’t even close to what Emma Goldman experienced on behalf of early unions, or what Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. faced on behalf of civil rights. Theirs was a nearly impossible task, but after years of struggle, they finally were victorious. And so must we be, determined and relentless to the very end, until this damn corporate 1% mentality and practice has been overturned. It can, it must, and it WILL happen!!!

  2. Dave Dubya says:

    The forces opposing democracy are probably too entrenched in our government. I’m worried the only way for the awareness for a need for change to sink in to the public is to let the system collapse. And it will not be easy to convince the masses that the Right’s blaming of liberals for all that is wrong is pure propaganda.

    I say we name the new party the “Democracy Party” just to show the Democrats how they are failing democracy.

  3. Jack, your link is to the U.K. Justice Party. I Googled for “U.S. Justice Party” and got to its home page and a prospectus page. The latter spells out the party’s aims and purposes.

    This looks as though it could have potential. My time is limited right now, so I’ll have to go back to it and read it thoroughly. Thanks for pointing it out.

    There is also the Liberal Party in New York State. Unfortunately, thanks to Andrew Cuomo changing his mind about running for governor in 2002, it lost ballot access and apparently has been in limbo since, which is a shame. The party has a proud history going back to 1944. If that party could enlist the OWS people, it might be able to revive itself and maybe spread beyond New York.

  4. Thanks for this piece, Jack, I was unaware of this development, as well as the Justice Party.
    You know, virtually everything the Republicans have wanted, they’ve gotten over the past 30 years—a time in which not only has that party become more and more extreme—but its base has become more and more loyal. I think this just goes to show that, just because a party abandons the mushy moderate middle, doesn’t mean it alienates its supporters.
    In addition to the Justice Party, I really think we need our own radio network. True, Air America didn’t work. But I’m not sure that proves that there is no demand for a progressive network. Someone (perhaps George Soros?) needs to fund a new network and to patiently guide it to success—-which may take a long time. That’s what Murdoch did with Fox (which lost billions in its first years).
    Today’s politics is often dominated by “the megaphone effect.” Whoever shouts the loudest often “wins” the debate. And the whole Rush/Drudge/Fox megaphone is the loudest by far in the U.S. There is nothing remotely as powerful on the Left. The right-wing megaphone completely drowns out all other voices and plays an extremely powerful role in setting the national agenda.

  5. JollyRoger says:

    It took Pat Robertson 30 years to take over the Rushpubliscum Party by infiltrating it from the bottom. What happened was that Robertson ran candidates in each and every little by-election, and those people rose steadily in the Rushpubliscum political apparatus as time went on.

    The same thing can be done to the Democratic Party, but it requires that (1.) we get people of our ilk on the ballots for these little by-elections, and (2.) we actually show up and vote in all those little elections. Them is pretty big hurdles considering the Democratic electorate as a whole; we simply do not view voting as a sacred mission.

    It’s time we started to.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      You are right on, Jolly Roger! We can take the first big step by showing up at the 2012 local precinct caucuses, speaking our piece, and then nominating ONLY progressive candidates for office at all levels!

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