Know Thy TRUE Enemies! (Vol. 5)

By Jack Jodell, Sept. 12, 2011

In my intermittent series designed to identify those groups or people who are working against your best interests by lying and cheating in support of their corporate masters, this time I am focusing on ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council). This, for those of you who don’t know, is a shadowy group that has been created to “advise”  (BRAINWASH)  primarily STATE-level legislators into producing pro-business bills which follow its motto of  “Limited Government, Free Markets, Fedralism.”  The evils of ALEC have been featured in numerous other blogs, but I present them here now for those who may not be aware. Since its goal is to bring primarily state lawmakers into contact with businesspeople for the purpose of formulating public policy, and because a substantial part of its agenda tends to be pro-business but ANTI-American worker, this is one BAD organization for most citizens. 98% of its funding comes from corporations, corporate trade groups, and corporate foundations (see my recent “BEWARE OF FAR-RIGHT PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL ‘THINK TANKS’!” post). That makes ALEC one of your TRUE enemies!

Ever wonder why YOUR interests as regular, working Americans aren’t being represented in government, and only those of businesses and special interests seem to be? Ever wonder why Republicans, which only really represent the wealthy, have managed to win so many elections and currebtly control the House of Representatives even though only a minority of the public truly supports them? Aside from the fact that the huge majority of elected officials are upper-income types and have never worked laborers’ jobs and have never experienced a hungry night themselves, it is quite possible that they were first exposed to and then “educated” by ALEC as soon as they were elected to office. Begun in 1973 by a small group of conservatives who had either lost numerous past elections or who were too extreme to be elected back then (among whom were Paul Weyrich), this group aimed to brainwash as many STATE legislators as they could with their message of support for free markets, small government (states’ rights?), lowered corporate taxes, and individual liberty, which means, of course, laissez-faire capitalism. Early members included, among others, Sen. Jack Kemp (R-NY), and the notorious far-right now-Governor of Ohio John Kasich, plus the racist Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC). The group claims to be nonpartisan, but that is a lie, as its membership has always been almost exclusively conservative Republican. ALEC boasts more than 2,000 active members consisting of state legislators, private sector policy advocates, 85 congresspersons, and 14 current or former governors. It has 3 annual meetings at which “model” bills are drawn up by the private sector policy advocates, voted upon, and if passed are submitted to state legislatures for votes and possible adoption. There are about 800 of these bills drawn up by ALEC each year, and a good number of them contain anti-worker provisions. So, ever wonder where some of the crazy, blatantly pro-xorporate bills come from in Congress? THEY UNDOUBTEDLY ORIGINATED AT AN ALEC CONFERENCE AND FILTERED THEIR WAY UPWARD! The recent spate of arch-conservative Republican governors almost simultaneously launching anti-labor union legislation in their states may very well have been the result of ALEC networking efforts, too!

If you go to the ALEC EXPOSED website at, you will be AMAZED at how pervasive and thorough their reach and influence has become! They have literally HUNDREDS of corporate advisors, from a boatload of America’s top corporations, including AT & T, Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, GlaxoSmithKline, Kraft Foods, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., State Farm Insurance, Wal-Mart, and many, MANY, MANY others! As you peruse this site, be sure to click on “Get The Goods On ALEC: ALEC Exposed Audio & Video”, plus many articles below that, seen about halfway down the page at left. Then, about halfway down the page at right, under “Who Is Behind ALEC?”, be sure the note all the corporations, politicians, phony “scholars”, and boards/task forces.

These sneaky corporate crooks at ALEC have been flying under the radar for far too long. They have been meeting behind closed doors and advising legislators to help craft bills which are favorable to corporations and UNFAVORABLE to YOU! Just like the despicable Koch brothers, ALEC works behind-the-scenes, completely devoid of any transparency at all. That in itself should make them seem extremely suspect to you all!

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, explains why government is so broken and unresponsive to YOUR needs! THAT is why it seems to be inundated with corporate shills! And THAT is why ALEC IS YOUR TRUE ENEMY, and MUST be destroyed!!!

For a real education, go to that website and SCOUR IT ALL. The Center for Media and Democracy has done a FABULOUSLY thorough job in totally analyzing and dissecting this diabolical and sinister organization.

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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8 Responses to Know Thy TRUE Enemies! (Vol. 5)

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Rushpubliscums are too stupid to educate, and a large number of the rest of us have just about given up.

    Our economic numbers are Revolutionary ones. I’m not looking forward to 2012.

  2. jackjodell53 says:

    Jolly Roger,
    As I look at the Republican/Tea Party “debates”, I am struck by how ignorant and way off the mark these people really are. They truly do see the world in a totally fictitious way. The latest poverty figures belie their entire economic beliefs. They are destroying our economy and must be stopped at all costs from snatching total power next year.

  3. This group is committing an immoral and outrageous crime against democracy and the people. And yet where is the MSM on this? (Yes, the same MSM that devoted 18 solid months of 24/7 coverage over Monica Lewinsky). Tens of millions of Americans know every last detail about Paris Hilton’s latest boyfriend or Britney Spears’ latest hairstyle. And yet few know anything about ALEC, thanks to the corporate media’s de facto censorship on this story. You’ve gotta give the likes of Communist China credit for one thing: if they censor a story, they’re at least upfront and honest about it. Here, our corporate media censors stories and then we as a nation claim with a straight face that we enjoy “Freedom of Speech” in America. If anyone believes we have “freedom of speech,” in the U.S., then you probably also believe that Danny Casolaro’s death was the result of “suicide.”

    • jackjodell53 says:

      You are so very correct. We do NOT have free media or “freedom of speech” practiced here. What we have is altered rechanneled speech which withholds important yet embarrassing stories all for the protection of the upper elite. That is why we must all spread the word about ALEC and many other corporate shenanigans too, so that one day these people will also become glossed over, ignored figures on the scrap heap of history, exactly like they are trying to do to us progressives today.

  4. On top of their lobbyists, their right-wing noise machine, their dirty tricksters like Roger Stone, and James O’Keefe, their bought-and-paid-for pols like Scott Walker, Alabama’s senators, Eric Cantor, John Boehner and so many more, those SOB’s have to start this ALEC thing to take over state governments too.

    This is all the more evidence some people have way too much money. There’s an old saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s playthngs.” ALEC is proof excess money in the hands of a few greedy, power-hungry lowlifes poses a danger to our democracy and to the economic security of millions of nonwealthy, not politically well-connected Americans.

    There’s class warfare at work here, but it’s not the kind conservatives like to whine about. It’s class warfare of some of the rich against the rest, and it must be stopped.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      I am with you all the way on that, my friend! We’ve got to give these greedy, misguided bastards credit, though, for a sneaky, well-executed plan which has already netted them considerable dividends, albeit completely at our expense. The genius of it all is that they begin their focus at the state level, where they can seed and breed and feed their little puppets all the way up to the congressional and even executive and judicial levels. Their attempt has wrought nothing but needless economic hardship for most and paralyzing political gridlock and chaos throughout our entire body politic. They are a virulently malignant form of corporate greed, and they must be STOPPED before they completely destroy our economy and democracy. That is why they are perhaps our greatest mortal enemy, and why it is absolutely essential that as many people are made aware of their shady tactics as possible.

      All of us owe The Center for Media and Democracy, as well as The Nation magazine, a huge debt of gratitude for exposing this economic malignancy for what it is.

  5. jackjodell53 says:


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