By Jack Jodell, July  7, 2011


CHILD: Why did we come here, Grandpa?
GRANDPA: I wanted to show you something before you got too old, honey. This is the MUSEUM OF SELFISH PEOPLE.
CHILD: Who are all of those people? They look mean and scary.
GRANDPA: Sweetheart, they ARE mean and scary. And I hope you never grow up to be like one of them!
CHILD: O Grandpa, I WON’T!
GRANDPA: I sure hope you don’t, little angel. But sometimes when certain people get older, they start to think only of themselves, never anybody else. They forget how important it is to SHARE.
CHILD: God wants us to share, doesn’t He, Grandpa?
GRANDPA: He sure does. But sometimes, when certain people start making a lot of money, they get thinking only of themselves and get mad at people who ask them, or try to make them, share. They take most of the money for themselves and cause a lot of other people to become poor. They become their own fake gods.
CHILD: But Jesus loved poor people, didn’t He, Grandpa? Don’t these people love them  too?
GRANDPA: No, honey, unfortunately they don’t. Some of them look down on the poor and even try to twist what Jesus taught to fit their own beliefs.
CHILD: Is making money bad?
GRANDPA: No, little one. It is only bad when you steal from others to get it or when you cheat the government to get it, or when it becomes the only thing that is important to you in your life.

CHILD: Ohhhhh… Grandpa, who is that lady on the left?
GRANDPA: That’s Michele Bachmann. She’s running for President.
GRANDPA: Many people believe she is. But, really, she is  ust a selfish person who loves money and follows false prophets. They tell her she is doing what Jesus wants by looking down on other people. She isn’t all bad, though. Nobody is. She DID adopt and raise a big family of foster children, and that wasn’t selfish.
CHILD: Who’s that guy next to her? He looks mean!
GRANDPA: That’s Dick Cheney. He was vice president a while back, and he IS mean! He told lies so the country could go to war in Iraq, and many innocent people and soldiers were killed and crippled. All he cares about are rich people. He is a VERY bad man! We call men like him “war criminals.”

CHILD: What about  that nasty looking cowboy? Who is he?
GRANDPA: He is Dick Armey. He’s a friend of rich people who set up a fake group called the Tea Party, in order to fool voters into voting his way in the last election!
CHILD: How about that man with the book next to him?
GRANDPA: He’s Paul Ryan, and he wants to keep old retired and sick people who can’t work anymore, like your grandma and me, from getting government checks to live on or pay for our doctors and medicine with. He’d rather we take and give our money to his rich friends so they can gamble with it, and maybe even lose it!

CHILD: How about that guy with his finger up, and that mean-looking lady next to him?
GRANDPA: That’s Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, and Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska. HE lied to voters about what he was going to do after he got elected, and he rewarded rich companies with tax breaks and then laid people off who worked for his state. He’s trying to make it very hard for the other workers to get better pay, especially teachers. SHE quit her job as governor to travel all over the country to sell a book she had written for her by somebody else to make lots of money. All she cares about is making money and appearing in front of TV cameras. She’ll say or do ANYTHING to have people notice her. She’s kind of a show-off.

CHILD: How about that fat guy with the beard? Who’s he, Grandpa?
GRANDPA: That’s Grover Norquist, and he hates the government, the same government who delivers our mail, runs our schools, builds and fixes our roads, and helps take care of your grandma and me. He doesn’t believe anybody should have to pay taxes, and the guy next to him is David Koch, one of the richest men in the country. He also hates our government just like Grover does, and they both want to starve it to death by cutting taxes so low the government will go out of business.
CHILD: Wowwww. Grandpa, if these guys hate our government so much, why aren’t they in jail?
GRANDPA: Good question, honey, but it’s not that easy to put people in jail. They DO have the freedom to speak their opinions, even if that opinion is wrong, plus, being very rich, they just buy out certain people in the government. See that next man? He’s Tom Donohue, the president of the Chamber of Commerce.

GRANDPA: Tom Donohue. Remember when your daddy lost his job last year and  the factory he worked for moved to China? This was the guy who said it was ok for that to happen. He believes in what they call “free market economics” and he, too, hates it when the government clamps down on business. He doesn’t care about what happens to workers so long as the company owners make a lot of money.
CHILD: Then he’s a very bad man for saying it was ok to do that to my daddy! We had to go without air conditioning last summer when it was so hot because daddy couldn’t afford it. And we had to sell mommy’s car, too!
GRANDPA: Yeah, I felt bad you had to do without all those things last year.That’s what these rich guys call “belt tightening.” They don’t care about you at all, and they never have to tighten their OWN belts. That’s why they all say it’s good for you, and the GOVERNMENT, to have to tighten your belts, as long as THEY don’t have to.

CHILD: Who’s that next crazy-looking guy, Grandpa? Is he related to that first crazy lady Bachmann, and is HE running for President too?
GRANDPA: The answer to both of your questions is no, dear. He and Michele Bachmann aren’t related, but they are both rich and don’t care about those without money. They don’t want the government to help poor people. And he’s not running for President, which is a good thing, because hee IS crazy, He not only hates the government, he thinks people in it are out to get him and to destroy our country. He’s SO crazy, in fact, that he was kicked off of TV for telling big lies about the President!

CHILD: What about this last man? Why is he crying?
GRANDPA: He’s John Boehner, and he’s a big crybaby. I’d like to believe he’s crying because so many of his rich friends hate the President, the government, paying taxes, and working people like us, but I know better than that. I’d like to believe that he’s crying out of shame for the childish way he and the other rich people in Congress held up or didn’t pass laws which would help people like us and help rebuild our country’s office buildings, roads, and bridges, or because he didn’t do anything to put people back to work, even though he said that would be his first job after the last election. But I know better than that, too. I think he’s just crying because he’s emotionally immature and too dumb to know he and his rich friends are headed in the wrong direction.

CHILD: Grandpa, can we leave here now? I’m getting tired of these people.
GRANDPA: Sure, honey, we can go. I’ve been tired of them myself for a very long time!
CHILD: Good. Besides selfish, Grandpa, what do we call these kind of people?
GRANDPA: We call them CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS. When you get older, promise me you’ll  NEVER VOTE FOR THEM! They are BAD FOR AMERICA!
CHILD: I promise, Grandpa…they ARE bad!

About jackjodell53

I am an American Dissident trapped in a country where poor and middle class people are constantly being exploited and lied to by a very rigid and conservative plutocratic elite. I believe in government OF, FOR, and BY the people, not one controlled as it now is by corporations and special interests.
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  1. Montana says:

    All hail to Astroturf TeaBparty Queen (ATQ), Michele Bachmann. Isn’t she the one that who rails against the Federal Government while every year she benefits from Federal Medicaid Payments for her Clinic, Federal farm subsidies (talk about a Corporate Welfare Queen), and adopts kids to work them on same farm. Oh yeah she is also a self-proclaimed historian on the US Founding Fathers and US history. The sad truth she will lie to get her way, what honor is there in that? But if you manipulate our US history and double down when you are found out, well don’t go crying to Fake News when you lose. Kind of like the Former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (Most recent quitter of her Bus Tour to restore America). We remember what happen when after “W” manipulate Florida (w/ the help of brother Jebb) to win the presidency and his failure to win any of the two wars he started that devastated our treasury and ruined our economy for the next 50 years. If the GOP thinks that Michele Bachmann is the answer, good luck with that. After her “John Wayne” mishap and Tom Petty, calling her a thief, well you know, same old Bachmann, you have a winner GOP.

  2. You rightly ID those who want money changers to be in charge of the temple. And you’re right to single out the greedy as those who make themselves rich and richer not through their own hard work, ingenuity and, in some cases luck, but by making and keeping others poorer.

    Forty-four years ago we had Great Society programs and policies that in about four years cut the number of Americans living below the poverty line in half. Now, we have the greed society, and I’m sorry to say, a president whose idea of change we can believe in is not “bargaining” away every last dollar that should be going to the old, the young and the poor, just a whole hurtful lot of those dollars. All so he won’t have to make an ugly scene by fighting like hell to keep those scary people from getting their way.

    I hate sounding so negative, but between the fecklessness at the top, and so much selfish, tea-party stupidity at the bottom, American society is hard to be cheerful about sometimes.

    • Jack Jodell says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I love the way you phrased your first sentence, and I agree with everything else, especially your summation. I am greatly worried by the weakness and lack of firm resolve the President has shown, and I have been ashamed of what the current generation of congressional “leaders” have been up to for a long time. Corporate America and their allies, the now far-right Republican Party, have nothing to be proud of by continually lying and appealing to American society’s baser instincts.

      This is NOT the America we have known and cherished!

  3. Tom Harper says:

    [shudder] What a scary museum. How could even think of bringing in a small child to look at those horrible exhibits 🙂

  4. Darlene says:

    This is a very clever post and I love your selection of the photos. If a picture is worth a thousand words their faces say it all.

    • Jack Jodell says:

      Thank you, Darlene. I
      thought I would boil it all down to the lowest common denominator (basic GOP selfishness) and then I had a lot of fun searching for just the “right” picture for each of these misguided fools! I’m glad you enjoyed it. (It’s too bad we all have to ENDURE it).

  5. Utah Sen., Orrin Hatch earned himself a place in your rogue’s gallery this week.

  6. Jack Jodell says:

    You are oh so right. and Jim DeMint, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Jon Kasich, Karl Rove, and many others, too. But we didn’t want to leave the poor young child with nightmares or other unwanted effects now, did we? 🙂

  7. eurobrat says:

    I love it, this is great! I have been feeling pretty negative about our society myself lately. It seems the rich forget that they got rich thanks to all of our hard work….we may need to remind them one day.

  8. Geez, I hope to hell you didn’t pay any hard earned cash to visit that museum. What a fantastic post. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Cry that there is even the thought of such a place, and laugh because none of our money would ever go to building or supporting it! Glad you liked the post.

  9. OH JACK my friend,
    You have really outdone yourself with this piece. The conversational aspect of Grandfather and Grandchild’s conversation was priceless!!

    My son-in-law’s youngest brother, a political science major, was interning at his father’s old law firm this summer (their dad passed away about 6 years now but the law partners help the boys out as they grow up and obtain their law degrees) but starting last Thursday, July 5, he will be working for Congressman and Speaker of the House John Boehner for the rest of the summer session.

    He is being brought on to work on the “Budget Bill” and I will have first hand information of what really goes down. My daughter’s in-laws have a great deal of political connections in Washington D.C.

    Now of course the Über Conservative Blowhards will spout the programmed responses from Fox and talk radio repeating only what they are told on this slanted view.
    I will be responding with direct information on what really goes down.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      Hello Engineer of Knowledge!
      Good to hear from you again, and I’m glad you liked the post.

      Your son=in=law’s youngest brother will indeed have a unique bird’s eye view of the budget proceedings. Ypur correctly-filtered take on his impressions will indeed be a treasure, so please DO keep us informed! (Tell him to brings LOTS of tissue paper with him, though—I’d hate to hear that he drowned on Boehner’s tears). 🙂

  10. Marc McDonald says:

    Hi Jack, sorry I’ve been out of touch. I will be in touch with you soon. You know, looking over this list of degenerate characters that you presented, one thing occurs to me. Give the GOP credit: they do know how to work language to maximum effectiveness. In an era of soundbites, bumper sticker slogans, and short attention spans, the GOP is a master of coining effective phrases to attack their opponents and boost their cause. Case in point: they call Obama’s health care plan, “Obama-care” and they call it “socialism.” (Yes, the same market-friendly plan that Bob Dole proposed in the 1990s is now “socialism.”) Hell, for all the vicious attacks Obama’s plan has endured, he might as well have gone ahead and proposed a single-payer plan.

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